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Purple Padded Pouch (large)

Don Wand's purple padded toy pouch is an excellent choice in glass toy storage. It's big enough to fit toys up to 8 inches long safely inside of it. It's also wide enough to fit a wide variety of toy girths. If you have slim enough toys, you can even store two of them inside at the same time. I think the pouch is perfect for traveling with a few favorites.
big, well made, thickly padded, inexpensive, easy to travel with
only comes in purple
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My collection of glass toys has been growing somewhat steadily in the past few months. Unfortunately, many toys don’t come with suitable long-term storage containers to hold my collection. Some come in plastic bags or bulky cardboard boxes that I just don’t want to keep around. I decided I’d invest in a padded pouch to see if I liked it and if it provided me with efficient storage for my glass toys. The purple padded pouch comes in sizes small and large. I ordered large.

The bag itself does not come with any sort of packaging. When I opened up the box it was just kind of sitting there in the brown packing paper amongst the rest of my order. It does have a tiny tag sewn into it that provides a little bit of information. The bag is manufactured by Don Wands. It’s 100% polyester and should be hand washed in cold water. It should be hung up to dry. The bag is made in China.

The outer and inner material of the pouch is the same fuzzy pale purple. It’s kind of shiny and is a material often found on the pillows that match children’s bedding. It feels very soft and fuzzy to the touch. One end of the bag has a drawstring closure with black nylon cord. The other end is stitched shut.

In between the layers of fuzzy purple material is a thick layer of batting. This can commonly be found in craft stores and is used to make stuff plush. It’s the same kind of stuff used to make cotton stuffed pillows. It stays nice and plush feeling and returns to its original shape when squished.

The large sized bag measures 9 inches long and 5 inches wide. Each layer of padding is about an inch thick.

While the material isn’t so thick that you cannot feel a hard glass toy inside, it does pad toys enough to prevent them from breaking if dropped. I put a toy inside of the bag, closed it, and dropped it from a few heights. When dropped from just a couple of feet off the carpeted floor, the bag just kind of bounced a little then sat on the floor. From 3 feet, it made a dull thud on the floor with its first bounce. I then took the glass toy out, replaced it with a shampoo bottle of comparable weight to my toy, and dropped it from 5 feet. It made a pretty loud thud as it hit. I have no doubt that had a glass toy been inside, it would have been broken.

Pretty much the bag will be a good choice for storage if you don’t carelessly drop toys from great heights. If the bag is stored in with some other stuff and gets jostled a bit, the toy inside will be fine.

The size is great for storing a good variety of toys. It’s long enough to fit toys up to 8 inches or so while still leaving enough room for the bag to close. It’s also wide enough to store more than one toy in it at a time, though you will want to wrap each toy in bubble wrap to keep them safe inside the bag. For the time being, my Icicles No. 8 is currently occupying the bag. At some point my Pink Flowered Friend will be joining it.

If you don’t have any glass toys, you can also use it to store other toys. I highly recommend storing only one silicone toy inside of the bag at a time. I’d also make sure to clean any toy before placing it inside the bag.

Cleaning the pouch can be easy for the outside and a bit more difficult for the inside. The bag cannot be turned inside out, so if something spills inside it, you’ll have to reach inside to clean it out. The material is easy to clean with soap and warm water. I strongly suggest spot cleaning it, as dunking the whole thing in water may cause the batting to lose some of its fluff. So far I have not had to clean my bag since I have only stored clean toys inside it and I do not handle it with dirty or lube covered hands.

I would consider the bag to be somewhat discreet. If anyone’s ever handled a padded pouch like this before, it’s most likely contained a glass smoking piece “for tobacco use only” so that is what they will identify it as. If not, it may be guessed as just a storage bag for fragile figurines or something. It does not appear as a sex toy storage bag immediately. It is one of those things that just invite people to peek inside, though.

I recommend everyone to have at least one of these. It’s not necessary to store every single glass toy you own inside one of these bags so that you need another bag to hold all your bags. It’s almost like the episode of Spongebob Squarepants where Spongebob and Patrick buy candy bar bags to hold each chocolate bar, and then larger ones to hold each candy bar bag.

They’re a good, inexpensive solution for travelling with one or two favorite toys. I would like to see a wider variety of colors since pale purple isn’t for everyone. I like that this bag is long enough for all of my glass dildos to be nestled safely inside (one at a time!).
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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