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Official Friday The 13th Parody reviews

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31 reviews

This porno is geared toward the generation of horror lovers who were never really all that scared of men in masks in the first place. This film has mild gore, but still some gore, so if you are really squeamish, this might not be your bag.

I'll admit, this wasn't even close to what I was expecting. Obviously, I should have realized that "parody" meant "comedy", but after watching the previews I was expecting something a bit more "spooky". All in all, not bad as far as spoof flicks go—the sex was hot, the acting was cheesy, the effects were about as believable as they were when the original Friday the 13th was made! You know what? I totally just realized that it's Friday the 13th as I'm writing this now! Eeeeerie...

All in all, this was a great porn flick. It had a great story line with it. You get a little bit of everything, from awesome twosomes, to sexy dominatrix, to a fabulous threesome. A fun, sexy, erotic porn with a plot... you can't beat that. My only flaw is that I wanted to know what happened to the psycho after he had his dick chopped off. That kinda left me hanging at the end, but I surely wasn't disappointed from the flick itself. Great job you guys.

Official Friday the 13th Parody, while maybe not the most perfect parody of all time, is a pretty darn good porn flick. It's humorous, there's some good chemistry, and there's quite a good bit of variety, which can't be said for every movie.

This movie is just so-so. It's kind of funny and kind of sexy. It has good parts and not so good parts. It's basically what I would expect from a porn parody.

More light hearted romp than scary horror movie but Stevens Orona Productions are definitely making a name for themselves in the industry in trotting out perverted porn mixed with actual acting and dialogue. This is a move away from mainstream porn, and a refreshing and interesting change.

If you're looking for slasher gore, look elsewhere! Standard porn inside, although it had some great, steamy couple sex that I found great for foreplay with my partner (as well as solo play, of course).

The Official Friday the 13th Parody has beautiful actors with cheesy acting that adds to the light hearted-ness of the plot. The sex has something to offer to almost everyone.

Death by jiz? No thank you! The fate of a group of sexy, ready to fuck, individuals rests on if they can escape Jason-the penis wielding loon. Can they hold out from having sex long enough to survive? This film is full of big name stars and a bit of humor. It lacks the gore I expected however.

Director Gary Orona has made a great movie, combining great sex scenes with a good script. It's not the horror movie I'd been hoping for, but I'm happy to settle for a campy parody with hot sex.

Always think your horror movies lack a bit in the sex department? This parody of Friday the 13th, while low on gore and actual horror, provides an amusing springboard for Camp Crystal Lake visitors to indulge in more sex (before dying by Jason’s cum). While it’s probably more amusing if you’ve seen the original movie it parodies, those who are fans of the stars, parodies in general, or porn that has more of a horror/comedy plot will find this one a decent choice.

Friday the 13th Official Parody is a good porno if you have a good sense of humor and enjoy horror movies. It isn't actually scary, in fact it is more on the cheesy side, but who doesn't like a cheesy horror movie with some fucking? I was really excited to get this porno in the mail, and I am happy that it was my first official one! I really like the humor, and I absolutely love the scene with Kagney Linn Carter and Carlos... wow do I ever want him.

I rarely regret watching a porn but this one, honestly, is one I almost regret watching; however that's simply due to my dislike of campy movies. If you like camp, horror and porn parodies, this is for you. But if not, find another movie.

This is a good example of a horror porn. I enjoyed the "Official Friday the 13th Parody", but I don't think I will be watching it again anytime soon. If there wasn't a lot of killing in it I might reconsider; but then it wouldn't be a proper Jason movie now would it.. I would give it 5 stars if I really enjoyed it, but for good overall quality and sex scenes I give it 4.

For a change of pace from mainstream porn this movie is great. It isn't meant to be taken seriously and as long as you don't it can be quite enjoyable. The acting is horrible and the movie is no where near scary but all the same is has a charm that will leave you smiling.

Friday the 13th is the type of film I will want to pop into the DVD player on Halloween night just to make me look over my shoulder a little bit. It's not overly scary and is more in line with a B film. It has some flaws but all in all, is a great story with awesome sex. If you love hardcore sex with twisted, freaky tales, then give Friday the 13th a chance.

