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Little Casey's Lost

Not for me. Not for any woman who can be triggered by suggestions of sexual assault...some parts of this film should have landed on the cutting room floor. The sex is boring and repetitive and if you're looking for something to keep your attention, this probably isn't going to be it.
It has sex...on the beach
Jack is quite the um...well read to find out
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Shane's World productions are new to me and I have to say that I absolutely loved Paradise Island with Tori Black (who I regularly fan-girl over for moments at a time) but I was pretty much bored out of my mind with Casey Parker and being Lost in Puerto Rico. I wasn't interested in anything about the cast of this film.

I was bored out of my mind and a little tipsy by the time we threw this into the DVD player. Suffice it to say, I don't think we made it past scene one before we shut it all off and went to the bedroom. Probably should have watched this one before we watched Paradise Island.

But, that's not how reviewing works, now is it? Can't just say: "oh well, I hated it. Don't waste your time." Nope. So I put the DVD back in so I could write this review. I'm still bored. I don't feel the same connections between the cast that I did with Paradise Island --- they seemed like they all genuinely liked each other. Lost in Puerto Rico made me feel like they were just along for the free trip, booze and banging some hotties.

There are a couple of really degrading scenes that are unsavory and hard to swallow. Regardless of the fact that Allison is a porn star and knew why she was there in the first place, no one deserves to be treated the way she was by Jack. He goes above and beyond the call of asshole duty. The way he fucks her in the van is almost sickening because she keeps asking for her clothes while the camera man cheers them on.

Other than those few moments, I suppose it isn't terrible. It's just not something I plan on watching again. The sex is pretty much straight-up hetero, nothing kinky going on in the way of spanking, ass play or anything like that. Missionary, doggie and cowgirl are overused in porn these days and it was no different in this film.

The quality of the film is good with all of the natural lighting from the scenery and of course, well it's just freakin' beautiful to look at. But it doesn't make me feel like I'm there or that I could ever be there on those beautiful beaches.

I just didn't find myself turned on by any of it. I kept thinking to myself, "seen it about a hundred-thousand times". There's nothing innovative or new or enticing about this film in my opinion. I think you'd have to be a huge fan of one of the stars to get anything out of this. I'm familiar with quite a few of the big names in the industry but I had no idea who any of these people were.

In some way I thought that might up the ante for this piece, but it couldn't have been further from the truth. Allison is adorable and her smile will light up a room, but I didn't find her performances alluring. I think the best part of the entire film is when they go paragliding and you sort of feel like you're the one out there, but that's as close to being "in the fantasy" as it got for me. The waterfall scene with Casey and Will was totally cliche and disconnected. The scenery didn't match the sex, so to speak.

I watch a lot of film and usually my main points of bitching are: too much spit, too much ass play, too much ass to mouth...but in this production, my main bitch is that they didn't even remotely go out of their comfort zones in anyway. Very vanilla, very flat and very much not worth my time.
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  • Ivy Wilde
    Thanks for the review.
  • neil i.
    With Shane's World titles, it seems like it's either a good cast with natural chemistry or a mismatched group that needs alcohol to make it through the most rote of sexual encounters. Your review tells me which it is.
  • KitKat12
    Ty for the review!
  • Wicked Wahine
    Oh my gosh, how disturbing to read about the van scene. I'm so glad you put the trigger warning right in the beginning of your summary!

    I have the same gripes about too much spit & ass play, go figure Thanks for the review!
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