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Horror with a happy ending

Whether you like horror, comedy, or both, chances are you'll enjoy the official Friday the 13th Parody from Zero Tolerance. Forget all the negatives you've previously thought about porn that follows a plot, as well as parodies, as this movie manages to pull off both.
Amazing Wardrobe
Interesting Plot
Behind the scenes
Jasons mask over the camera
Some bad effects like his monster cock
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The Official Friday the 13th Parody is the latest release in Zero Tolerance's parody series. Modeled on the classic horror flick, this feature length porn is a sexually thrilling horror film that borders on comedy. You just can't have a parody without the inherit cheesy comedy.

It has a little bit of something for everyone sprinkled throughout the 5 steamy sex scenes, including a little S/M, some anal and a threesome as well. It is well suited to anyone who enjoys a little bit of a plot with their porn to tie the hardcore scenes together.

Gary Orona both directed and acted as co-producer along with Tabitha Stevens for this movie. Whilst Tabitha appears in the movie, she keeps her clothes on in her role as barmaid. I wasn’t at all surprised to find out that the great costumes were also Tabitha’s responsibility. This woman has great taste in clothing and her choices really added to the realism of the characters.

Content / Style / Audience


The story follows Suzie, played by the eternally sexy Sara Sloane, as she makes her way to her new job. She is about to start work as a masseuse in the spa of the newly re-opened Crystal Lakes nudist camp. Without transportation of her own she heads to a local bar in hopes of finding a lift. It is from the barmaid (Tabitha Stevens) and one of the local customers that she first hears the story of the guy who drowned in the lake.

Apparently his cock was so huge that it made him sink to the bottom of the lake where he was transformed. His gigantic cock fermented turning him into a psycho killer that shoots flesh eating cum all over his unsuspecting naked victims. This legend is re-enforced by the camp's new owner Kyle as he explains why the camp had been abandoned to two of the campers. His ancestor, who left the camp to him, had been forced to shut it down after a serial killer murdered all of the guests with... you guessed it... his flesh eating jizz! It’s when the guests are relaxing in the afterglow of their sexual encounters that the killer likes to strike.

Once Suzie has had a look around the facilities she goes looking for her new employer. After having a look around the facilities Suzie goes in search of her new employer, whilst unbeknownst to her people are being murdered all over the camp. When she literally runs into Kyle, he is trying to defend himself with a blow up doll! He tries to convince her that Jason doesn't exist but divulges the fact that there was a sex party at the camp that took place on Friday the 13th. Realising that today was in fact also Friday the 13th, Suzie is unsure on whether or not to believe the myth. Her fear starts to grow as she learns more about that night.

During the party on of the male guests has sex in the basement with one of the party goers. He had tried to warn her that after sex his penis would grow to a ridiculous size and that it was a condition he couldn't control. But she didn’t care. She was so horny, that nothing was going to stop her having her way with him. Shortly after she finishes him off, his cock starts to grow just as he stated it would. His cock explodes, killing her and causing him to run to the lake where it acts like an anchor and drowns him.

The legend states that Jason will only attack after a couple have had sex. With this in mind the pair head out in search of Jason, vowing to not have sex until after they have brought his reign of terror to an end.

By the time they find Jason he has already killed 7 campers who have revelled in sexual delights. Luckily they quickly dispose of Jason by slamming his mythical cock in a door then chopping it off with an axe. Now that the threat has been dealt with it's safe to have sex at the camp again. The pair quickly succumb to their carnal desires. Their hot scene gives this horror movie the happy ending it deserves whilst keeping with tradition and offering up the premise for a sequel.


Sex Scenes:

The 105 minute feature length film features 5 separate sex scenes between 13 different performers. These scenes are played out within the scope of the plot with each one adding to the storyline right up until the very end.

Courtney Cummz and Mr Pete play out a master/slave themed scene. Whilst it might be a little light for lovers of BDSM I felt it was just about right for a mainstream movie. She plays the role well, dressed up in super sexy silver chains and black leather. She doesn't think as she takes command and shouts her orders at him. There is a lot of oral for both players, along with ass eating and straight up hard fucking in this scene. There is also some Anal involved, just don’t blink or you may miss it.

