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This is a great item for your portable or smaller items like your bullets, but its not practical for your bigger toys.

I would have a small army of these things if I could. They protect my glass well, and are cute, to boot. Unfortunately, I've found that they don't wash well, and I do wish they came in wider dimensions... as well as different colors. I like them, and they serve their purpose, but they could definitely be improved upon.

If you are looking for a toy pouch for larger toys or maybe multiples in one bag, the purple padded pouch is a no brainer. Plushy and secure, this little drawstring bag will keep your toys safe from any falls, or just looking inconspicuous.

When I purchased this, I was planning on using it for one toy. I can easily store three in it with room to spare. It's made of a plush material that doesn't seems to shed a lot of lint. The padding is seriously thick which is fantastic. Overall, I feel that this was worth every penny!

Purple Padded Pouches are perfect for fragile glass dildos. The large is even big enough for two smaller individually wrapped pieces. The pouches are soft, plush, and offer lots of padding. It is just the thing that my growing glass collection needed.

Perfect for protecting your fragile toys or taking a few items traveling, this pouch will definitely find some use in your collection.

Don Wand's purple padded toy pouch is an excellent choice in glass toy storage. It's big enough to fit toys up to 8 inches long safely inside of it. It's also wide enough to fit a wide variety of toy girths. If you have slim enough toys, you can even store two of them inside at the same time. I think the pouch is perfect for traveling with a few favorites.

This pouch is a great way to store glass toys or other fragile items. If you have a delicate toy that you want to protect, this is the pouch for you. Its generous padding provides ample protection from accidental chips and cracks, but also takes up a large amount of space.

This tiny pouch has tons of stuffing, but it takes up most of the space to where you can't fit much in it. I would not recommend this small size pouch to anyone who wanted to keep their valuables safe and secure.

I would suggest these to someone who wants organization but doesn't mind the added bulk of these. I think they would be the best purchase only if bought during a sale. Make sure to size the toy you plan to use with this before purchasing.

I just love this toy bag; it's padded, soft, and just long enough to hold some of my bigger toys. However, don't expect it to hold that many, especially if you're a fan of wider toys.

I love Don Wands pouches they have available on Eden Fantasys, but this one is very small and not what I really needed like I thought. I would say to go with the medium, so you have the space you need for the toys that need storage.

This is a good product, though probably not with the small size. The bag is soft and feel great and offers great protection for what you are storing. A drawstring closure makes sure to keep lint out, but the small is too small for us. Will definitely order a medium or large though.

These pouches are great if you have a smaller collection of breakable toys, but are simply too bulky if you have more than a few toys you'd like to use with these pouches. The bulk is a positive and a negative. It protects your toys well, but also takes up a lot of space. I would recommend this to someone who only has a couple glass toys, but not for someone who had a large collection.

Need a way to store your favorite glass toy without worrying about it breaking? Well Don Wands has released this pouch for just that purpose.

A Pouch! How do you mess up a pouch! By adding too much of a good thing, I suppose. The Don Wands Pouch is just too padded, but if are in need of storage pouches, this is basically your only option on Eden.

If you're looking for a padded pouch to keep your glass toys in then this is a great pouch to consider. The only problem I have with it is with how it's made. They should have closed the seam better so the padding doesn't escape so easily.

A Great Pouch!

The Drawstring Storage Pouch by Don Wands is really nice! The quality is great and the medium sized bag fits all of my glass toys (individually) perfectly. The bag is perfect for storing your toys at home or using for travelling purposes. I’m happy with the bag and I would recommend it to others.

If you are like me, your glass toys are some of your favourite toys in your Toy Trunk. But the unfortunate part of the sex toy industry is... not many glass toys arrive at your house with a pouch for storage. These would be a pretty good investment to protect your most favourite treasure. Show your toys some love! Treat them well!

If you're just looking for something to store a couple toys in, you may wanna look elsewhere. However, if you're trying to find something to protect your glass toys, this might be right for you. It's very bulky but it gets the job done for a low price.

A must have accessory for any glass toy aficionado

Don Wands Padded Drawstring Pouch is the perfect storage solution for delicate toys, it offers padded protection for your prized possessions. Eden Fantasys offers the Don Wands pouches in three different sizes, so you are sure to be able to get one you can use.

The Don Wand padded storage pouch is a much needed item for those who love glass toys. It will protect your toys and any other glass items you may not want to break. The pouch is soft and nicely padded. I love the padded storage pouch and I hope to order more soon.

Great bag for glass toys with lots of padding. It holds a lot of different glass toys of all shapes and sizes with a really nice draw sting clasp that is not cheaply made.

I was looking for something to store my PicoBong Ako in. It is a fairly small toy, so you can be sure I was glad to see a small pouch offered on Eden. Thankfully, it fits perfectly!

This product is definately worth buying if you own glass toys and are worried about how you are going to store them without them getting chipped or broken.

Dispite my toy breaking which is completely my fault, I highly recommend the entire set to everyone with glass or metal toys. Even if you have electronics that tend to fall alot due to kids, pets or even just plain clumsyness.

The small Don Wands storage bag is just too much fluff to do you any good. You probably don't have a glass toy small enough to put in it, and the fluffyness just gets in the way with less fragile toys. Spend the extra dollar or two and upgrade to a size that will do you well. You'll thank me for it!

If you're someone who likes to take your glass toys with you when you travel or if you just need something to store your glass toys inside of, then you have to get one of these padded pouches by Don Wands. These pouches are cute, travel friendly, and made of great quality.

This storage solution is worthwhile for the price and does a very good job of protecting your investments. The fact that it's easy to care for, easy to wash and keep clean is a good selling point as well.

If you want to be sure your glass or delicate toys will be protected, this is the bag for you.

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