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A Good Addition To Your Cheesy Horror Movie Collection

Friday the 13th Official Parody is a good porno if you have a good sense of humor and enjoy horror movies. It isn't actually scary, in fact it is more on the cheesy side, but who doesn't like a cheesy horror movie with some fucking? I was really excited to get this porno in the mail, and I am happy that it was my first official one! I really like the humor, and I absolutely love the scene with Kagney Linn Carter and Carlos... wow do I ever want him.
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*Plot (With Spoilers)*

This is the part where I get confused. I couldn’t really follow a plot that well. I think my DVD Player may have something to do with it, though. The first time I popped this in it started out at the first sex scene with the light BDSM couple. I thought that was the beginning of the movie, and after reading some reviews on this, I figured I must have missed something because I had no clue what anyone was talking about with the bartender, etc.

I got the whole back story on Jason and his deadly jizz, and that’s about it… it was just fucking from there really, until Sarah Sloane and the Camp Coach (or whatever he is) started exploring and ran into Jason. Then they chopped off his huge ugly dick, and fucked. The end.

The first scene is played by Courtney Cummz and Mr. Pete. She has a fabulous outfit! I love her hair as well. That is one thing about porn, the girls always have really cute hair and shoes. Anyways..

Courtney engages in some dominatrix type play with Mr. Pete as she bosses him around. I am newer to the BDSM thing so I can't say if that was heavy or not, but I am assuming it is pretty light. It's still nice to have some variety. There is a little bit of oral, some deep throating action as well as some anal at the end. Honestly I didn't care for this scene too much because it seemed like she was faking a lot...

The second scene consists of Asa Akira and Rocco Reed. Rocco's character has a thing with bugs for some reason, why that is relevant I have no idea. They find a cabin and begin to fuck. There is some more deep throating, some rubbing, and some woman on top action mixed into this one. This is one of the only scenes I noticed that actually showed the killer, well, killing them afterward.

The third scene consists of my favorite couple: Kagney Linn Carter and Carlos. Oh. My. God. At first I was jealous that she got to fuck him, but she actually reminds me of myself in the sack. So, I am now a fan. She fucks like I do and Carlos is smoking. They start with some oral sex for her, followed by a little fingering and a blow job, and then onto the good stuff- vaginal sex. They do a few different positions and fuck for quite some time. They do a wonderful job, and she has the cutest shoes in the whole movie. Match those with Courtney's outfit and we have a winner!

The fourth scene involves Brooklynn Reed, Brook Lee and Mark Wood. They are just having a good old time playing strip poker, until they decide to just skip the stripping and go straight for the fucking. Seems like a pretty typical threesome scene to me (they both gave him head, then he fucked each one a little, then fucked the brunette while she ate out the blonde) but they did a good job with it.

I would have to say that my absolute favorite part in this entire movie would be when they are relaxing after their endeavor. They casually chat and watch as Jason jacks off in front of them (the blonde even suggests to get a foursome going) and splurges his acidic goo all over them. That was hilarious.

The final scene happens when Sara Sloane and Kris Slater finally put the bad guy to rest (or so you thought?) and decide to celebrate. It is a little bit more sensual, except for the fact that Kris Slater's character reminds me of a horny teenage boy. There is some oral and some PIV in this one.

Content / Style / Audience


This DVD is geared towards horror fans who enjoy a mix of adult pleasure and a good laugh in their movies. It has a wonderful style of "horror", and is set at Camp Crystal Lake Nudist Camp, where the killer inadvertently drowned from having such a huge cock many years ago. The cast consists of a group of horny couples camping out at the haunted lake. But things don't go over so well as they get picked off one by one by the killer and his acidic jizz!


I am not really able to compare this to other pornos quality wise because, well, this is the first one I have actually watched. I will say that I have seen much worse, and I think the quality is very good. The lighting is natural in most parts, the sound isn’t crappy and the music, though cheesy, fits the movie very well. I think the music is good for this type of movie though, it is a parody you know.
I give it 9 for audio and 9 for visual, just because I don’t have much else to compare it to. Yet.



This came in an 8x11 matte box with an awesome design to it. Jason is on the front with Sara Sloane in the corner; in Black and White (almost Sepia) colors. The back of the box has screen shots of all the different rendezvous’ that occur during the movie; the bottom is perforated around Sara Sloane and folds out for a makeshift stand that can be used to stand the box up for display. The DVD case itself matches the box design wise, and fits inside a cardboard slot.

Be careful with the box- rough usage can cause damage. I had this up in my closet and it got scratched by something (what, I have no idea).


This movie has a photo gallery, collection of "popshots" (cum shots), behind the scenes footage, trailers for upcoming productions, and a full motion scene selection menu. It has an auto start feature, which I didn't like, because I still think I have somehow missed parts of the movie. I really liked the behind the scenes stuff, because it is strange to me to see sex be so, well, mechanical. As far as the movie itself goes it is really good, but to see the director telling them how to fuck was interesting. The trailers were interesting as well, I laughed at the Friday trailer.

Personal comments

This movie is excellent. I really enjoyed it because I am a fan of horror movies, and I also have a great sense of humor. Therefore, despite the corny serial killer, I give this movie 5 stars!
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