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Sea Calm Waters

Sliquid Sea is best suited for inserting kegel toys and being used to start a play session. It is not the greatest for any long term usage. For that, you may want to check out other lubricants in the Sliquid line.
Hypoallergenic, Good Brand
Dries too quickly, less versatile
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Sliquid Sea is another lubricant of the Sliquid line. It shares all the safe benefits of the rest of Sliquid products: it is hypoallergenic, contains no glycerin or glycerol products, and is parabens. Glycerol is a sugar that is used in a variety of lubricants as an ingredient to maintain moisture. However, being a sugar, it is also a food for bacteria and yeast. Because of this, sensitive users can experience an increased risk of yeast infections when using products that contain glycerol. Sensitive users can use Sliquid Sea because if does not contain any of these ingredients.

Instead, Sliquid contains plant products, which act as a base. They are much more user friendly. This lubricant is water based, so it can safely be used with silicone toys. It can be used vaginally for intercourse or to aid in toy insertion. It can technically be used for anal play, but it doesn’t last very long compared to some other Sliquid options. If you’re interested in the line then the Sliquid Sassy is an excellent choice for anal play and long term play sessions.
    • Masturbation

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Sliquid Sea has some viscosity. It will not run away from your hands; you’ll have time to apply it to the desired locations. If you tilt your finger after adding a dollop, it will go with gravity, but it takes a little time. The thickness is similar to slightly warmed honey.

The lubricant will absorb into the skin and some of it will evaporate it. When it is dry, it will hardly feel like lubricant was present. Your skin may feel slightly softer after use. It does not become tacky or greasy during use. With some lubricants, you won’t feel them when dry, but you’ll get this slick feeling when running water over the area (a reminder you had lubricant). This is not the case with Sliquid.

The lubricant reapplies easily and does not become any worse for the wear.
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

The smell of Sliquid Sea is very light. If you put your nose to it you will pick up a light smell. It smells like a very light/soft soap. It is inoffensive and pleasant in nature. The chances are that you’ll barely smell it during use. This lubricant is not really designed to be consumed. If a very small amount is consumed (for example, having oral sex some time after application) you should be fine, but there are lubricants designed for this purpose.


Sliquid Sea is not as strong a lubricant when compared to other lubricants in the Sliquid line. It dries faster than many of their other products. However, it almost admits to a shorter drying time with a salty name like Sea. Regardless, Sea doesn’t last very long. It can be used during the beginning of intercourse if natural lubricants will take over. The same is true if using it to insert a toy.

The best use for Sea is probably as a kegel lubricant, especially balls that are placed in and worn. The quicker drying time would be beneficial since it will be easier to clean up.

If it were to be used for intercourse and there was little natural lubrication, a palm size may last 7 to maybe 15 or so minutes depending on the speed and nature of the session. Applying more will increase your play time without reapplying, but it might cause some run off onto the sheets. Still, in terms of clean up, a stray drop of lubricant will dry on sheets with no telltale residue. If you are on the go, wiping down with a wet wipe or a moist cloth will keep you clean without feeling icky afterward.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Dries up too fast


Like all liquid products, Sliquid Sea comes wrapped in a sealed plastic bag to prevent leakage and to keep it from getting onto other items that you may have ordered. Once you remove this, you can hold the bottle. Unscrew the top to peel off the foil cover, which is another layer to prevent leakage.

With the cap screwed on tightly, Sliquid Sea does not leak even when on it’s side or jostled around in a toy box or drawer. If traveling, it is always best to place liquids (no matter how secure the top) in a Ziploc bag or two.

The lubricant is easy to use. The cap has a push tap to pour. It can be easily poured with one hand. The design of the bottle is more discreet than many other lubricants. The label is tastefully done in a turquoise blue. If someone reads it, it is obvious it is lubricant. The label also advertises the qualities of the product.
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Easy to use / dispense


I’ve acquired a few Sliquid products in my day. My current favorite is the Sliquid Sassy Booty Formula. Don’t let the name discourage you. The Sassy Formula may be designed for anal play, but it is a great multipurpose lubricant that is sensitive user friendly as well. The Sliquid Sea is not as versatile. It is thinner and does not last nearly as long.

It is a trade off in general to choose water based lubricants over silicone based lubricants. You can’t really used water lubricants in the shower since they’ll wash away and they also don’t tend to last as long as silicone based lubricants. However, silicone based lubricants are not the safest with silicone toys and take a shower and/or time to clean up completely. Compared to other water based lubricants, Sliquid Sea doesn’t last as long. Again, this makes it a great option if you need a lubricant to insert kegel exercisers or feminine care products.

I was running out of my Sassy and decided to try Sea (Sassy was out of stock at the time). I will use it for my Luna Beads and save my Sassy Sliquid for longer play sessions with my partner. Overall, Sea just doesn’t feel as reliable to me for a few key uses. If you’re looking for a lubricant that can do it all, this is probably not what you’re looking for.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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