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Dona massage candle

Body massage candle by System JO

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Versatile Romance

The Massage Candle by Dona will be hit or miss. If you don't mind the clean up, this is a very fun item to use. It is cool to use a candle for a massage. If clean up or preparation is very important to you then this will drive you mad.
Dynamic, cool
Clean up, Greasy
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The Dona Massage candle can fulfill many a purpose in a romantic scenario. It can help set the ambiance as a candle, creating a romantic lighting for the evening. After it has been burning a while, it can be used as a massage oil. That's right! This candle transforms into massage oil after it has been burning. It is very user-friendly and virtually fool-proof so long as you practice fire safety. Give each other a sensual massage and see of it leads to more, ahem, romantic encounters.

The massage candle can be used by anyone regardless of experience. The oil/metled wax does not get searing hot, so this is not something for those who wanted a dripping wax candle scenarios with some heat. However, you can drip this on your lover for fun. In terms of allergies, the massage candle oil has products not unlike what you'd find in many massage oils. This stuff can clog your pores, so it is not the best thing to use if you have blemishes on your back or other areas where the oil will be used. It is also more high maintenance than some other massage products. The massage oil is not supposed to be used internally.
    • Foreplay
    • Massage
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

In Stasis, before lighting: The massage candle looks like any other candle. If you touch it, you'll notice it is softer than regular wax. You can put a depression in the candle with just a little pit of force. Here's how it looks before lighting it:

Fairly unexciting. When you start burning the candle, the wax/oil will melt and, again, look like any candle melting. This is how the candle looked after about 30-35 minutes of burning. It burned at a slower rate than I anticipated.

It's best to blow out the candle before dipping your fingers in to use the oil. When you touch it, it does feel greasy and oily. It is slick and will power through a good amount of time during a massage. If you let the oil on your hands too long without working it, the oil will revert back to its waxy stage. Still, it is softer than when it was cool. You can re-dip your fingers and the oil will be soft enough to work into the skin.

You will remember you got a massage when you use this candle. Your skin will have some drag and feel a bit greasy even an hour or longer after use. Because it is oil, it can clog the pores of your skin, which makes a shower important for many after their massage. The candle oil is easy to use. I recommend dipping your fingers in and then going to work. You could also pour some into your hands. I don't recommend pouring it onto your partner's back. Not because it is too hot, but because you increase your chance of having a mess. The oil cools, but if you poured a lot fast enough, you could ge some spillage.
    • Greasy
    • Oily

Taste / Aroma

I preface this by saying scent is subjective. I think the pomegranate candle smells better than the body wash and lotion in the same line. It could be because the candle is set on fire. I think the candle has more brighter and fruiter notes than the other products of the same scent. It is not a "fresh" scent and feels a little heavy with its floral notes.

The scent does not overwhelm when it is heating. It does tend to remain on the skin. The candle is not edible. Please do not nom it.


The massage oil does soften the skin and aid in a massage. However, this oil comes with some need for preparation and clean up. It is best to lay down a protective covering wherever you are giving the massage. The oil will get on your space. Even if you do not spill any oil, there will be some on your work space as your partner turns or repositions themselves. Also, most people will probably desire a shower after using this. It can leave the skin feeling icky. It does not dry out and can leave a greasy feeling.

Still, if you're up for it, it does add some fun to massage time. The versatility and delivery of the massage oil if pretty cool. It can be a nice surprise to your partner. It can be a bit of a performance. If you are using the candle for a massage longer than 10 minutes, you may want to burn your candle for at least an hour.\

Sheets and fabrics that meet the oil should be thrown in the wash (preferably treated with a spot cleaner first. A towel will work best for this oil). It will stain the sheets, so it's best not to use it on your bed sheets right before bed. The oil lasts a decent amount of time, but if you're going for a long massage, then you might want to consider some massage creams.


The candle comes wrapped in plastic. Then you'll see the tin it is in.

The tin has a lid you pull off to get to the candle. It is a small, compact container that will not take up much space. Because it has a low melting point, it is best to keep this candle in a cool, dark space. So long as the environment is cool, it is easy to travel with this item.
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Travel friendly


I never had a massage candle before. I like the idea of the massage candle, but I'm not in love with this one. I want to try other massage candles hopefully I can find one that comes in a fresh, clean scent. Sadly, there are not many massage candle option on Eden. I hope that changes soon.

Both my partner and I did not like the greasiness of this candle. We mostly enjoying lighting it and playing with the wax/oil on our fingers. We didn't really want to put this on our back, and after we sacrificed such skin for science, we hastily made it to the shower. I didn't like the feeling the product had on my skin. I would be okay with it if the feeling only lasted 10 or even 15 minutes, but I still felt it over an hour later. It's also not the best thing fot my skin anyway, so I'm hoping to find something more friendly to my skin type.
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