Body massage candle discontinued
by System JO

Makes my house smell good and earns me a backrub? I'm game!

Whether you intend to use this candle as a massage candle or just to bring a nice scent into your home, you really can’t go wrong. The oil feels amazing on your skin with the added bonus of a great long lasting scent.
Smell great
Long lasting scent
No spout to pour
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The Dona massage candle is a soy based candle that can be used to freshen your home, or if you are lucky enough to have a willing partner you can use the melted wax for a sensual massage. Actually, even without a partner you can still get a pretty awesome self-massage.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The Dona massage candle is a soy based candle that can be used to freshen your home, or if you are lucky enough to have a willing partner you can use the melted wax Before burning this candle the wax is smooth, slick and hard. The unmelted wax is hard enough that even with applying pressure to it with your finger is not going to leave a mark, but rubbing your finger over the wax leaves a small amount on your finger that feels slightly velvety and smooth.

After lighting the wick and waiting about 10 minutes a good sized pool of runny wax appears. Because this is a soy based candle the wax does not get extremely hot as it would in a regular candle, but it is still recommended that before using the wax on a partner you blow out the wick and allow the candle to sit for about 30 seconds.

The wax produces a runny massage oil that does not immediately soak into skin, but is easily rubbed in. Once rubbed in the oil doesn’t leave a sticky feeling, but instead feels silky smooth, and has a light long lasting scent. A little goes a long way here, but thankfully the wax does not reharden especially quickly so if you need more you don’t have to relight the candle and wait.

Taste / Aroma

I opted to skip the whole tasting thing, please do the same. The aroma on the other hand is amazing. I went with Blue Lotus, which is very light, and to me smells clean and fresh not very floral like I expected. Think white cotton sheets blowing in a cool breeze on a warm summer day… Yes, it is just that nice. The scent is in no way overpowering or too strong on either the skin or in the air.


This product earns an A+ for performance in my book. As a massage candle it works just as intended, leaving you felling relaxed, and as a regular candle you get a long lasting (about 30 hours of burn time) great smelling candle. I particularly enjoyed that I didn’t feel like I needed a shower to remove a yucky oily feeling after the massage oil was used on me.


The candle comes in a nice little 4oz tin about two inches high, and three inches wide complete with a top. On the outside of the tin is the signature Dona lace detail, ingredient list, and directions on the bottom.


Like almost all women I’m always hankering for a backrub, but getting one from my husband is like pulling teeth. With this in mind I bought this candle made from Dona thinking at least if it doesn’t get me a backrub the bedroom will smell good, right? Surprisingly he was more than willing to pour melted wax all over me and rub it in...ok maybe it isn't so surprising when I think of it like that.
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    Good call, a spout would make this perfect!
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    Good review.
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    Thanks for your review. I've heard good things about the DONA line - do you know how long the burn time is or how long it would last?
  • Contributor: Various
    MGDavivnigirl, the burn time is about 30ish hours.
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