Casey Parker Lost in Puerto Rico by Shane's World Productions - review by Valentinka

Some folks getting wild in Puerto Rico

Basically, this porn is filmed as a documentary depicting one trip to Puerto Rico. The cast has fun, parties, travels and has lots of sex - all that against the beautiful views of rain forests and sandy beaches. It's not very creative in terms of sex, but still hot and actors are really nice to look at. However, mind the potentially offensive and highly questionable Jack Venice's attitude and don't let it spoil your mood.
- unscripted and realistic
- wonderful location
- natural bodies
- sex in the rain!
- weird transitions from documentary to sex
- Jack Venice's attitude
- ordinary sex
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Before I met my boyfriend, I hadn't ever watched porn. Seriously. I can remember him looking at me all puzzled and surprised and saying something like "What? You must be kidding! Why??" I'm still not a fan, but I sort of enjoy watching it on my own or with him for... inspirational purposes. It's also fun to discuss what's happening on a screen, what we like about it and what is just hilarious.

We both have this attraction to having sex in the wild, even though we haven't got a chance to do it ourselves. The DVD description promised "sex on the beach" and "in a tropical rain forest", so when due to the lack of time I had to choose between two assignments, I went with this one.

Casey Parker Lost in Puerto Rico is a so called "gonzo porn" or reality-based porn, where performers acknowledge the presence of the camera and frequently address viewers through it. There is an official summary below, so that you won't have to go back to product page.

Summary: Casey was dying to have sex on the beach, so she packed up her friends and headed to beautiful Puerto Rico. After driving for hours, Casey and Jack found their secluded spot. Later she had sex with Will in a tropical rain forest. While Casey was out practicing her Spanish, Victoria and Allison were banging the boys. Come join the fuck and get Lost in Puerto Rico.

After reading the official summary I was expecting at least a gangbang, but all the sex scenes feature heterosexual couples' sex. Not like it's a bad thing, but might be boring for some viewers as there's no real diversity in this film. On the whole, there are:
- PIV intercourse scenes in various positions and in different places (on a beach, in a tropical forest near some stream, in a backyard during the rain, in a moving van, at home);
- oral sex on men including a blowjob given by two girls at a time and deep-throating;
- one (the very last) scene with oral on a woman;
- girls kissing (briefly).

The film is 2 hours long, and overall, there are 6 sex scenes with some pretty realistic documentary in between. Also the DVD has some extra material such as lost footage, photo gallery, cumshot recap and several trailers.

The beginning

The film starts out as the group chats at Puerto Rico airport. That is when Jack Venice expresses his attitude towards relationship and women for the first time. During the Porn Club discussion and in other reviews I've seen how it actually offended many people. Strangely enough, I was totally able to tolerate his at times repulsive comments. Sometimes my guy and I even found it funny how silly Jack's ideas really sounded. So I'm warning you against this potentially offensive content, but honestly recommend just to take it easy and enjoy the film. There's always some crazy dude ready to spoil all the fun, but there's no reason to let him!

Next scene shows Casey on the beach. She says how she loves it and then gets naked to go for a swim. In one of the next scenes she undresses again and hang-glides naked. For those fond of casual nudity that is really a nice thing to watch. Moreover, Casey has really nice natural body and it was a pleasure to look at her for both of us.

Sex scene 1
Jack Venice and Victoria Sweet (approximately 12 minutes)

In this scene Jack and Victoria are having sex in the backyard of their holiday house with nothing but their hiking boots on. It's raining during almost half of the scene, which was pretty unusual in my opinion and I totally loved it. They engage in ordinary PIV sex with Victoria giving Jack a blowjob from time to time. Both of them are moderately vocal in process. Alex (my boyfriend), however, mentioned that it seemed like the picture was a bit desynchronized with the actors' voices.

Scene 2
Casey Parker and Will Powers (nearly 11 minutes)

This scene starts about 21 minutes in and lasts for nearly 11 minutes. Now what I mean by "weird transitions" as one of the cons here... It starts as the group goes hiking and then the camera suddenly switches to Casey and Will having sex on the rocks near some water stream. As Alex said later, if you turn away for a second during this scene, you then will end up thinking "what the hell did I miss?", because it doesn't make sense at all.
Casey was again really nice to look at even though she was a bit too vocal for my personal taste. Also lying on the rock like she was can't be a very pleasurable experience, but she didn't seem to mind. I also noticed that Will is always addressing viewers through the camera, even during sex scenes.

Scene 3
Allison Pierce and Jack Venice (nearly 10 minutes)

This scene includes a new girl, Allison, whom the group picks up at the airport. She says that she isn't tired and wants to party, so they all head for the bar. Victoria and Allison make out there for a while. At about 39 minutes in we see Allison and Jack having sex in a moving van. Jack seems to enjoy the situation until Allison starts to scream at him at command him to fuck her harder. This discourages Jack as he doesn't like his abilities to be questioned. The scene then proceeds to some more fucking, blowjobs given to Jack by Victoria and Allison and another Jack's nasty jokes.

A really awful thing about this scene was Jack sticking his finger into Allison's ass and then making her taste it. She didn't mind, but still... yuck! Also Allison appeared to be too noisy and annoying. She was completely drunk and couldn't stop talking even for a few seconds.

Scene 4
Casey and Jack (approximately 20 minutes)

Remember that Casey's biggest desire was to have sex on a beach? It took quite long for the group to find an empty sandy beach, but as they did Jack and Casey went down to business immediately. In this scene Casey seems to be really turned on by the fact that she's finally having sex on the beach. As in other scenes there's nothing special, just PIV sex and some blowjobs.

Scene 5
Allison and Will (nearly 16 minutes)

During the last night at Puerto Rico everyone's pretty tired, but Allison still talks Will into having sex. While Jack and Casey are watching, Allison impresses everyone with some rather amazing deep-throating skills. As the group wakes up in the morning they say goodbye to Puerto Rico and head for the airport.

Scene 6
Renna Sky and Justin Magnum (approximately 18 minutes)

Casey's friends, Renna and Justin, pick her up at the airport and drive home. After Casey telling how amazing her holiday sex was, they get back home and start making out in their living room. This is the only scene featuring oral sex on a woman, which is then followed by a blowjob and ends up with Jactin and Renna having sex on a couch.

Overall impression

On the whole, we rather liked it than not. The documentary parts themselves were quite interesting to watch, and even though sex was sometimes boring, it was filmed quite qualitatively. The scenery turned out as beautiful as we expected and (as I said before) sex in the wilderness is totally our thing. I'm giving this film 4 stars, because the actors were not very imaginative when it came to sex and there wasn't anything very significant about it. Overall, it turned to be just fine.
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  • Blonde
    Thanks for the really detailed description of the film! Great job!
  • Valentinka
    Thank you, Blonde
  • Cookie Monster Mike
    An incredibly detailed review of the dvd showcasing all the pros and cons. If you keep this up i'll be making all my future dvd purchases based on your detailed reviews. This is a good thing as there is a lot of porn that is incredibly boring and pointless. Thanx for the review!
  • Valentinka
    Cookie Monster Mike, thanks! I'm so glad my review was useful!
    Love your nickname, by the way
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