A-cup friendly lingerie?

A-cup friendly lingerie?

Tangles Tangles 03/23/2012

I've read reviews for several babydolls and lingerie sets and I noticed that quite a few of them (or maybe just the ones I've been reading) were written by women with larger breasts.

I have small breasts and I'm wondering if these pieces, or any other pieces with built-in cups, would be considered a-cup friendly? I'm afraid the cups may gap out.

I've never bought lingerie before, so I'm not too sure what to look for to make sure that doesn't happen.

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Tangles Tangles
Should I avoid the built-in cups altogether? Do they compliment small chests as well as larger ones?
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cottonxcandy cottonxcandy
I've always had lots of issues with built in cups, unfortunately. I'm also an A cup.
amazon amazon
Avoid things with built in cups. Tons of chemises out there that are incredibly flattering!
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