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Casey Parker Lost in Puerto Rico reviews

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Lost In Puerto Rico is an adventure for Casey and the gang, as they head to the tropical paradise for some fun, sun, and sex in beautiful locations. There’s plenty of outdoor sex to enjoy,and the cast is attractive and natural. Great if you like straightforward sex with no anal, particularly outdoors, but the lack of oral attention to the ladies may be a turnoff.

If you are really into this franchise, then you may like it. Personally, I prefer seeing the girls enjoying themselves instead of having to continuously do blow jobs and get fucked in "traditional" positions. Add some more variety to this, and I can hang.

This movie will leave you bored and ready to take a nap. This movie will not get you aroused, just a warning, not even bored lonely guys will get aroused from this porn. You have been warned. Take caution not to show this to your girlfriend/boyfriend if you are planning on having sex with them.

This movie started out with a good idea, but as it progressed, we began becoming disinterested. It was a let down, and I wished they would have put more effort in making it.

I thought this DVD was pretty boring. There was some good locations. There is lots of interesting sex... outdoors... in a car... It seems like a wild Spring Break homemade video to me.

The people were pretty to look at, so were the shooting locations, but the sex wasn't that interesting to me and it all felt very plastic.

Casey Parker Lost in Puerto Rico is another of the 'reality porn' type movies. The actors are on vacation and have sex in exotic locations while showing you how they party and have fun in between.

A solid title which delivers some great sex scenes featuring an attractive looking cast in some wildly beautiful scenery. The gonzo film making adds an authentic flair which ultimately gives the entire DVD a sexy edge that makes it a title you'll definitely want to enjoy more than once.

If you like drunken sex or rape scenes, or are attracted to assholes, this may be the movie for you. I, however, am none of those things and hated the movie to no end. I'd give it ZERO stars, but the lowest I am allowed to give is 1.

A lot of drunk reality TV sex. If you wanted to watch a reality show and were disappointed there was no sex, then this is the DVD for you. It's all of the reality TV, with the sex included.

This documentary style movie of Casey Parker trying to have sex on a beach had so much potential. It was interesting to watch the real life conversations and the people seemed genuine. The locations were beautiful but the sex didn't have enough variety to hold my interest. I thought it was okay but not spectacular.

Not for me. Not for any woman who can be triggered by suggestions of sexual assault...some parts of this film should have landed on the cutting room floor. The sex is boring and repetitive and if you're looking for something to keep your attention, this probably isn't going to be it.

This film illustrates that it takes more than a group of attractive actors to make a good porn. Casey Parker's infectious personality and Puerto Rico's natural beauty are not enough to overcome the sophomoric behavior and unattractive personalities of the rest of the cast. The sex scenes are vanilla and for the most part forgettable. Do yourself a favor and hit fast forward if any of the cast starts to talk.

Same venue, same scenes, different cast...and this might be a good flick. Unfortunately, this film falls short in a lot of places. The majority of it id s bust for me and not at all arousing.

"Casey Parker Lost in Puerto Rico" is unlike any porn film I've ever watched before. It's certainly not a feature film, but is more like a mockumentary, where each of the cast members are aware of the filmer, as if they are in reality television. This makes the sex all the more exciting because it seems so "real life". Shane's World has a winner with Casey don't want to miss this one!

Lost in Puerto Rico did little for us. The hotness of the sex is overpowered in some places by the personalities of the actors. The "reality porn" just wasn't really our thing either. Turns out we like a little plot.

Basically, this porn is filmed as a documentary depicting one trip to Puerto Rico. The cast has fun, parties, travels and has lots of sex - all that against the beautiful views of rain forests and sandy beaches. It's not very creative in terms of sex, but still hot and actors are really nice to look at. However, mind the potentially offensive and highly questionable Jack Venice's attitude and don't let it spoil your mood.

Overall, the entire thing was pretty dull. There's a whole lot of straightforward, jackhammer pounding, in various positions and without the chemistry that can make even regular, vanilla sex totally fiery. I doubt that I will ever watch this again. If I do, I'll skip straight to the last scene, which features two cast members who weren't even pictured in the rest of the film!

Lush Puerto Rico. Beautiful beaches, pristine water, and babes hang gliding in the nude. Come on in and see what it's really like to be a porn star on vacation. Live through their trials and enjoy some sex on the way.

This movie consists mostly of a few young people getting drunk, fighting, and occasionally having sex. If that sounds entertaining to you, then you may enjoy it. Otherwise, look for something a little more mature.

While there were certainly parts that I objected to i.e. the distasteful comments and the dubious consent in one scene, the film is really well made. It's very vanilla, but it's very candid and real. It's a shame that Jack comes off as such a bully, because his sex scenes weren't that bad at all (excluding the car scene). Overall, it's a well filmed movie that's enjoyable...if you skip past the non sex bits!

In Lost in Puerto Rico, five porn stars make the trip down south for some steamy tropical times. They do it on the beach, in the jungle, with their hiking shoes on... In this film you'll get plenty of behind-the-scenes style banter in between sex scenes. Whether that's a plus or minus is mater of taste. This film has a good sense of adventure and a good sense of fun.

This film features three great things, Great Sex and Hot performers, with one hell of a view. Gladly they took full advantage of the sights of Puerto Rico and shot sex scenes in front of an awesome waterfall, a sandy beach, to even outdoors near a rainforest amidst a raging storm. Unfortunately this film gets bogged down with the immaturity and sometimes stupidity of the male cast.

An interesting reality show style, unscripted take on a porn movie. If you are into this sort of genre, with cocky(no pun intended) male chauvinist talent, you will like this flick. Otherwise, it's not really worth watching.

Casey Parker Lost in Puerto Rico by Shane’s World is a vanilla, copy & paste sort of porn that seems almost solely focused on male pleasure. This porn is not woman friendly and the only things that made it interesting were the amount of offensive and ignorant things that were said on camera, and by interesting, I am by no means saying that I was amused.

Although the sex scenes were good, and the location was wonderful, this movie left me feeling incomplete. The movie itself wasn't very exciting to me and I think I would have preferred a script instead of some of the offensive things that they were saying. This movie fell short for me. This movie would have worked better for me with less talking and a lot more sex.

While the filmmakers did try something new here, they didn't really pull it off. The vanilla sex will make you yawn and the women all seem like sluts.

If you like straight porn, you will love this unique, Jersey Shore-esque video. No script, no plot, just beautiful people paid to go on vacation in a tropical setting and have sex. Equal amounts of footage allotted to the trip as well as the sex, this candid porn shows what happens when girls (and guys) go wild in the jungle.

I guess if you are going to get lost in Puerto Rico, the best way to do it is to have lots of vanilla sex along the way. Although the scenes are repetitive, the reality show nature of the movie is fun.

Casey Parker Lost in Puerto Rico had a lot of things going for it, from the excellent filming locations, to the unique on the go type style but even with this it left me feeling odd. Parts of this film were like watching a frat party, and offensive in conversation, if you put this movie on mute, or skip these scenes, you have a rather fun film on your hands.

This movie is filmed like a documentary of a vacation in Puerto Rico with casual unscripted conversations and casual sex. The reality TV quality of it plus the amateurish camera work made it much more engaging than typical, polished porn. There are no fake breasts in this movie. The sex, however, is all vanilla.

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