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The Goldilocks Complex, Or: The Small Is Too Small

The small Don Wands storage bag is just too much fluff to do you any good. You probably don't have a glass toy small enough to put in it, and the fluffyness just gets in the way with less fragile toys. Spend the extra dollar or two and upgrade to a size that will do you well. You'll thank me for it!
Good protection for glasses, high quality, cinches closed
The color, too small, doesn't close completely
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Anyone who's had a Don Wands glass toy has had the opportunity to enjoy their big, puffy storage bags. From cotton to satin to, I've seen them all, and these offer some of the best protection around. I know I wasn't the only reviewer to get a little excited when I saw that EF was selling just the bags, In fact, in my excitement, I grabbed the first one that popped up in the search without checking on dimensions. I wish I hadn't.

The size small is nearly a perfect square pillow at 5.5" by 5". But don't go thinking you can actually fit a 5" toy in there, unless you intend to squish it in there diagonally. The pouch is so puffy that it measures about 1" deep even when it's not holding anything. This puff is great for protecting toys, but ultimately means that you should estimate up when you need a bag. The small is probably ideal for something like the Lily, Siri or Layspot, but even larger clit toys like the Better Than Chocolate won't fit well. Small plugs would work in this bag, however.

The smallest size of pouch in particular might work well for condoms, packets of lube and maybe even a few stray batteries. However, it's definitely the least versatile of the sizes. Unfortunately, I can't think of a single glass toy, besides Ben Wa balls, that would fit into this bag. Maybe they make glass cock rings. I think Don Wands might want to skip the small all together, because of this. There are plenty of cheaper, more attractive and more versatile bags for your less fragile toys.

The inside and outside are both made of a fuzzy, soft velour. It doesn't seem like the type of fabric to shed, which is always important, but I do like when bags have satin-y linings, because it completely protects my toys in between washings. Given the texture of the bag, I'd stick slick and hard toys in here. Some softer silicone have a tendency to stick to bags and, of course, silicone is always a major player when lint comes to town.

The bags consist of a single piece of fabric that has a seam down one side and the bottom. The pink stitching compliments the color of the bag, if, you know, you don't mind the fact that it's puke purple. Now, I've never puked purple, but I think this is what grape Kool-Aid would look like coming back up. It's gross, because the colors of these bags is just horrible. White or navy blue or black would be so much easier on the eyes. Plus, I suspect that some men will probably skip over this one simply because of the color.

There's an elastic drawstring that is threaded through a sleeve at the top of the bag, like many cinching cords for other pouches and sacks. Rather than having open ends, the cord is about twice as long as the bag is wide, and there's a plastic slider with a button on it that you use to secure the bag. This is probably more secure than ribbons or other trying mechanisms, which I do like. You could potentially wear the cord around your wrist, after securing it. It cinches to a round pucker in the center, and the bags aren't able to fully closed. So, this might actually not be a good option for Ben Wa balls or batteries, because they could slide right out. Ultimately, a zippered bag will give you more useable space and a secure enclosure.

However, so many breakable toys do come without functional storage that Don Wands' bags, especially the medium and large sizes. The bags have no defects, and I've even had one with a Don Wands plug for several years. The quality is high enough and this would have worked for several of my glass dildos, without major complaints, had I gotten the right size. Oops!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, my cats do like to play with it.
Follow-up commentary
To be honest, this size was just disappointing. I swapped it away with something small-like a cockring--because I had no use for it, myself. If it completely closed, I might have been able to find a use for it, but alas.
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