Round 2: Reality!

A lot of drunk reality TV sex. If you wanted to watch a reality show and were disappointed there was no sex, then this is the DVD for you. It's all of the reality TV, with the sex included.
No script, candid behaviour between the actors and actresses
A lot of drunk sex
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General Plot Information

There's not technically a plot. Basically Casey is the star, or at least the girl with the title. A group of guys and girls gets "lost" in Puerto Rico. It basically follows the adventures of them in Puerto Rico. They enjoy time at their condo, go playing on the beach, and do some outdoor activities (hiking, hang-gliding, etc.). The only issue I really have is that Victoria stays so incredibly drunk the entire time, that none of her sex scenes really were fabulous because she was drunk way too often. Will has a little bit of girlfriend drama during the middle of the movie, not sure how that went down, but it did ruin his disposition for a bit, but I'd say he recovers well from it though. At the end of the film, Reena and Justin pick Casey up from the airport. This scene feels out of place because Reena and Justin start messing with each other in the car. They weren't in the rest of the film so it just seemed like an unnecessary scene.

There's a lot of voyeurism that goes on in this film, because they tend to have sex with the others around the entire time, and it pans to show the others watching when they do. It's distracting sometimes, but not overtly for Pet and I. The girl who came later, Allison, was a little too fake for us. It seemed like this was supposed to be unscripted, and "real" and she seemed to forget that. Or maybe her voice just sounds fake. It wasn't enough to ruin the movie, but it was odd.

The Good

The lost footage was pretty cool, and should have kept some of it in the movie. I think the idea behind the reality porn is great, but this one fell a little short of my new standard for reality porn. Despite this, I think that the cast did a good job interacting with each other, and the outdoor scenes were gorgeous. I liked that the movie has no music during scenes, and isn't framed by music at all. I'm not a big fan of music in my DVDs because it's usually cheesy and lame. I am happy that this style of porn doesn't have much if any at all.

The Bad

I will openly admit that I agree with many other people who have seen and reviewed this movie- Jack was a complete degrading hateful guy during the scene in the car. He was basically slamming Victoria around while he had sex with Allison. He degraded both of them, and while it started out playful, I honestly was not happy with the way he treated them. Another complaint was how drunk Victoria stayed. It seemed like there was no moment in the movie where she was not completely trashed. Other than Jack's moment in the car, I would say that the rest of the actors and actresses were pretty cool and I didn't think there was any other horrible moment in the film.

Audio & Lighting, Camera Angles

The audio is ridiculously quiet on our HD TV. It's not that we had to adjust it a lot, but especially when Victoria talked, since she is so soft spoken at times, it was really hard to understand what she was saying or talking about. The environmental sounds were sometimes much louder than the actual actors and actresses talking. It's not terrible audio, but it is what you would expect from reality TV, definitely.

As for the lighting, it's pretty decent the entire time. The naturally lit scenes, such as the ones in the rain and at the river/waterfall are pretty well lit, and indoor settings are lit well too. My only complaint is the camera angles, but again, this is reality TV so the camera is going to shake and move around and sometimes get angles that aren't fantastic. At several points during the sex scene in the rain with Jack and Victoria, you could hear only rain drops hitting the camera/mic, and you could see the screen having to readjust a lot because of the rain on the screen. At times it was a little annoying because I wanted it to be adjusted a certain way, but other times they did a pretty decent job.
DVD Features

- 2 hours runtime
- Lost Footage
- Scene Selection
- Photo Gallery
- Cumshot Recap
- Trailers

I'm a big fan of lost footage and behind the scenes on just about any porn DVD I watch. I find it more fun to see unscripted stuff from the actors and actresses. This entire DVD is styled as a reality TV show. So all of the film is pretty much unscripted. I am beginning to be a fan of this type of porn anyway, because of Paradise Island.. which is also a Shayne's world production. I am not as happy with this film as I am with the Island film.

Actors & Actresses

Jack Venice, Victoria Sweet, Will Powers, Justin Magnum, Reena Sky, Casey Parker, Allison Pierce

Of all the actors and actresses combined, I really disliked Jack. And I don't think I will be watching any future films with him in them, unless I buy them without knowing he's in them and it would be an accident even then. I didn't like the way he spoke, or acted, or anything about him in this film. I am violently opposed to him now.

Sex Scenes

Jack Venice & Victoria Sweet
Will Powers & Casey Parker
Jack Venice & Allison Pierce
Jack Venice & Casey Parker
Will Powers & Allison Pierce
Justin Magnum & Reena Sky

I was not really all that impressed with hardly any of the sex scenes, which was a let down since I thought I was going to begin loving productions by Shayne's world after watching Paradise Island. It just felt like the emotion behind some of the scenes were too fake. There were a couple good ones though. Justin and Reena's scene is completely out of place. They basically have sex after dropping Casey off. I'm not sure why it was added to the film. Because right after the scene finishes.. that's the end of the movie.


While this film did not live up to the previously watched film, also by the same producer, I still liked it enough that I would watch it again. Pet and I thought this was neat to watch, it was a different type of porn and I think that made it more interesting for us. We both had complaints about Victoria's drunken behaviour the entire film as well as Jack's nasty behaviour in the car scene. But we agreed that the scene on the beach with Jack and Casey was pretty awesome. Some of the sex scenes get a bit lengthy, and are typical vanilla sex, but the fact that the majority of the film was unscripted and candid, made it a lot more enjoyable.
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