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Friction-less Bean Vibe

I suspect this vibe really isn't going to be the Magical Carpet Ride home, for most people, even if it is for me. It's got a good, hard, high vibe, but that's also a weakness. It's really really quiet, it's a powerful skin buzz, it's very small... it's really freeping cute.
Quiet, Strong, Rechargable, Slippery
Slippery, High Pitched Vibes (like a skin buzz), a little harder to clean.
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useful review
I own two nearly identical vibrators from Lelo: Nea|Nea Massager by LELO, and Lily|Lily Massager by LELO. Impossibly cute and sophisticated, and surprisingly small, they share nearly everything in common, with only a single difference to mar their twinship. Nea is satin, and sports a slick, high gloss finish. Lily is matte, like human skin.... velvety. I bet by now, you’re gathering I have a favorite, and I do.

They’re sort of kidney shaped in a way. They are in essence, a small, bent, corner-less triangle. I can’t help but compare them to beans, when I look at them. They’re rather organic in shape, in other words – they’re pretty. I like ‘em.

Neither is very easily cleaned, the power port is totally exposed, and the two buttons (up and down) that are so easy to access with your fingers, are also easy to access with cleaning water. They’re both a shade splash proof, though, so a little button-to-water contact isn’t so bad. I mostly use toy cleaner, though, as that seems the least likely to damage my little Kidney Beans.

For me, the Nea is frustratingly slick, but with some creative thinking (which it invites), it adds itself VERY well to a normal finger-fuck routine. I orgasm the absolute best from circling my clit with one or two fingers, and after some adjusted strategy, both vibes are suited very well to this method of orgasm.

I honestly can’t recommend this vibe to anyone, not really. It seems very specialized, to me. It would be like me recommending a kink, it’s so... awkwardly personal, so against the grain... I find I need to examine why **I** enjoy this vibe so much, before even attempting to recommend it. I feel this way, especially since other toys I REALLY enjoy are routinely written off as gimmicky by others, or shrugged off as status symbols.

If you know yourself already, and you know you want POWER! Move along. If you know you want Hot and Heavy! Caution. If you want a ‘little something’? Probably. If you have a very sensitive clit... ok, maybe this is for you. If you want discretion, this IS totally discreet. If you’re like me and enjoy all the complications of a Mystery Box, then... maybe...

In any case, using this alone, or in harmony with the Lily|Lily by LELO? Produces a good, hard, satisfying orgasm that I would probably have to work pretty hard for, with just my fingertips alone. I’m glad I bought it, really glad. But if I were YOU? Maybe not....
HOW did I wind up owning two (nearly) identical vibrators? I think that which makes me climax is worth money AND investigation. I get bored easily, and the Hitachi, which works for so many other people, really doesn’t do much for me. I’m one of the unlucky .5 % who isn’t jazzed about the Cadillac. For many years, I thought I didn’t like vibrators at all because of it. If The Hitachi, which brings so many to such great heights, doesn’t do jack for me, that means logically other vibrators don’t work either.... right? I did eventually come back to the vibrator. I thought about ‘em, I looked at ‘em, and I wondered... “Dude, what if I’m just... different?”

The Lelo Nea. When I opened the box, I was stumped for several minutes. It was far smaller than I thought it’d be... and very glossy, I could see my face in it. I charged it and stared at it eagerly, happy that I was at least sexually curious about it. The light throbbed like a heartbeat while it charged. When it was done, it shone steady. Mine was shipped with a partial charge, it was ready to go in less than an hour.

I was on my lunch break, but I’m always up for a quickie. I unplugged it, and revved it up. I was shocked, the Nea was incredibly quiet, I didn’t know vibrators could be this quiet. The vibrations were high-pitched, and strong. There are no Pulse settings, but several power settings. All the settings are quiet if not easily muffled. I could watch all the porn I wanted with this thing, and not have to put on headphones. Bonus!

