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37 reviews

Though the Nea might not be the strongest toy out there, she makes up for it in her elegant and discreet design and other great features. Her shape makes her easy to position near the clitoris and because she is rechargeable, dead batteries are never a problem. She is between rumbly and buzzy in her incredibly quiet vibrations. Furthermore, the luxury and quality behind the LELO brand will make her outlast cheaper alternatives.

Small and discreet Nea is a gorgeous clitoral vibe. Perfectly designed to fit your body, Nea's curve wraps around your love zone and works its magic. Packed full for power, she is sure to please most users. Play with her alone or with your partner, her small size is easy to use and never feels awkward. In addition, you never have to worry about batteries; Nea is rechargeable. Only two hours of charge gives you four hours of playtime.

For the cost of this toy, I can't say I am disappointed, but I was expecting some more "oomph." Nea is high quality and attractive, and feels very nice and works well. The operation of functions with the two buttons is fantastic. I was aware that Nea is not waterproof, and for this reason I considered Mimi by JeJoue instead, but in the end, the shape and smooth material of Nea won me over. It would have been better if there was a little plug for the charging hole for peace of mind.

I purchased my Nea in early February 2011 and have used it (on average) several times a week since then. I'm not sure this is my favorite style of vibe in the entire world, but it works well for what it is. It's a solid choice for anyone seeking a vibrator for use during intercourse. It has some minor comfort/design issues, but I think most people will be very satisfied with it. If you need extremely strong vibrations, keep looking.

The Nea will surprise you in ways you never dreamt of being surprised. She will become your best friend, your ally in bed. Don't knock her because of her small size, she's a force to be reckoned with - just wait.

Nea falls somewhere between buzzy and rumbly. She gets passing marks from me. Every time I use her I get this overwhelming need to be penetrated. She is great for when you don't feel like having sex, give her two minutes and you will want to!

The Lelo Nea is a really pretty vibe. Small and discreet, it easily slips into a purse or pocket for fun on the run, as long as your fun stays dry and you don't need power to get to the finish. I personally was really disappointed at how weak and buzzy the vibrations were. As it is, I'd rather trade Nea's pretty face for a lover with more substance. This review is of an older model.

I really enjoy this toy, although it is a bit pricey. I like the design, both functionally and aesthetically. Having said that, it could definitely use more power.

Nea is an attractive clitoral vibrator that would have been perfect for me if it wasn't for the type of vibration it provides. I need that deep rumble for clitoral stimulation and Nea just doesn't give me that. Everything else about Nea is lovely though. She's quiet, rechargeable, small, light, easy to use, and has a variety of modes. If you're unlike me and don't need intense rumble, I'd highly recommend Nea to you.

The Nea will keep you up ALL NIGHT, every night. She's sophisticated, shapely, powerful, simple to use, fairly quiet (even on the highest setting, the noise isn't distracting - she's the quietest vibe I've ever owned), she's rechargeable (no cords!) - everything I wanted in a clitoral stimulator. Lelo makes a fabulous toy and if she ever breaks down, I will definitely be purchasing another! I haven't had an orgasm without her (or wanted to) for over a year and she's still going strong.

The strong, silent type! Great performance without a lot of noise. A quality product like this one is worth splurging on. Many years of rechargeable use and the quality of this toy will balance out the cost when compared to a cheap vibe that guzzles batteries.

The Nea, while beautiful in design and rather quiet, is only average in power, and the buttons are in a inconvenient place.

If I could go back in time to when I bought the Nea, I'd go with the Lelo Mia instead. I hear it's much stronger, and it also appears to have a better shape that would fix the "vibrates in my hand more than on my clit" problem. Nea's nice but not nice enough for me.

This toy is great for several reasons. It is quiet, discreet, cute, powerful, and rechargable. I would recommend this for first time vibrator users or as a gift. The size makes it perfect to throw in your purse for "on the go" playtime or a lonely lunch hour. The hard plastic is easier to use with a little bit of lubricant. The only downsides are that you shouldn't take it in the bath and has to be cleaned well.

Nea is worth every penny spent. She's reliable, steadfast, intense, and won't let you down. She's the only toy that's lasted longer than most of my relationships.

I do not use any other toy for extra stimulation anywhere on my partner's or my body. I love this this so much. It is well worth the investment. Things to keep in mind: Not for internal use, not waterproof.

