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I wanted to love it so very badly...

This is NOT a toy you can use just on its own and expect to achieve earthshaking orgasms from. It's good as an accent piece, but for the price, I expected more, and you should too.
Quiet, rechargeable, very pretty toy and presentation.
Not strong enough, not enough functions.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I really did. It's a beautiful toy. Beautiful box. Beautiful presentation. Comes with it's own storage, is rechargeable, and it's just darling to behold. Don't get me wrong- I can get off with this toy. It's just a lot more difficult than I'd like.

As an accent, it works well. But $85 is a little bit much for an accent piece. I like that it's quiet, I like how it's adjustable, the vibrations are just too shallow to really get me off. They can take me so, so close on their own but it takes so much work on my part to make this toy push me over the edge.

It's high quality. It's stylish, it's cute and sweet and wonderful and girly and many other things- But all that is useless if it can't deliver. I could justify using an under $20 bullet for an accent piece but I just can't justify this. I'm sorry, Lelo, your vibrations just don't rock me hard enough. Not on their own. I've tried the toy many, many different ways. All the settings, too. I keep it charged properly. But I keep finding myself maxing out the vibrations and wishing for just a tiny bit more.

The functions also disappointed me. I have much cheaper toys with many more functions, and much more useful functions. The pulses are odd and have a long space in-between them, and the escalation just goes up and down boringly, it doesn't have enough of a plateau when it gets to the highest setting. I was actually surprised, since my Mia from Lelo seems to be stronger, or have more impact.

I'm not going to give up on these toys. I will keep them by my bedside and try and try again until I find a way to use them that will get me off reliably. However, if you're coming into this looking for a solo piece, go elsewhere. There are stronger toys, much stronger toys, for much less money. There are even toys that have more fancy functions, and pretty packaging.
Follow-up commentary
Well, despite continued use and telling myself I would find some way to love it... I haven't. This toy continues to be naught but a warm up for me. It's very discreet, and you can lock it, and all these things are great - but it just doesn't have the power to push you over the edge on its own. Maybe I'm expecting too much, or not giving it enough time when I use it, but the problem then becomes that the vibrations are so high pitched that they get too annoying to just sit there, not orgasming from them. It makes you want it, sure... But it's not my favorite go-to piece.

I really, honestly envy everyone who is so sensitive they can orgasm with this toy. I look at all the other reviews and just feel like I am the odd one out because I didn't like it. But, no matter how charming and adorable this toy is... I can't say I love it just based on that. It's great for more sensitive areas of your body- and it'd probably be good for introducing a new partner to vibrations, but I can't recommend anyone buy this with the sole intent of getting off, simply because I believe it doesn't have the power to do it on its own.

I don't really think I'd recommend it for beginners either since, if they are the same or similar to me and they want deeper vibrations, they will have just spent $80 for something that doesn't do it for them. They did reduce the price though, ever so slightly, since I bought it.. So I suppose that is nice and makes it the tiniest bit more accessible. I just feel so bad about not being able to recommend this toy...

I guess if you know you like high pitched vibrations and you don't need much to get off, the Nea is for you. The key here is knowing what you like. A lot of reviewers don't mention the difference between low or high pitched vibrations, but you will be able to tell when you get something- and you can always ask if you are curious. So, know what you like, and don't be afraid to ask questions before buying a toy - any toy. I encourage you to look at all reviews, especially reviews where one or two people specifically did not like a toy with a lot of rave reviews- a lot of the time when people really like something they will forget to mention its faults, and an informed person is generally a happy person (Or at least much less likely to get something that they dislike).

So put some research into your toys... You wont regret doing it, and sex toys are one of the more interesting things to research in my opinion.
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  • Beautiful Dreamer
    I just got my first Nea & it's dead already! I hadn't even had fun with it.... Hopefully the replacement works well. I'm a little nervous to try it now. Thanks for the review!!
  • Cock Wrangler
    The consensus seems to be that this is a weaker vibe. It's hard plastic--so can be wiped down with alcohol, but isn't technically sterilizable.
  • Oggins
    I'm so torn on my decision on this one. On the one hand it's weak but, on the other hand, it's so pretty. I just can't make up my mind yet..... Did it hold a charge well? How long did it last? Thanks! =)
  • Darling Dove
    It holds a charge fine for me, I charged it for about an hour when I first got it and it's yet to go dead yet. It notifies you when it needs to be charged, I believe by having the lights blink or change color (I have two Lelo toys and I cant remember which is which)
  • Epiphora
    I still feel bad for you that this didn't work out. But at least I know that I really shouldn't get this one.
  • SluttyRedLipstick
    Thanks for the review! I was thinking of getting one of these, but after reading this I think I'll be looking for something else- who wants to work that hard for something that should be fun?
  • Valyn
    Shame you didn't like it, the Lelo line is so sleek and pretty.. thanks for the review
  • winterwhite
    I have the same problem with this. I found it too pricey for what it is, and too difficult to place in such a way that it felt strong enough. Mine is also white, which I guess they don't make any more, which is a good thing because it always looked "dirty" somehow, even when clean.
  • joja
    It always sucks when you don't like a toy you expected to love. Hope the next one works better for you!
    Great review
  • IndependentlyHappy
    I'm so sorry that this toy was such a disappointment Thanks for the review, though.
  • Oomph2687
  • dbm6907
    Thanks for the review! I'm sorry it was a disappointment!!
  • r00ster
    Thanks for the review, very helpful. Sorry you didnt like it
  • Cat E.
    Very nice reviews.
  • SexySoundLab
  • subwayrailings
    thanks for reviewing..
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