My first session with it was bunk, but I did come. I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. I mashed my clit, I rubbed around, I gave myself shallow penetration, I glared at it and swore... nothing worked! Eventually I wound up using the same motion I use when I’m using my fingers (fingers, still the strongest orgasm ever, for me). I came, small and sweet... and cussed at a waste of money. I got frustrated and set it aside... mostly because I had to go back to work. But I could not keep my hands off this little ethereal bean... I used it again, immediately after work. And again, I frustrated and abused myself. I felt like it was a Rubik’s Cube of orgasm, after a while, and fuck all if I wasn’t determined to get all those damn colors to line up.

I eventually, just added it to my routine. I twisted it around, I used the point, the back side, the front, and finally the edge. It turns out the edge is where I come the hardest. It may have something to do with pressure, I’m not entirely sure. I’m still in Investigation Orgasm mode. Regardless, at some point, I figured out how to seamlessly mesh this little guy into my fingering routine, and the added stimulation it provided was enough to make my O, that much stronger. That’s all I wanted it for, and that’s exactly what it did.
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  • Dame Demi
    I've wondered about this one for quite some time.  Doesn't sound like it's for me, but that's pretty much the point of your review.  Thanks!
  • Spiking Glue
    *nods* I don't think this vibe is for many people, honestly. While I adore both Lily and Nea, it's really easy for me to see that most 'normal' people won't feel the same way. I don't know... it's kinda hard to write a review for a toy that you know won't work for half the readers. I can't write "OMG, this toy made me come so hard!" (it did) "Buy it!".

    It's a grand toy. Really, but compared to the other high rated toys I've tried? It's so different, I can't imagine a 'normal woman' enjoying it.... 
  • Bulma
    Ha, sounds interesting.  I love your "Kidney Bean" description.  I thought I was the only one who had that thought.  I probably won't be picking this one up (I am a power whore, through and through), but that was a great read, and very useful.  Thanks!
  • Spiking Glue
    *laugh* I'm such a dork -- a few months before buying these vibes, I went to the Salvador Dali exhibit in London (holiday). Salvador Dali's honorary title was "The Great Masturbator", and was known for encorporating masturbation in most of his artwork... along with the kidney bean. So, every time I am able to step away from the Nea and the Lily, I think of melting clocks and masturbation art and French and London. I don't discourage my head from making those leaps. XD
  • Betty Rocket
    Salvador Dali loves this vibe.

     Great review!
  • Excellent review! Do you like the slick finish of this one better, or the matte texture?
  • Spiking Glue
    I prefer the Lily's matte texture. The matte, velvety finish does it for me. Once, while engrossed in some rather lovely porn, I was using the velvety Lily, I became rather startled to realize that the texture felt a great deal like my fingers. The matte finish gives the vibe some ‘grip’, if you circle your clit with it, it’ll delicately tug at your skin a little, and to my great surprise, this relatively insignificant detail made a WORLD of difference to me. An orgasm that I’d have had to fight for, with the satin finish, came to me with ease when using the Lily.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    I want a rechargeable toy. Now I just need to decide what I want. Thanks for the review. So the Lily is your favorite of the two?
  • Spiking Glue
    Oh, yeah, totally. The Lily is hands down my favorite of the two, because of the finish. It's got that velvety finish that some plastic toy shave these days. I know a lot of people prefer a silky glide, but I find the little 'tugging' of the Lily to be very stimulating and just plain old good.
  • Sir
    I was planning to get the Lily to use on my partner. Tell me, what about the settings? Are they good, can you easily switch through them? Do they have a slight difference between them?
  • Darling Dove
    Your Nea doesn't have pulse settings? Have you tried turning it all the way up and holding the 'up' button in for a second or two? Because mine has pulse settings. Just hold it in for a moment and it goes into pulse mode and then click the button to cycle through them.
    LELO vibrators are ones that definitely do need their manual Big smile
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review
  • IndependentlyHappy
    Good review, thanks.
  • iLashe
    you're awesome, thanks for the info, sounds wonderful
  • ms.anon
    Thank you for the review!
  • dbm6907
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