This item is absolutely worth the price. The lifetime warranty alone makes it worth it. The powerful vibes will leave you feeling very satisfied, and the small slim nature makes it very versatile for personal or partner play. It is discreet enough for travel and quiet enough to use anywhere.

The Nea is perhaps not the best loved of Lelo's vibes, but I am crazy about her. Her tiny, sleek shape means you can take her everywhere and incorporate her into all kinds of solo and partner play, both at home and at the club! Her hard, smooth texture is like a firm, vibrating fingertip that gives me incredible, intense and long-lasting orgasms.

Nea sure is pretty, but don't be fooled by her looks. She's lacking in a major way in the power department. The ergonomic design doesn't execute as planned. If you have a bullet that you're happy with but looking for a luxury upgrade - look elsewhere. There are many vibrators on the market better than Nea.

Nea is a very nice vibrator to have with her deep rumbly vibrations and her completely easy to hold and keep in place design. While her vibrations do feel very nice, they could be a tad bit stronger so those with clits'o'steel might want to seek something else.

The Nea is the Rolls-Royce of clit vibes. She is everything you might ever want in a clitoral vibrator- quiet, beautiful, powerful.. The Nea is well worth the price, so if you're on the fence as to whether you should get it.. BUY IT NOW!

To sum it all up, this is a toy I would definitely recommend to anyone. I had and continue to have a great time with this. It's just amazing.

Its great because it took me to the brink in a matter of seconds and I wasn't even using the highest setting. I look forward to using it again.

The vibration type and intensity is fairly weak and spending $80 on Nea is a risky investment if you need a stronger vibe to get off to. Myself, I may pull her out once in a while if I am looking for a slow work-up, but I don't see her leaving the toybox much at all. I'm sticking to my $10 bullet.

The Lelo Nea vibrator has great features for someone who likes a softer touch and likes to take their time.

The Nea is a gorgeous piece of plastic, but for me it did not live up to my expectations. The vibrations are noticeable and pleasurable, but aren't strong enough to get me "there".

To sum it all up, this is a generally mild toy, but for the size it packs its own punch! You would never guess such a cute little thing could make you feel that good.

Has to be the best purchase I've made for our bedroom. The price for the Nea vibe may seem a bit high but is well worth the expense. Rather than purchase many cheap little vibes make the break and spend the money for one little gem.

The Nea is beautiful, elegant, feels great on your body, and is SO stunningly quiet. I loved all aspects of it... except for one. When it comes to power, the Nea is lacking. There is definitely SOME power to it, but it's not mind blowing. If you can get by with a little less power, the Nea is the perfect toy for you, if not, you might need to look elsewhere.

The Lelo Nea is a tiny, gorgeously shaped clitoral stimulator. It has 5 stimulation modes, amazing packaging, a satin pouch to store it in and enough power to have your clitoris singing in pleasure. It's rechargeable, body friendly hard plastic and one of the most beautiful toys I've seen yet.

This is my favorite vibrator. I would tell anyone to get it... and let them feel the power of mine to prove its worth (and I tend to be very selfish with my toys). The locking buttons make it easy to carry around and it fits perfectly in your pants pocket. It is worth every cent and more.

This beautiful vibe is one of the original contoured clitoral vibes. A lot of brands have taken noticed and have tried to replicate the gorgeous design of the Nea, and for good reason! If you enjoy clitoral stimulation, this vibe is a must. This toy quickly pays for itself performance wise.

This is NOT a toy you can use just on its own and expect to achieve earthshaking orgasms from. It's good as an accent piece, but for the price, I expected more, and you should too.

There’s just nothing quite like the Nea (except her sister toy Lily). Small and discreet, Nea has made me a Lelo addict! There’s just no substitute for the quality of pleasure Lelo’s pleasure objects bring.

I suspect this vibe really isn't going to be the Magical Carpet Ride home, for most people, even if it is for me. It's got a good, hard, high vibe, but that's also a weakness. It's really really quiet, it's a powerful skin buzz, it's very small... it's really freeping cute.

The Nea was somewhat of a disappointment. It was quiet, but it was not nearly powerful enough for solo play. It is wonderful for use during foreplay or actual intercorse.

I like having the peace of mind that this baby won't go off in the middle of airport security at the airport. For a more intense vibration, you simply hold down the corresponding button until it is just right; this feature is smooth and luxurious.

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