Thick, Rich Sliquid Ride; No Irritants and a Long Lasting, No Frills Lubricant

Sliquid H2O Ride water based product is a thick, slippery safe gel lube experience. It works well as an all around lube, and is also perfect for anal play or anal sex. This lube is compatible with all toy materials, and is non-staining, glycerin free, paraben free, menthol free, flavor and sweetener free and has no discernible odor. It is a perfect "go to" lube and performs admirably in all situations.
Thick long lasting, no taste or smell, glycerin and paraben free, no animal testing.
May drip if too much is used, not suitable for water play.
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extremely useful review


Sliquid Ride, a water based lubricant is suitable for vaginal, anal or clitoral use. (Ours wasn't tested as a purely hand job or jerk off lube, but my guess it it will hold up well.)

The ingredients are low in irritant substances. No glycerin, no flavorings, no parabens. It does contain a chemical called DMDM hydantoin. This is an antimicrobial chemical which is used in the cosmetics industry and found in products like shampoos, hair conditioners, hair gels and skin care products. It prevents the growth of fungus, mold, and bacteria. Some reports say it may "release" very minute quantities of formaldehyde, which may scare some people, but seeing as lubes sit in a bottle and are used and handled over many uses, something needs to be used to prevent things much scarier than a few molecules of a scary sounding chemical like formaldehyde (which is actually made by the human body) from maybe being "released" by the product. Some molds, fungi and bacteria are deadly and if grown in a bottle of lubricant, and put on or in your body could do more damage to one's body than this particular chemical.

There are no other ingredients which raise suspicion, and even though I am sensitive to many chemicals, I had no reservations using this product. I also have had no side effects or irritation or infection during or after use of this product.

The product list is simple and short. It contains: H20 (water) Plant Cellulose (the part of plant cells which hold the plant rigid and line the cells and give them shape and prevent collapse) Polyquat 007, which is a chemical which increases slipperiness and has few warnings outside unproven "scares warnings" with little evidence from the "uber sensitive" web sites and the aforementioned DMDM Hydantoin.

It is a water based lubricant and not usable in baths showers, hot tubs or pools.

As it is water based, it is compatible with all materials toys are made of. It is perfect for silicone toys, plastic, metal, rubber etc. It is condom compatible as well.

We have certainly gotten this product on our sheets and any forgotten clothing left on either of us, and have not noticed any staining at all. I haven't even noticed water marks on the fabric.
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    • Good for anal

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

I really like thick lubricants. This lube is has a gel like consistency. It will run if the finger in which is has been placed is turned upside down, but "mounds" nicely and is very slick. It is not as viscous as our other favorite anal lube Astroglide Anal Shooters but, this one contains glycerin, which I am trying to get away from.

Sliquid Ride requires a good squeeze of the plastic bottle to come out of the flip top cap, and then it pours (or kind of glops) onto the surface which you are pouring it. It doesn't run as much some waterier lubes and seems to stay in place during most sexual activity, with some minor migration. It also doesn't seem to turn rubbery or sticky or stringy like so many thicker lubes seem to do.

We noticed no sticky or greasy feelings either during or after use.
    • Smooth
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

The lube has no aroma or smell at all. I, personally detest scented or flavored lubes so this is a plus. The taste is reminiscent of plain water, which is also a plus. I am not fond of lubes which leave a "sweet" after taste, and many lubes tend to add artificial sweeteners. If we are using this for toy play or PIV sex, and there will be oral play afterward, I know I won't be met with the weird sweet taste, which is exactly how I like my sexual experience.

I like sex to taste like sex, and for natural sexual tastes and aromas to come through, and with this lube there is no cover up, no flavor and no scent. Just plain, clean sex.

I think most people would have no problem going from PIV sex back to oral sex while using this lube as it has no weird flavor or "tingling" "warming" or added "cooling" additions to the formula, and it has no taste whatsoever.
    • No smell
    • No taste


We've used this lube mainly for anal sex. It performed admirably, with no need for reapplication. Even with 20 to 45 minute long anal sex sessions. The product stayed slick and almost cool feeling at first and the glide was quite pleasant. At least once, I have evidently applied too much (it's not hard to do with this lube as it seems to go a long way) and it did drip down onto the silicone vibe we were using vaginally for DP play, but it added to the slick fun, and only required a little extra clean up. (Our usual lube for anal, Astroglide Anal Shooters has never done this, but again this product has glycerin and is specifically made for anal sex and is very very thick.) WIth the amount of time it lasted, the name "Ride" certainly was descriptive!

