Official Friday The 13th Parody by Zero Tolerance - review by Jessica Elizabeth

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Way too campy for me.

I rarely regret watching a porn but this one, honestly, is one I almost regret watching; however that's simply due to my dislike of campy movies. If you like camp, horror and porn parodies, this is for you. But if not, find another movie.
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So, I hate to say this; but I think this is my least favorite adult movie that I've ever seen. Though I haven't seen a ton, I have seen quite a few. It's just way too campy for me; I really dislike any camp factor in movies and due to the campy-ness of this one, I could barely finish it.

It's a decent length of 1hr45m which is good. Sometimes plot driven movies can get too long but just under 2 hours is a good length.

The sex scenes were also quite good; especially the D/s scene; that chainmail bikini was way sexy!

I honestly can't think of anything all that good about this film aside from the length and sex. I found the acting to be sub-par, even for a porno. Sometimes to me it was as if you were watching the actors actively trying to remember their lines which really takes away from the enjoyment in my opinion.

So, the basis of this adult film is that these couples to go a nudist campsite and get told of someone who fell into the lake and drown because of the massive size of his penis. Apparently he's come back to kill people in revenge. As they are all arriving we get into the sex scenes; which I feel are the best part of the movie; which I suppose is a good thing since it *is* a porno. For me though the rest of the movie, the plot line and acting really ruined it for me.

Basically as the couples are having sex the bad guy has come back and is watching them have sex while masturbating to them, and then as he ejaculates he sprays his acidic fluids all over them (and since he has that massive penis his loads are also massive and can make it the several feet through the window and into the room; onto the unsuspecting couple) to kill them.

The sets were simple which helped them, I think; they looked like something you'd find in a lake-side wilderness camp. The music was original; not too porno-ish but not club music or anything.

This, unfortunately, is a movie that's going to the bottom of my pile probably never to be viewed again. If we were to just take the sex scenes and make a short film with only the sex; it'd be good for me. But with everything else...nope. Totally not for me.
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  • PassionQT
    Thanks for the review!
  • Jessica Elizabeth
    No problem PassionQT. I wish I could have done better. I realize that with my intense dislike for this film it's negatively impacted my ability to write a decent review for it
  • Tart
    Oohh BDSM scene?! Nice review.
  • PussyGalore
    I actually cannot wait to watch this! We love campy films! We love horror. Our favorite is The Devil's Rejects so this will be awesome for us!
  • Jessica Elizabeth
    @Tart: More D/s than bdsm actually.
    @Pussy Galore: You'll LOVE it then! LOL
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