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You caught me white-handed! Donna massage candle: great as a candle, not for a massage!

I would highly recommend this product in the Blue Lotus scent- as a candle. It smells amazing and lasts for a very long time. For a massage, I was left white-handed with a thick white film over my hands, his back, and later on our sheets in a great big mess to clean up and a shower to take to get rid of the film.
Perfect temperature, long lasting candle, smells AMAZING, easy to use, great price
Thickens too quickly, leaves a film on the skin and clothing/bed clothes, takes a while to melt
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I've been eyeing the massage candles on EdenFantasys for a while now. This was the first I had ever heard of them, and the concept seemed just perfect, so I was very excited when my very first one came in the mail. The Dona Massage candle is a soy-based candle designed in a way that while it burns, it leaves you with nice warm oil that (is supposed to) work great for a massage. Unlike a regular candle, it burns at a lower heat which makes the temperature of the oil more bearable than if it were from a regular hot wax candle.

It can be used anywhere any other massage oil can be used; on the back, neck, legs; it's all up to you. We like to use massage oil as a foreplay to sex, or sometimes as just a way to relax at the end of the day.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

In its solid state, the candle feels much like any other candle but a little bit softer and oily feeling. If you rub your finger across the solid candle, it feels hard but your warm finger will get a little moist from it getting warm. Once you start to burn it, it takes about 30-45 minutes for enough oil to melt up to a good amount for a massage. The melted candle feels very pleasant. It's warm, thin, and a little runny; all good things for a massage oil. It soaks into the skin very fast, and is very easy to navigate. It is a little hot coming straight from the candle, but not unbearable or unpleasant.

Taste / Aroma

I chose the candle scented "Blue Lotus". It's always a bit difficult choosing something scented online, because of the various options there are and how much they can vary. I prefer a soft, flowery scent over a strong fruity scent which is why I chose this one and let me tell you, the smell is AMAZING! I absolutely love the smell of the blue lotus scent. It is subtle, not overpowering at all, exactly what I expected from the name of the scent. I wish I could attach the smell of this candle to the review because it's just that great!


After waiting about 40 minutes for our massage candle to start to melt, we had enough oil to start. Since this does not come with a spoon or anything of the sort to scoop the oil up with, it can either be poured into the person giving the massage's hand, scooped up with their fingers, or poured directly onto the back or area of massage. Pouring it directly on was the easiest way for us, because when using our hands first a lot of the oil was sucked into our dry hands before it could make it to the other person.

At first the massage oil created a very relaxed, pleasant massage. After about 5-10 minutes of rubbing it in, though, it gets very thick and filmy. It gets thicker and thicker as it continues to sit out and be massaged with, until the massage is over.

The oil left my skin feeling soft, but also filmy. I could feel the thick layer of oil all over my skin that had started to cool off before the massage was over, and that was not pleasant at all.

What's great about this candle, is that it can be used for a very long time. Once the massage is over and the flame is blown out, it goes back into its solid state quickly just as before, ready for the next use. It doesn't take much oil for one massage, so this candle can last a very long time, which for the low price tag is great.


To my surprise, the candle did not come wrapped in any packaging other than the box that it was mailed in. The candle is designed so that it is inside of a metal tin, and that is exactly how it was mailed to me.

Upon arrival, there were a few dents on the top of the tin can, but nothing that would effect the use of the candle whatsoever. Personally, I always love how everything from Eden is packaged; all nice and neat, so it was a little disappointing to see it come as is with a few dents on the top from banging around the inside of the box.


I was so very excited to have gotten this in the mail. We prepared in advance to take turns massaging each other, starting with him so I could get a feel for the oil. At first, I loved the way it felt, and so did my husband. It feels very silky and warm in the beginning and was just great. Unfortunately, the fact that it goes back to its solid, thick form so quickly made the end of the massage not as pleasant. I had a thick, white, waxy looking film all over my hands, and just wanted the massage to be over with.

I washed my hands and returned, ready to feel what it was like to be on the receiving end. The warm oil felt just amazing on my back when the massage first started. The hot oil with him on top of me massaging it into my back and my butt was a great turn on, which he obviously sensed and started to enter me while continuing to rub it into my back, and add more. The feeling of the hot oil, his hot hands rubbing it into my skin, all while making love to me was just unbelievably relaxing and amazing.

Things got a little crazy, positions got changed, and afterwards we wound up with a film all over everything! There was a white residue film on our black sheets (should have thought about that beforehand!), all over my back from the massage, and on his hands and back from his. Cleaning was a bit of a pain, having to wash all the bed clothes and go jump in the shower to get the film off of us both.

We only used it as a massage candle twice, because of the way it thickens so quickly. If it took longer to thicken, and stayed thin and oily for a while longer, it would be great. Unfortunately, it turns over so quickly that I just didn't feel like dealing with that thick, gross film anymore, and have just used it as a candle since then.

As a candle, it's wonderful, because it goes back to its solid form after using, and lasts a very long time. I am able to burn it all day long, blow out the flame, let it re-solidify overnight, and start over the next day. Almost feels like cheating!

I will continue to buy this candle for use in my home as a regular candle, but will be looking for a different product for massages. I love the idea of the warm massage candle for foreplay or use during sex, so I plan to try out many different kinds until I find one that works for us!
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