This is a hilarious (pro because it is a parody) sexy (pro because it is a porno) film that has great pornstars that have awesome chemistry. I could see myself watching this over and over again from start to finish because I enjoyed the non-sex parts as much as I enjoyed the sex parts!

The sex scenes were sexy for the most part. I loved the wardrobes, but the ending was weird and it was rather campy sometimes. I also wish Jason got laid, honestly. It would've been freaking sweet.

Having never sat down and watched a full length porn movie before, I didn't know what to expect, but I found the experience both fun and arousing, and definitely recommend this film to anyone looking for a bit of fun.

If you are a Friday the 13th fan, then this is a must see DVD! If you like horror movies and want to see something that is a bit darker than your average porno, you will most likely enjoy this as well. If you are not into horror, or you are looking for some really hardcore sex, you are going want to keep looking.

If you're a fan of the actual Friday the 13th movies this movie is worth a shot. Be aware though, it's not big on the horror at all, so if you're expecting a suspenseful thriller, you'll likely be let down. Keep in mind that this is a parody and is meant to be fun, not really scary. The sex scenes are good, though not the best out there. Sara Sloane rocks it as Suzy, she was my favorite character by far!

This movie starts out with a new masseuse of a nudist camp on her way to her new job at the camp. She learns of the myth of the man with flesh eating jizz and wonders if it could be true. The sex scenes in this start out great and end up boring. I wish it was more of a turn on to me, though if you are looking for a porn with a plot this could be it, otherwise not too exciting if you are looking to be really turned on.

The Official Friday the 13th Parody is a funny and sexy film that stays pretty true to the Friday the 13th movies, but with a sexy twist. The actors had great chemistry and were fun to watch. You will definitely laugh out loud during parts of this and moan out loud (in a good way) for others!

A sexy, funny and entertaining movie, Official Friday the thirteenth Parody tells a dark comedic tale of Crystal Lake and its inhabitants as well as their mortality. The production of this film was top notch and not a penny seemed to have been wasted. The camera quality as well as the sound are among the best available, and all of the performers played their parts very well. This is a definite buy and worth multiple viewings.

Don't be afraid! This horror movie porn film really is more erotic than it is scary. In fact, there's no reason to be scared at all. Though I don't foresee myself enjoying it much in the future myself, it could really work for someone who enjoys horror spoofs and hetero sex complete with the obligatory manual, oral, and PIV sex positions. And if you're wondering why there's a range in the body count, you might just have to see the film and decide for yourself!

Get in touch with nature at Crystal Lake Nudist Camp. There are cabins, a charming lake, and lots of hotties around to keep you company. Just watch out for Jason; he's a little too friendly. This slasher parody isn't particularly scary, violent, or well acted, but the cast is hot and the sex is decent. If you can ignore the lurking murderer, the first half of this flick is pretty good. Courtney Cummz and Mr. Pete earned two of the stars in my rating all on their own.

Whether you like horror, comedy, or both, chances are you'll enjoy the official Friday the 13th Parody from Zero Tolerance. Forget all the negatives you've previously thought about porn that follows a plot, as well as parodies, as this movie manages to pull off both.

Sara Sloane plays the new masseuse at a nudist camp. She comes to find out that it could be haunted by a man who had a penis so big, he drowned in the lake. The jizz has been fermenting all this time and now is flesh eating jizz. Is it an old wives tale? Is there truth to the story? The only way to know is to watch this killer parody.

The Friday the 13th parody movie put quite a bit more effort into the plot and scenery than most porn movies. While some of the sex scenes were arousing, there wasn't as much variety as I had hoped there would be. Thankfully, it wasn't a terribly violent movie. Jason's "attacks" were creative and comical.

Have no fear, this silly parody is far from horrific! There's no blood, no gore, & no high-pitched shrill screams, but there is jizz, and plenty of it! Oh yeah, and there's one REALLY big cock! Other than that, there just isn't much substance to it and will be collecting dust on my shelf if I can't convince a friend to take it from me.

“They say his penis is so huge, it never goes soft”. As much as the nudist camp near a lake sounds like huge fun, I could certainly do without Jason's flesh eating jizz! If the thrill of sex with an extremely mild touch of horror (if you can even call it that) tickles your fancy, then this may be right up your ally.

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