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Ok sex, comical 'violence'

The Friday the 13th parody movie put quite a bit more effort into the plot and scenery than most porn movies. While some of the sex scenes were arousing, there wasn't as much variety as I had hoped there would be. Thankfully, it wasn't a terribly violent movie. Jason's "attacks" were creative and comical.
Not a horror movie, beautiful actors, beautiful sets, comical elements
not as arousing as it could have been
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The movie begins as Sarah arrives in town to start her job as the masseuse for a nudist camp. When she stops for coffee she learns of the rumor of the monster in the lake - a man sunk to the bottom of a lake under the weight of his giant penis. He drowned, becoming a monster with flesh eating jizz.

In the next scene, the new owner of the cabin tells his friends Asa and Ricardo of the serial killer that slaughtered everyone at the lake a few summers earlier.

The first camp couple we see are a dominant woman wearing leather and chains and her man. This woman loves having her ass smelled and licked. She also enjoys mashing her girly bits in the man's face. Clips of Jason outside are interspersed with their lovemaking scenes. While I found this Domme to be irritating and ass-obsessed, I do appreciate the variety of including a non-Vanilla sex scene. Finally they notice Jason in the doorway. The man compliments Jason on his mask. Jason laughs then covers them with an impressive stream of his flesh eating semen as they scream. Jason's interaction with this couple was creatively filmed through his eyes.

Next we see Asa as she applies bug repellent to Ricardo who is unusually afraid of bugs. Asa and Ricardo enter their cabin at night. They find their cabin to be creepy but decide to make the best of it. The undressing of Asa by Ricardo was quite sexy - very erotic. Asa also appears to be into ass licking or at least they stay on that activity for quite some time. The eery foretelling of Jason's presence slips in from time to time during their lovemaking. Afterwards Asa leaves to take a bath. Ricardo lies back on their mat and closes his eyes to relax where he meets a strange and untimely death.

Meanwhile Asa leaves the door open as she draws her bathwater in a room that clearly disappoints her. While she prepares her bath, we see Jason walking down a hallway holding a long knife. Asa hears noises, but dismisses them. Jason arrives in the doorway, stroking his massive cock. We hear Asa scream as he ejaculates on her.

The movie then switches to a small group discussing strip monopoly. Then we are returned to Asa’s bathtub which is now empty except for a trail of blood.

Next the cabin owner recounts to Sarah the previous time when bad things happened at the lake. As he tells the story, we are transported to the scene. During a sex party, one partier isn't with the others because of his problem - his penis becomes abnormally large after sex. A woman comes downstairs to his hiding place and asks him to let her be the judge of that. She does a sexy job of undressing for him. He is clearly pleased. Her undressing is the sexiest scene in the whole movie.

Once they finish, she steps back then recoils in horror at his apparently now massive penis. He runs out into the lake but sinks under the weigh of his enormous penis, which is so huge it never goes soft. Predictably, this first happened on Friday the 13th. Also predictably, it is again Friday the 13th.

Sarah and the owner hear noises, and decide to explore the basement to find the source. The owner tells Sarah that Jason targets people who have had gratuitous sex on the day they met, thus making it safe for them to search for him.

We are returned to the threesome, two women and a man. Both women are screamers. Even with the sound set as low as possible without being off I could hear the blond one during their sex scene. Afterward, they fall asleep but awaken to see Jason stroking himself in front of them. The man tells him to go away, but the women are intrigued by his large penis. Jason ejaculates voluminously and comically on the threesome.

The movie then returns to Sarah and owner exploring. They find Jason’s bedroom, a small frightening room with a bare mattress and the word 'Mommy' hand written in blood on the wall. Later Jason creeps up silently behind them, getting his penis caught in the door as they try to close it to keep him out. The owner swings a weapon down on Jason, presumably disabling or killing him. They then have sex in the only nice looking bed on the set after declaring that victory sex is the best kind.

The movie ending suggests that the story isn't over. Perhaps there will be a sequel?
While there was some variety in the sex scenes, I didn't find them to be as arousing as I had hoped. There were however a few very arousing scenes.

I appreciated that the movie had a plot and that what little violence there was was quite tolerable.

The DVD also contains some interesting behind the scenes footage.

It was an enjoyable movie to watch. I could see how it would be especially entertaining for couples who are fans of the Friday the 13th horror movies.
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  • Jobthingy
    This one was so funny. I was laughing all the way through
  • Tuesday
    Jobthingy, Jason's attacks were funny. I think the whole movie probably would have been funny if I had seen the real Friday the 13th movie, but I can't tolerate violence.
  • Love Buzz
    I'm not sure if I would've enjoyed it as much as I did if I'd ever seen the original movie. Great review
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