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More on the Comic Side than Horror

Friday the 13th is the type of film I will want to pop into the DVD player on Halloween night just to make me look over my shoulder a little bit. It's not overly scary and is more in line with a B film. It has some flaws but all in all, is a great story with awesome sex. If you love hardcore sex with twisted, freaky tales, then give Friday the 13th a chance.
Great story line, gorgeous actors and actresses, plenty of sex
A little bad acting, Jason's penis is not realistic on camera, lacks nudists at a nudist camp
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The Official Friday the 13th Parody is a little horror with a bit of bad acting, good story line, intriguing scenes, and comedy mixed in. So, what's the story about?

One day, a young, handsome, well built man, admitted a horrible problem. Every time he had sex, his penis grew and grew after. During a party, he was seduced and engaged in sex. Once finished, the women saw his gigantic penis, screamed, and the young man made a mad dash to the lake. His massive manhood was so large and so cum filled that it made him sink right to the bottom. There, his cum fermented into a skin burning acid which had the ability to kill anyone it touched. Cool story hugh? Yes, it's just a story, it can't possibly be true can it?

Our young, gorgeous bodied, star, Sara Sloan is about to find out. She plays a girl that is just a little too eager in life and has landed a job at an up and coming nudist camp. Are there nudists at this camp? No. In fact, you won't see anyone wandering around naked which is a bit of a letdown, but even so, it's a neat idea. Before she gets to the camp she gleefully hops into a saloon where Tabitha Stevens warns her about the massive cocked monster. Sara goes on her way, warned, and introduces herself to some of the crew and right away shows that her acting is a bit too strained in this film. She's just trying too hard and it really shows. Even so, her sex scene is superb which makes up for it.

From here, couples engage in sex ranging from oral, intercourse, and anal. The scenes are passionate, hardcore, and extremely provocative. Both the women and men are believable and appear to be enjoying themselves. The huge cocked monster, now masked as Jason pops in at the end of two of the sex scenes, exposes his massive cock (clearly a dildo), masturbates, and covers his victims in a hose full of acid cum. At this point, they scream and die from their burns. The freakiest scene involves a couple who has just finished having sex. The women goes to take a bath (in a tub without a faucet that mysteriously gets water)while her partner waits for her. As he is just lying there a spear flies through the floor and into his neck. Well, so much for him. Next, Jason sprays the women in the tub with his cum and must stab her because all you see left is the draining blood from the tub.

Now, enough is enough. Sara is going to get to the bottom of it. After all, she can't work in an establishment that's being haunted by a super cocked freak! So, she and a partner go out looking for him. They find Jason's room, where he's written "mommy" in blood (creepy) and come face to face with Jason! He tries to get to them but they slam the door on his cock and cut it right off! He's gone right? Of course he is. There's only one thing to do, have sex. It can't be the nudist camp without Jason though, and so he reappears just as they are finishing.

Content / Style / Audience

The film is really appealing to those out there who want a little kink, horror, and intriguing story line mixed into their porn without being too hardcore. You won't find torture in this film and the death scenes are extremely quick. There is also a lack of mind play in this film, which will appeal to a lot of people. In addition, this film has a real campy feel, which adds to the mysteriousness. So, if you're up to explore the new world of horror and porn then jump right in. It's not too hot nor too cold but just right for many people. Some might find it offensive, others might find that it does not contain enough horror.


So, how is the menu on this film? The DVD itself shows the mask of Jason, all scratched up from his other adventures in murder, and Sara, walking around, enjoying the scenery, not expecting anything. Pop it into the DVD player and the DVD menu pops up. It shows a creepy house with knocked out windows and an open door and there, hiding in the trees is Jason. Then, suddenly, he pops up closer so you can stair him right in the eye. From here, you can choose to play the entire movie, go to the scene selection where you have five scenes to choose from, a look behind the scenes including a yummy look at Sara and Kris before and during their shoot, a look at the nudist camp, a look at Asa and Rocco, a look at Courtney and Mr. Pete during shooting, a look at Brooklyn, Mark, and Brook during a break, and a look at Kagney and Carlo during the shoot where you also will see a lot of directing. Going back to the menu section you can choose to watch the trailers, the cum shot real, and finally a gallery where you can see some really sexy pictures of the girls, the sex scenes, and some yummy pop shots.

Personal comments

The actors and actresses include Mark Wood, Mr. Pete, Kris Slater, Courtney Cummz, Rocco Reed, Asa Akira, Kagney Linn Karter, Sara Sloane, Brooke Lee Adams, Brooklyn Lee, Carlo Carrera. Everyone was gorgeous and most of the cast did a wonderful job of acting.


I am always very curious about the darker side of sex, so I was thrilled to watch Friday the 13th. I love group sex and domination, which is included in the film. The group is really a threesome and the domination is really nothing more than a powerful woman giving orders but it still makes for great scenes. Although the story did not have that much horror in it and although we don't see a sex scene with Jason after he drowned in the lake, the idea is good. I would have liked the details to have been a little bit better though (the scene with the tub) but other than that, it's a story that I will remember for a very long time. Gotta love those ghost stories.
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