Casey Parker Lost in Puerto Rico by Shane's World Productions - review by Viktor Vysheslav Malkin


This film features three great things, Great Sex and Hot performers, with one hell of a view. Gladly they took full advantage of the sights of Puerto Rico and shot sex scenes in front of an awesome waterfall, a sandy beach, to even outdoors near a rainforest amidst a raging storm. Unfortunately this film gets bogged down with the immaturity and sometimes stupidity of the male cast.
Great sex, Great locations, and Hot performers!
Preachy and Annoying dialogue from the male cast at times.
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Covers & Presentation
The front cover shows Casey Parker posing (in a bikini) next to some beach wood/debris. The image is made to look like a post card, with a stamp to boot that has “Puerto Rico” stamped on it, below is a racy image of Casey banging Jack Venice (the only nudity on the front cover is Jack’s balls).

The back is a little racier and shows five bang shots. Below the bang shots is Casey, again posing with the same dead wood (Beach debris). There is also a good description of the general “plot” of the film and what extras are within.

The menu designs are very attractive, the home menu especially. The home menu features an awesome color scheme that is close to the cover color scheme and a cute pic of Casey. There is also a mull motion clip in the background that is accompanied by some decent music.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The film starts out with the group (Casey Parker, Jack Venice, etc.) arriving at the Puerto Rico airport. The next scene shows Casey talking to the camera about how she loves the beach and how she would like to live on the beach, she decides to get naked and go for a swim.

Another intelligent cast it seems, the guys that is, as they come to Puerto Rico expecting people to be wearing “Fig leaves”. No that is not a ignorant statement on my part, no that was actually what they said.

The next few scenes show the group vacationing and enjoying themselves. Amongst the things the crew participates in is hang gliding. Casey herself hang-glides naked, adding something even more special to go with the cool scenery.

The next scene is the first sex scene of the film and starts about five minutes in and features Jack Venice and Victoria Sweet. The two have vaginal and oral sex in the rain to a rainforest-like backdrop. The two relocate half way through to underneath a tree and continue before the scene ends with Jack exploding over Victoria’s belly and vagina.

The next scene starts rather strangely. The group goes hiking, with guide in tow, and we get to see some awesome scenery, including a waterfall and a sweet looking lake, all of the sudden a sex scene between Casey and Will Powers starts rather abruptly. The scene starts with a fully nude Casey giving Will a blow job, after which the two move on to vaginal sex before the scene ends just as the last with the guy cumming over the woman’s belly and vagina.

The group gets word that they will be getting a new member, but must go to the airport to pick her up. The crew goes to pick up Allison Pierce, and after word go out on the town.

After leaving the restaurant and while heading back home, Jack and Allison decide to get busy in the back of the van, even as traffic and people drive by. Allison ends up telling Jack to “Fuck her harder” and the lug nut gets offended and stops and accuses her of “questioning his ability to please her”. At this point in the movie I questioned his intelligence, and even called him a six letter word that can not be used in polite company (often followed by the word “bag”).

The next sex scene takes place on a sandy beach between Casey Parker and Jack Venice. The two have vaginal and oral sex, while the waves pound against them. This is the first scene to end with a facial cumshot.

After a lot of vacationing and other filler, Allison and Will have sex at the groups rented beach house. The two have oral and vaginal sex. This scene ends with a facial cum shot, and thus ending the vacation.

Back home, Casey gets a ride from friends Justin Magnum, once the two drop Casey off the two decide to have a go at it. This scene feels more like a bonus scene than actually part of the film, the scene features oral and vaginal sex. This is the final scene of the film.

Camera/Picture Quality & Sound:
The picture quality was very good as was the camera placement and angles. The lighting was natural for the most part. The outdoor scenes seemed to have no artificial light being used. The lighting in the second to last sex scene with Allison and Will gave off a amateurish feel, which surprisingly is not a bad thing.

The sound was good. It was interesting to hear it thundering and storming in the background while Victoria and Jack braved the rain to make a scene.

Bonus Features:
Lost Footage (Behind the Scenes)
Photo Gallery
Cumshot recap

Personal Comments:
How exactly is this a “Collector’s Edition”? There are three extra features! If this were a true collector’s edition I’d expect more. I understand that we are not dealing with Digital Playground here, but Shane’s World is a damn good company and they should be held to the same standards. Where other companies (DP for example) are having a three disc set that is Jam Pack with extras, this really looks poor in comparison. Lets have interviews, lets hear from the director! Give us a bonus scene, trailers, bloopers. We need more to call this a true Collector’s edition. This isn’t asking a lot, it comes with the territory of adding a special name like “Special”, “Rare”, or Collector’s”.
With that out of the way, how do I feel about the film? Besides Jack Venice and his insecurities and Will’s preachy marriage and love stuff, I like it a lot. The sex was good and entertaining, and the locations for the most part was great. I especially enjoyed the Jack and Victoria scene, the location was great, even with the presence of rain. I am shocked that it did not disrupt the audio. Jack and Casey had a great scene on the beach. Casey was great in this film, she is very hot and did awesome in her scenes.

I think the Jack and Allison half ass van scene could have turned out to be a good scene if Jack wouldn’t have turned into a whinny little… Never mind I won’t go there!

Compared to another film by Shane’s world that I recently viewed and reviewed, the “filler” in this seemed to go fast, and actually did not drag the flow down. I even found a part that I liked, the hang gliding with Casey that was interesting.

I am giving this a four stars out of five. There were a few issues that hurt the films over, but the sex was great as was the backdrop.
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  • wrmbreze
    great review! You give great details!
  • KnK
    Nice review. I agree that trying to pass this off a collector's edition is complete bullshit. I actually hadn't thought about that, however I guess it doesn't matter considering just how much I hate this movie. :p

    Also, nice job in expressing your thoughts without flat out calling these assholes for what they are. I couldn't censor myself. By the time I finished the porn I was too pissed off to care.
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