The second scene between a sexy Asian hiker and her male companion slots in almost seamlessly with the plot. She starts by rubbing him down with insect repellent (the guy has a bug phobia!). But once he’s oiled up they’re both hot and ready to go. This was my favourite scene of the movie, their energy was very erotic. Slow, sensual sex, taking their time to undress one another. Their mouths and hands exploring the other's body. Slowly but surely their pace intensifies until he's showing his true physical strength. Lots of penetration shots are included in this scene which are well integrated with other more erotic shots.

The third sex scene is woven into the story as a flashback. As Kyle tells Suzie about the origin of Jason, we get to see just what transpired on that legendary night. The first Friday the 13th when Kagney Linn Karter’s character just won't take no for an answer. She warms him up slowly before riding him hard. Wearing thigh high stockings and boots paired up with a tie, her outfit just adds to her sex appeal. Sadly her shiny jeweled piercing and fingernails kinda annoyed me and took a lot away from this scene for me.

Throughout the movie we are seeing quick shots of two topless girls with Manny, played by Mark Woods (Fro-Yo from wife swap for those who've seen it) who are playing a game of strip monopoly. They are at a nudist camp after all! When it comes time for the 4th sex scene the game has grown old and one of the girls simply says something like “Can we fuck already?’. Which initiates the only threesome scene of the movie. Whilst I enjoyed his performance I really didn't get much out of the girls- despite my love of girl on girl action.

So far all of the sex scenes have ended in murder by deadly flesh eating jizz, in the fifth sex scene the ending’s a little different. Feeling safe in the fact that they’ve ended the reign of terror, Suzie and her boss can finally get down and dirty together. Sara Sloane is my favourite porn star, the way she lays elegantly naked across the bed waiting for him, had me wishing she had been participating in the threesome. Again this scene didn't have any other memorable moments. It was enjoyable, but after the first two scenes having a bit of extra spice to them I was left with a distinct vanilla flavour in my mouth.

Personal comments

Movie Production:
Despite some cheesier aspects such as Jason's dick (which reminded me of a French bread-stick) and a very wonky looking building I felt that the production value of this movie was high. Not Hollywood high, but in terms of porn it kicked it out of the park! There were some nice lighting effects, most noticeably a vintage feel in the flash back scene. I felt that it added to the film, the effect made it feel separate to central story of Suzie whilst adding to the overall plot.

Another thing that really stood out to me was the wardrobe. From the leather and chains worn by Courtney, to the very sexy hiking boots on Asia. I felt that all of the wardrobe added to the scenes rather than taking anything away and blended in well with the story. It was such a nice change to see women wearing shoes other than stilettos during their sex scenes.

Packaging & DVD features:
The DVD arrives in a large format case, around the size of an A4 sized book that features the same front and back cover as the DVD case.

The front has a large Image of Jason in his mask with a smaller image of Sara Sloane's character Suzie super-imposed over it in the bottom corner. The title of the movie along with ‘Zero Tolerance’ and the acting credits are also featured on the front. The back is covered in screen shots from each of the sex scenes, along with a short summary and other important info required on adult DVDs.

The DVD has an auto start, auto repeat feature which allows the action to continue rolling even if you become too busy to notice.

Other features include an easy to navigate menu, scene selection, a 15 minute look behind the scenes, photo gallery, trailers for other movies and of course the all important collection of pop-shots(I don't think I'll even understand the importance of the cum shot).


I absolutely fell in love with Sara Sloane after seeing her in Wife Swap, and I was over the moon to see her as the lead in this one. She did such a great job as Suzie- performing well in all of her scenes rather than just the sexual ones.

For some reason the system has given me the extended template for a book rather than a DVD, so I apologise if things may seem a little muddled in this review.
Follow-up commentary
With a fun plot and really hot individual scenes this is a movie I have enjoyed over and over again both alone and with friends.
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