Sliquid Ride also works well for anal toys, plugs and beads. A tiny drop on the tip of a plug is really all that we found needed.

It washes off with a soapy washcloth or a quick shower or bath. A small amount of water will "rejuvenate" the lube, and you will end up slicker than before, but a second rinse or wash and the lube is mostly gone. I don't care to leave lube on overnight, or after morning sex, so I always wash or rinse lubes off. (I wash or rinse off even if we haven't use a lube, as I don't like to be damp, and have female parts that are sensitive to lingering moisture from sexual activity.) A damp, slightly soapy washcloth was used on my sleeping man, and it washed and rinsed off well, without even needing to rub hard enough to wake him up.

It's a bit thicker than most natural vaginal lubrication, but this is to be expected and desired in a gel formula lubricant.
    • Feels natural
    • Performance


The 8.5 oz bottle of Sliquid Ride arrived packaged in a simple plastic bag. The lube itself is bottled in a long tall plastic PETE recyclable bottle with a flip top lid. The bottle is recyclable, I am not sure about the cap, so I will probably remove it before putting in my recycling bin. (It's going to be a long time before I need to recycle this bottle as this lube goes a LONG way, and there is a lot of it in this bottle.)

The directions were minimal (it's lube. {shrug}) It states it is not tested on animals, some basic info about the lube, the ingredients, the fact that it is latex, rubber and plastic friendly, safe to use with silicone toys, and "Lasts longer than most Hollywood Hook Ups." which I found amusing.

My Man saw the bottle and said "That's a big ass bottle of lube!" We were used to buying lube in smaller quantities, like ID, Astroglide, KY, and Shooters, so the 8.5 oz bottle is definitely the largest bottle of sexual libricant we own. I would probably put it in a smaller bottle if we were to travel by air, (as it's over the limit for fluids as far as I know, and I wouldn't want it taken away at the airport) but would probably just throw the thing in one of our Sugar Saks, if we were going by car.

No, the bottle is not discreet. The words "Ride" and "H2O Lubricant" are prominently displayed along with a strange picture of a lizard on the grey, black and white label, along with Sliquid's "male symbol" in the "Q" of the name of the product on the front of the bottle. For travel, some may prefer to place some of this lube in a smaller, less conspicuous container.

I wipe the bottle and flip top after every use with a plain Puffs tissue. We haven't noticed any leakage of the product or staining of the label. It is still readable after several uses. (Unlike a small bottle of ID, which ran all over everything and destroyed the ability to read the label after only a few uses.) The flip cap is nice, and can be managed with one hand if necessary, but a pump would have been nice, too.
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Recyclable

Special Features

It plain, gel, thick lube. No taste, no scent, no warming, tingling or cooling properties added. This is the way My Man and I like our lubes. The lube feels cool when first applied, due to the amount of water in the product, but it does warm up to body temperature. There are no chemicals which cause the cool sensation.

It stays around when you want it to, and washed off easily.

Personal comments

We may make this our lube of choice over our previous "go to" lube Astroglide Green Cap, with no glycerin. Sliquid Ride H2O is much thicker, also has no glycerin and no parabens, and I found I feel less "dry" the day after using this than the Astroglide Green Cap. The added benefit of being tasteless only increases our desire to use this lubricant more frequently.

The ingredients of this lube are identical to Sliquid's Sassy Booty Formula. I haven't tried the Sassy lube, and don't know if the amounts of the different ingredients are different, or if it is the same lube as Sassy Booty. I don't know if it makes a difference, as we found this completely workable, long lasting and pleasant for anal sex, as well as toy play.

I did a side by side analysis, with friction (between my fingers) with this and Astroglide Green Cap, Astroglide Anal Shooters and ID Pleasure. Sliquid Ride lasted almost as long as the Anal Shooter lube, longer than the Green Cap, similar to the ID and had no significant "lathering" absolutely no stringiness and seemed less sticky when drying than the Astroglide Green Cap, similar to the Anal Shooter lube. The Anal Shooter lube seemed thicker, and may have lasted slightly longer in this test, but we have noticed little difference, aside from a more velvety feel from the Anal Shooters in real use. The ID Pleasure (which is water based but contains not only glycerin, but menthol and other additives) was by far the stickiest and left the most residue. Not to mention burning from the menthol.

