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Lost...and Found!

While there were certainly parts that I objected to i.e. the distasteful comments and the dubious consent in one scene, the film is really well made. It's very vanilla, but it's very candid and real. It's a shame that Jack comes off as such a bully, because his sex scenes weren't that bad at all (excluding the car scene). Overall, it's a well filmed movie that's enjoyable...if you skip past the non sex bits!
Great filming
Genuine actors
Beautiful scenery
Jack Venice
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Casey Parker Lost in Puerto Rico is a different kind of film. It's completely unscripted. It's great for those who are a big fan of reality shows. There is no narrator; rather, the camera follows the gang along. A few times I felt like the cast was 'acting for the camera', but on the whole it was very natural. It stars Casey Parker, Victoria Sweet, Allison Pierce, Renna Sky, Jack Venice, Will Powers, and Justin Magnum

The movie starts off at the airport where the group meets to go to Puerto Rico. The entire scenario just screams SPRING BREAK and a possible GIRLS GONE WILD, which this movie kind of is. Once they arrive the first few scenes include Casey swimming naked and paragliding naked. Interspersed was some dialogue, during which Jack made ignorant comments, and travel.

The first sex scene of the movie involves Jack and Victoria. The movie abruptly cuts from Casey's paragliding to Jack and Victoria standing in the shelter from the rain. He says "let's fuck" and she says "that sounds good" and they get to it. There's no preamble, no seduction, nothing before fucking in the rain. Victoria gives Jack oral sex before they have penetrative sex, in the rain, before he finishes on her stomach. I have to say that I really liked Victoria in this scene. Her reactions are subtler, but seem to be genuine. Jack on the other hand...I liked him less. The way he handled her and kept pushing her down bothered me. That and the fact that there was no oral sex for her gave me a bad impression of Jack.

After a sightseeing and sampling local cuisine, the group heads into the jungle where they have more sex! The scene cuts to Casey and Will. The scenery for this scene (and throughout the entire film) is just great. They have oral sex (for him -_-) and vaginal sex by a really beautiful waterfall and on a rock with Will standing in the murky water. The scene ends with Will cumming on Casey's stomach and putting "some extra tadpoles in the water".

After the group picks up Allison and Jack makes some homophobic comments, Jack and Allison get it the car. He takes her from behind and when she asks for it harder, he pulls away, his pride supposedly injured. He makes some sexist comments and tells her to shut up. After he teaches her a 'lesson', he sticks various body parts in her mouth. Really? While she doesn't protest, his pushing her head against his dick just seems wrong. Then again, she is drunk...*cough* Ew. Jack really is a chauvinistic bastard.

A chauvinistic douche he may be, but Jack gets the ladies. He and Casey have sex on the beach in the next scene. In this one he has no trouble pounding the girl hard. Again, Jack gets a blow job (and doesn't reciprocate) and they have vaginal sex. Then they get caught *gasp* by people who don't like people having outside their house.

After more chauvinistic, racist, and just plain rude comments by the Jack, they finally make it back 'home', or at least to a house. While Allison gives Will a blow job, Casey sits on Jack's lap and the two watch. Then the scene shifts to Allison and Will having sex on the bed.

Finally, the party ends and they fly home. But, we're not done yet! We get a special tidbit at the end with Reena Sky and Justin pick Casey up. The camera follows them home and into bed...or at least onto a couch. This time both get oral before Justin penetrates Reena. While it's rather random, but it is hot sex!
I have mixed feelings about this film. While I really really didn't like Jack (I could go on and on about him and his rude, bullying demeanor)the film was really well made. It is definitively not very woman orientated, but the sex was hot and the filming expertly done.

The scenery was gorgeous and the settings were unique each time. The cast seemed quite genuine and you could tell that there was no scripting. Their reactions also seemed to be very real. The moaning and screaming seemed much more natural than what I see in a lot of other films. While their actions were influenced by the camera, they were not dictated by it. It's a great film for those who love reality television!
Follow-up commentary
I tried watching it again, just for the porn, but Jack Venice is such a douche that I can't even enjoy his porn scenes. The car scene and the fact that Jack Venice is a rapist (which I found out later) make me feel uncomfortable watching it. It's still a well made film, but Jack Venice just ruins it for me.
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  • namelesschaos
    Good Review.
  • Airen Wolf
    Sounds like a nice little film beyond the asshole attitude of one of the guys. Thanks for the review!
  • wrmbreze
    Thanks for the review!
  • Nothere
    Thanks guys!
  • SMichelle
    Thanks for the review.
  • LilLostLenore
    nice review. go puerto ricans!!! Im part puerto rican.
  • Midway through
    I liked this film other than Jack's issues.. Casey is crazy and I adored her!!
  • KitKat12
    Thanks for the of the only positive ones i've read!
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