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It definitely purrs... but silently

The Nea is beautiful, elegant, feels great on your body, and is SO stunningly quiet. I loved all aspects of it... except for one. When it comes to power, the Nea is lacking. There is definitely SOME power to it, but it's not mind blowing. If you can get by with a little less power, the Nea is the perfect toy for you, if not, you might need to look elsewhere.
Contoured to fit the body, the point feels amazing, it's rechargeable and ery elegant.
Just doesn't have that much power.
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The Nea is beautiful to look at and feels great in your hand. It is made to fit a woman's curves flawlessly. When I use it I have a tendency to rest it on my clitoris without moving it, occasionally though, it is great to move it around. The tip is clearly designed to pinpoint your clitoris, but it feels amazingly delicious on your nipples, labia, or against your anus.

You really cannot insert the Nea, since she is just not built that way, though you could definitely use her to stimulate around the vagina or anus. Because the Nea fits so wonderfully in your hand, and against your body, it can be used SO easily during sex in most positions. Because she is so contoured you really can have her up against you, with your partner or a dildo inside you, with no issues at all.

Material / Texture

The Nea is made out of very smooth plastic, and is VERY slippery when wet. It's great to hold against yourself dry, but as soon as you add any lubricant you might want to switch to another toy... the Nea becomes so insanely hard to hold on to when wet! I've dropped the thing more than a few times. It's fairly easy to clean because of the plastic, but you have to be careful because the rechargeable power port is right there in the open.

There is really not that much in the way of texture to Nea. She is very smooth, very contoured, no ridges to speak of, just a slight bend to make her more ergonomic. If you want texture, look elsewhere, the Nea provides a satiny smooth sensation.

Design / Shape / Size

Nea's shape is very ergonomic, and very feminine. The shape is one of the aspects that I most fell in love with. She really does conform to your curves, be it a breast or your clitoris. She just flows with you. Being so small and really pretty inconspicuous, I have left her on my bedside table more than once and company has walked right past it without noticing. You can slip the Nea into your purse, travel bag, or even put her in the car and nobody would be the wiser.

Functions / Performance / Controls

I found Nea confusing at first, but once I read the directions it all became very clear and almost embarrassingly easy. There are only two buttons on Nea, and once you try them they become very easy to remember. I find the highest steady setting to be the only one that really gets me anywhere, albeit slowly.

Nea is WHISPER QUIET. There is almost NO sound. You can use it in one room, and there is no possible way that ANYONE would be the wiser in the next room. I love the rechargeable feature, it is really wonderful not to have to search around for batteries. One charge really does last quite a while, I did get multiple uses out of a single charge.

Care and Maintenance

Being plastic, Nea is very easy to clean, but you really can't submerse it in water. The rechargeable cord plug-in is open to the air, so you have to be careful. I use a antibacterial toy cleaner and wipe it off with a hot, wet washcloth.

The packaging it comes in is great in that you really can continue to use it as your storage option. However, being that it will not "melt" any of your other toys because of its plastic surface, you really don't have to keep it in its box. You might even just want to keep it on your nightstand! It also comes with a nifty little velvet bag to keep her in.


The instructions made the operation of the Nea very clear in as few words as possible. The box it comes in is gorgeous, and they REALLY spent quite a bit of time on the design of the packaging. You could easily slap a bow on it to give it to your special someone.

Actually, when I received it I instantly thought "jewelery box" though on a larger scale. It did surprise me that the Nea is so little, and the box is so much bigger than it is. The box is fairly sturdy, as is all of the packaging, so storage shouldn't be an issue. It won't break down in a few weeks.

Personal comments

I do enjoy the Nea. It is one of my favorite toys. It just doesn't have that much power. I love the discreet aspect. If you don't want anyone to know, this is the toy for you. I suppose that by amping up the power on the Nea, Lelo would have lost the wonderful silence of it. Do not get me wrong, I do orgasm when I use the Nea, but it does take longer. The orgasms do however, tend to be of the more blissful, deeper, more enticing variety, so I really cannot complain.


My husband and I have played with the Nea together a few times, she feels wonderful on my breasts, and really almost everywhere he has touched me with her. In fact, the first time he held the Nea, my husband looked at me and said "WOW! This really is made to fit you isn't it?" She truly is.

As long as your male partner can get over the femininity of the Nea (mine did), she is fun to experiment with and rub along his shaft, anus, or anywhere you want.
Follow-up commentary
I don't have a great love for the Nea, though I found it to be pretty, quiet, and comfortable. Unfortunately its so hard to reach orgasm with, it takes FOREVER. I do love the orgasms I get with it, but I HATE the long wait. I really have to set aside a block of time to get there.
I wish it had a stronger vibration, then I think I would LOVE the Nea, but it doesn't, so I'm not in love with it.
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  • Minxy

    Nice review. I agree with you, not enough POWER. Crying
  • Airen Wolf
    LOL I am having visions of chasing the Nea around the bed like one would wrestle a greased piglet. Smile Shame it doesn't have enough power though, still it might be worth a try.

    I am really enjoying reading your reviews, keep up the good work!
  • spicywife
    I have been wanting to get one of these for a while. My husband doesn't mind if a toy looks "feminine" either. After all, he likes my femininity Smile Thanks for the review! I definitely want to get one of these soon. I am a fan of toys with less vibration than most people like.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Awesome review! Big smile
    Great review
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Great review; too bad this doesn't have more power.
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