The Sliquid was very mild and noticed no after effects on my body in any way. It didn't leave me as "silky" feeling as the Anal Shooters, but Sliquid is glycerin free, so it's a good trade off.


This lube goes a long way. We will have to get used to using a smaller amount, as I have made a bit of a slippery mess of myself when first applying this lube. The only downside to this, was lube leaking from the anal region onto the vaginal region (which I am not fond of) and some weird "squishing" noises, which didn't bother either of us. I don't like lube leaking from anus to vagina, but with continued use, we will be able to figure out the proper amount to use for good lubrication without too much spillage and hopefully NO leaking.

We both like it cleans-ability. It washed off nicely and yet stays and lubricates for long session without needing to be reapplied. A small amount of water can be added if the lube needs to be reactivated. Remember this when cleaning it off, because the first attempt at cleaning might result in simply rejuvenating the lubricating aspects of this product. Simply re-clean with some soap, and the lube will be washed away.

We have found every lube has a learning curve. With use, this one will continue to please us, as we learn the right amounts to control the absolute perfect amount of lubrication it can provide.
Follow-up commentary
This lube has really become our go to lube in recent months. In addition to being a good deal in a large bottle, assuming you will use it all, it has a small, fairly pure ingredient list and we have found it good for toys, PIV and perfect for anal play and anal sex. It doesn't dry up easily, lasts a very long time, doesn't leave a sticky mess, smells and tastes like nothing so the pure essence of sex can come through, and has not cause any irritation to my sensitive vagina, vulva or anus.

We will be ordering an other bottle when this is gone and we reach for it almost all the time, unless I'm testing an other lube, then we switch between the new lube and this one. Always seeming to go back to Sliquid H2O Ride.

A good, slick, pure nonirritating lube at a good price. We love this stuff. I'd change the overall rating to a 5 if I could. If it came in a pump bottle, it would be nearly perfect.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Antipova
    I saw you reference this on the forums, P'Gell, and now that I've read your review I'm adding it to my cart right now. You and I seem to be similarly sensitive to many ingredients, so your seal of approval means a lot. So many lubes have annoying residues, flavors (even the 'unflavored' types), or other drawbacks that I usually just use spit. But it really would be good to have a go-to lube for plug insertion and other things, so I'm going to give this a try. Thank you!
  • Contributor: P'Gell
    Thank you, Antipova. I hope you enjoy this lube as much as we do. I can't seem to say enough about it.
  • Contributor: Eucaly
    Truly great review. I'm thinking of getting this now.
  • Contributor: P'Gell
    It's good stuff, Eucaly. We really enjoy it.
  • Contributor: married with children
    good review, thanks for sharing.
  • Contributor: lalapetitee
    Awesome review!
  • Contributor: P'Gell
    UPDATE Sliquid has changed their formulations and Sliquid Ride H2O is no more, replaced by "Water based "Dude Lube" (with the cowboy on the label, instead of the adorable lizard we have all come to know and love.)

    DMDM Hydantoin and Polyquat 007 are no more in Sliquid Lubes. They changed the formula (although Eden's product pages have yet to show the ingredient change, despite its occurring months ago.) Also the "Lizard lube" otherwise known as Sliquid Ride H2O is gone, replaced by "Dude Lube" with the same ingredients as the new Sassy Booty Formula, which is now just called Sliquid Sassy.

    Now, both Sassy and "Dude Lube" are made from Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.

    What does that mean for our reviews which were mostly done on the old formula?

    Much upheaval and drama in the Lube World.
  • Contributor: Tbanda
  • Contributor: Missmarc
    Great review, thank you!
  • Contributor: Cat Enderly
    Great review.
  • Contributor: WildeKnight
    Great review. Thanks for the update.
  • Contributor: P'Gell
    You are all welcome.
  • Contributor: nanners
  • Contributor: MacNCheese
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: himynameissteph
  • Contributor: evie.amor
    Thanks for the review! Looks like this will be my next lube purchase!
  • Contributor: U3H
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