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32 reviews

Sliquid sea was so natural, I think thats it's best feature! I LOVE that its not sticky or doesn't have an unappealing smell or feel weird the next morning if not washed off. I would definitely recommend this for your water based lube and couple/solo toy play you will not be disappointed!!!

I purchased this lube with my EF points and I am so glad that I did. This water based lube is amazing. It lasts for quite a while and feels so natural.

Sliquid Sea is one of Sliquid's best lubricants. Natural seaweed extracts and carrgeegan make this feel more realistic than any lube I've tried. It is vegan friendly and chemical-free. Sea can be used with any toy material. I love this lube and I bet you will too.

Sliquid Sea is a great, natural, water-based lubricant that works well with silicone toys and provides a long-lasting lubrication without a sticky residue.

I really love this lube. This has become my go-to lube for toy use. I am giving this 5 stars because it performs as expected and is agreeable to my skin.

A lube that has inredible slip'n'slide, a minimalist ingredients list, super easy cleanup, and no burning or stinging? Every other lube can walk the plank!

Sliquid Sea is best suited for inserting kegel toys and being used to start a play session. It is not the greatest for any long term usage. For that, you may want to check out other lubricants in the Sliquid line.

Sliquid Sea is an excellent water-based lubricant that is suitable for both solo and couples play. It's compatible with all toy materials, as well! It serves its purpose well as a lubricant as it is long lasting, and slick. As an added bonus, it's not greasy at all, and it leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth.

For those of you who want a long lasting water-based lubricant that you can use without the fear of allergic reactions, this lube was made for you! If you love silicone based lubes and have never been able to find a water-based lube that could hold a candle to the slickness of silicone, you may want to take a step out of the box and go for this wonderful product, Sliquid Sea!

This lubricant is a fresh smelling, easy to clean, moisturizing and an organic product that I highly recommend! It certainly gets the job done, and has many positive aspects!

Sliquid Sea lubricant by Sliquid, LLC is a great choice for anyone who has ever suffered the dreaded burning and/or itching after using an inferior lube. Sea will not irritate sensitive skin or stain sheets and there is no aroma or flavor to worry about. The ingredients list is minimal and all natural which is not something you can say about those with aromas/flavors added in them. Last but not least this lube is Vegan friendly being made only with plant materials and a single food preservative.

Sliquid Sea is a water-based natural lubricant infused with seaweed extracts. Though it's not too different from other water-based lubes (texture-wise), the seaweed extracts add an interesting element to the lube. It feels very natural, generally won't trigger allergies, and the seaweed boasts some intriguing health benefits. This is absolutely worth a try!

This all natural and organic product is perfect for people with sensitive skin or that just want something simple that does exactly what it was made to do.

This lube is very smooth and feels completely natural! It is also odorless! For a person with health issues, I am not afraid of it. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a basic lube.

This item is hands down worth it if you want to try a more natural alternative or have had issues with different lubes in the past. I hope they start making it in a larger bottle soon, as it is pricey for the size, but I feel like you get what you pay for.

Sliquid Sea is a nice basic lube. It won't irritate even the most sensitive and delicate skin. It has a great thickness to it, and it's not watery or messy. I'm so glad that I have discovered Sliquid. I think it is the best lube I've ever used.

This is a good lube to warm up with before the juices get following. Its body safe ingredients make it a good choice for vaginal sex for those prone to UTIs, and other infections. However, for anal use I would recommend a thicker lube with more staying power. Being water based it is friendly for all toy material types.

Wow. I feel like I've been missing out on so much, using bulk, cheap lubes. While this is a bit more expensive than a lot of other lubes out there, I feel that it's worth it 100%. The awesome ingredients help to rejuvenate and soften your skin, all while you have fun. I feel a lot safer knowing that I;m not putting any harsh chemicals into my body.

This is a good multipurpose lube for those who are more sensitive to a lot of ingredients often added to other lubes. It doesn’t have a repulsive smell or an offensive taste, so if you are looking for a water based lube to use in many ways, this is a good choice.

Looking for an all natural lube that is close to your own natural wetness and that won't give you a yeast infection or UTI? Look no further. While Sliquid Sea doesn't work well when it is not constantly being reactivated by your own wetness or saliva (think: anal or handjobs), it is really amazing at what it does best-give you some extra slick during vaginal sex, especially on those days that you aren't as wet as you normally are.

Ahoy maties! Scoundrels take heed! There be booty to plunder in these here waters. A lick of the Sliquid and she'll be having her boat rocked right away. Yee can rub her down to her seaweed depths and perhaps you'll find a pearl or two... or three... String along and sing with me about the Sliquid Sea.

Overall Sliquids Sea has lived up to it's reputation. I found it's viscosity, slickness, and duration all very acceptable for a water based lubricant. While it still does not hold a candle to silicone lube in the slickness and durability department, it is a very good alternative if you cannot use silicone lube or play with all silicone toys. A great buy if you're in the market for a natural lubricant that actually works.

They say it's "Formulated to last longer than most longer than most Hollywood Marriages!" and they aren't far off the mark. This is a great option for someone looking for a natural, long lasting water based lube.

With my sensitive vagina that is highly prone to irritations and yeast infections caused by lubes, Sliquid Sea is one of the few lubes that does nothing to me, and nothing is great! Besides its all-important quality of not causing problems in my vagina, it is a decent lube with a pleasing semi-thick texture, lasts long for a water-based lube, and has no issues with scent, taste or stains. It is also vegan and completely natural.

This vegan and gluten free lube is great while it lasts, it just doesn't last. It will assist your own natural lubrication, but will not stand up on its own. This makes it pretty good for couple or vaginal play. Unless you are having a dry day. If you need long lasting lube, there are better options, even from Sliquid.

Sliquid Sea is a pleasingly long-lasting water-based lube that isn't sticky and absorbs easily without leaving behind any nasty buildup. Being water-based it is safe for all toys and condoms. It has no taste or noticeable smell and above all has a short ingredient list which contains no glycerins or parabens, making it safe for sensitive users.

This lubricant has worked wonderfully for me! It feels very natural which is very important for me. I've had no burning sensitizations or uncomfortable feeling like I have with other lubes. It is easy to get out of the bottle. It works with all toys and condoms. It is a very satisfying lube.

This is a long-lasting water-based lube which is great for most uses. It's too runny for anal play, but is great for any other sexual activity. It's condom-safe, toy-safe, and body-safe, thanks to its water-based formula which has no parabens, glycols, or glycerin.

Overall, it's a fantastic lube. The pros far outweigh the cons on this item! It is body and toy safe, non-sticky, easy to use, and cruelty free! As far as water based lubes go, this is the best one I have come across so far.

I love this water-based lube because it doesn't have glycerin, it lasts a long time, and it feels great. Because it has a light texture, and is free of those tacky chemical smells, it feels more like a natural lube.

One of the better lubricants on the market with the added bonus of being 100% Vegan. The quality justifies the cost!

Sliquid Sea is a water-based lubricant that is compatible with all toys and condoms, is glycerin and paraben free, and is a happy medium between being thick and thin. It leaves no sticky residue and it slick right from the start, quickly refreshed during use with a bit of water. Perfect for solo sessions and couples, this vegan friendly lube is sure to please.

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