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Dona massage candle Dona massage candle

Body massage candle by System JO

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Dona massage candle reviews

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32 reviews

If you've got patience and can get into the scent of your candle, these are a wonderful addition to any bedroom or area you like to relax in. The wax hits your skin at the perfect temperature and feels wonderfully luxurious during and after use.

I loved using the Dona candle to add sensuality to my foreplay. It's aphrodisiac-infused, pleasant smell really added to the experience and the soy-based wax left my skin feeling soft and smooth. I totally recommend this product to anyone looking to add a little fun to their foreplay.

Though this candle does have a good bit of positive aspects, I wish it was a little bit bigger, that it did not take so long to melt down and that it didn't dry too fast once applied. But overall, I do have to say, I love this candle and I do believe you will, too.

I like the candles, but know that they require a level of commitment; you have to be willing to let them burn for a long time in order for them to properly work as a massage candle, and you have to be willing to deal with their excess heat in order to get them to the oil consistency. You also have to be willing to change your sheets after you use them. I love these candles knowing all of this, because I love the scents. If you are a time crunch person I would suggest that you avoid them.

This massage candle was nice to try out, but it isn't likely that we will purchase it again. It felt a little waxy and didn't absorb into the skin like a thin bottled massage oil would. It smells great and you may just like it if you don't mind showering afterwards.

I love the scent and that it goes into the skin nicely. I may buy all the scents. You really get your moneys worth with this product and I would recommend everyone to buy this!

When it comes to fragrance, this candle can't be beat! As for its massage-related prowess, leaves a little to be desired. If it was a normal candle it'd have a five-star rating from me, but its weird residue and slow melt-time brought it down to a four.

This candle is very much worth the money spent on it, I really do love it! I hope anyone who is looking into massage candles gives this one a try.

The whole concept of candles that you can use for massage is new to me. I have used candles in the past but it was only for temperature play. I thought this was pretty cool I can get two uses out of one product. I decided to give this a try. My partner is long distance so I can't enjoy it right now for partner play, but I do use it on my soar muscles, in my legs, after a long day of walking, because I don't have a car so I must use my feet. It is wonderful in theory but it is a mess to clean up.

The Massage Candle by Dona will be hit or miss. If you don't mind the clean up, this is a very fun item to use. It is cool to use a candle for a massage. If clean up or preparation is very important to you then this will drive you mad.

The blue lotus candle smells great and is easily absorbed by the skin. The warm oil works great as massaging oil. It has all-natural ingredients. Be careful when applying though, because it stains.

This is a pretty cool candle. Seeing it change to massage oil and then feeling the lovely silkiness on your skin is really nice. However those who do not have a lot of time or are getting it just for a normal candle purpose might be disappointed.

For under $10, you will not find a better valued massage candle anywhere. This one massage candle will last for well over a dozen massages, and smell great and add some romance while doing it. With the only downfall of having no pour spout, The Dona massage candles holds its own well in a sea of massage candles.

I now understand why massage oil candles are so expensive. It is difficult to make a candle that will not only melt into oil, but that will stay that way for a while and be practical for use on the skin. While the Camu Camu candle is nicely scented, it did not meet my expectations as an oil for massage.

The Dona massage candle is a sweet-smelling, lovely candle that isn't quite perfect for my massage routine. The few problems it does have doesn't stop me from wanting to use it again and again, but it is enough that I would suggest you deter from purchasing this candle. The price is nice and the look is great, but I much rather prefer Jimmyjane's line of candles, Afterglow.

I was skeptical about this candle but I was surprisingly pleased with it. So far, I love DONA by JO products. My experience is that the smells have been great, even though my husband and I do not feel any aphrodisiac effects. Their products being cruelty free and natural are bonuses.

Here it is: The candle smells wonderful, and the warm oils all over your body feel even better! This is a fantastic product.

If you are interested in trying out a massage candle and don't want to spend a hefty sum of money, look no farther, the DONA Massage Candle is for you!

Whether you intend to use this candle as a massage candle or just to bring a nice scent into your home, you really can’t go wrong. The oil feels amazing on your skin with the added bonus of a great long lasting scent.

DONA's Massaage Candle will emit a fragrance while you wait to use the warm oil on your partner's body, or your own. The massage oil feels amazing when it is warm and absorbs into the skin nicely making it softer than before.

The Dona Massage Candle can provide a very sensual experience and I highly recommend trying it to relax with your partner.

Overall, I really enjoyed The Dona Massage Candle. The aphrodisiacs that are infused in this product had no effect on me as I expected, but it was still a lot of fun to use during foreplay and is also great for when you just want to experience a relaxing, warm massage with your partner.

As a candle this was a for the most part a nice product, but for massaging I found it very unpleasant and disappointing. The packaging can get dangerously hot when the candle is nearly it's end of burn time, which might result in severe burns and a trip to the hospital. If purchasing, be aware and be patient, as this candle takes time to get the liquid wax for massaging.

Honestly it's not a bad candle for the price. If you want something basic and don't want a significant smell to it go for this. If you want something aromatic that stays for days in the room check out some of the other candle brands.

If you are new to massage candles or have an array in your collection the DONA Massage Candle is a great addition to enhance the mood in your bedroom. At $9.99 you get a quality product that is a good starter piece if you're still not sure if you prefer candles to oils or if you're just looking to stock up without spending too much.

I would highly recommend this product in the Blue Lotus scent- as a candle. It smells amazing and lasts for a very long time. For a massage, I was left white-handed with a thick white film over my hands, his back, and later on our sheets in a great big mess to clean up and a shower to take to get rid of the film.

Fire up your scenes with this sensual low heat massage candle by System Jo. Use it to set the mood with low candle light and fill the room with erotic fragrance. You can even give your partner a sensual massage with the nourishing oil. No matter what your use is for this candle it is sure to please.

This candle is perfect as an aphrodisiac massage candle or just an excellent smelling candle for any room in your home. If you are looking for hot candle wax, this item may not be for you, but if you are looking forward to a nice massage, this wax may be right up your alley.

As a candle alone, this is amazing. It smells awesome, nice, and clean. Unfortunately, as a massage oil, it leaves a thick film on your skin and doesn't last long in oil form. It takes a long time to melt down into oil, By the time there is enough to use, you are no longer in the mood for a massage. I guess that's why they needed to add the aphrodisiac effect into it.

If you are looking for a dual use product that smells great, this is it! The DONA massage candle is a wonderful product with many benefits and from what I have I experienced almost no downsides. It is a smooth velvety product when solid, and a silky, soft, oily substance when melted. It leaves the skin silky smooth and scented in the most pleasant ways. What more good things could I possibly say about this product! I love it and will be buying it over and over and over again.

If you're someone who's looking for a spa quality massage candle that is safe for sensitive skin, then look no further...the Dona Massage Candle is what you're looking for. It's all natural, cruelty free, paraben free, phthalates free, and travel safe. With three wonderful aromas there's a little something for everyone, for up to 30 hours worth of fun!

Massage oil candles now have a permanent place in our bedroom. They're easy to use, smell great, and provide some of the much-needed hands on "touch" time that so many of us are lacking. Great for foreplay or just a romantic, relaxing massage!

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