Ride H2O lubricant - water based lube by Sliquid, LLC - reviews

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Ride H2O lubricant reviews

16 reviews
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16 reviews

Whether you're looking to ride or be ridden and don't want to have to stop the action for constant reapplication, Ride water-based deserves a spot in your holster. The thick, slick consistency works fantastically in any orifice anytime, from sunup til sundown.

Overall, this is the best water-based lubricant that I have ever tried. Since my partner and I both have allergies and own several silicone toys, silicone-based or other lubricants containing irritating ingredients were not an option for us so we were left with not a whole lot to choose from. I am really glad I gave this lube a chance and would recommend this to anyone looking for a good lube for penetrative sex that can be used worry-free with any toys and with anyone.

This is a great lube, perfect for nearly every purpose. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's so much better than more than 90% of the lubes out there!

I would say this is comparable to other Sliquid products, though not really standing out ahead of any of them. It feels a lot like regular Sliquid product in a male designed bottle. Still worth a buy, though.

If you're still searching for the perfect lube, look no further. Ride H20 is the perfect marriage of safety and efficacy. A solid 5 stars for me!

There are two bottle sizes, and the smaller size goes well with traveling. Works well with different toys and situations. Don't expect it to taste good during oral sex, as it's bitter.

Good for vanilla sex (including anal), use with average toys and probably jilling along. Massive toys and/or maniacal action will find this wanting. The lack of taste and painful ingredients would make this a four or five, but the poor performance with big toys drops it to a three for me, it hurt. Buy the Sassy Booty formula instead. Your body will thank you.

Ride is possibly the best anal lube ever, and certainly the best lube I've tried to date. It's smooth, clean, and body safe. It isn't just for "dudes" either. This water-based lube will make you want to Ride all night long.

This lube has it all- a formula that is effective and safe, plus a distinct style that can't be ignored.

Ride H2O Lubricant is a water based lube that is thick enough for anal use or any other use you have in mind. It is free of glycerin and parabens making it very safe and has no smell or taste. It is a great lube for anyone looking for something a bit thicker and safer than most water based lubricants.

Sliquid's Ride H2O lubricant has a great scent and good consistency. It is perfect for anal play, especially if using toys, and for vaginal sex. While it works well with masturbation sleeves, for some reason it tends to dry out quicker than with other uses, so have some water or make sure you have plenty of lube on hand. All in all, this is one of the best water based lubes I've used.

Although there is nothing special about the performance of this lube, it brings something to the table with its body safe ingredients.

Sliquid H2O Ride water based product is a thick, slippery safe gel lube experience. It works well as an all around lube, and is also perfect for anal play or anal sex. This lube is compatible with all toy materials, and is non-staining, glycerin free, paraben free, menthol free, flavor and sweetener free and has no discernible odor. It is a perfect "go to" lube and performs admirably in all situations.

Ride H20 was very worth it for the price and what you get from it. This product like the title is lubetastic.

Ride H20 is refreshingly uncomplicated. It is thick, long-lasting, not sticky, kind to the senses, and gently on the body's tissues. If you want a lube that is safe and does what it's there for, without all the bells and whistles, then this product is where your search should begin.

Ride H2O may be the best water based lubricant in Sliquid’s arsenal. It uses the same effective ingredients as other Sliquid water based lubes, but the formula is thicker and seems to last longer. There is neither glycerin nor parabens in the ingredient list, which makes it one of the safest water based lubes on the market. It is vegan friendly, and safe to use with condoms and silicone toys. The thick formula may not be what some people are looking for, but it works great for anal sex.

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