Lost my interest fairly quickly

This movie consists mostly of a few young people getting drunk, fighting, and occasionally having sex. If that sounds entertaining to you, then you may enjoy it. Otherwise, look for something a little more mature.
• Attractive performers
• Interesting locations
• Annoying behavior
• Sex is formulaic and repetitive
• Poor quality audio/video
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Cast: Victoria Sweet, Jack Venice, Casey Parker, Will Powers, Allison Pierce, Reena Sky, Justin Magnum
Duration: 2 hours

The premise of this film is that Casey and her friends have gone to Puerto Rico to have fun. This means sex, lots of drinking, and some random excursions which serve no purpose but to get them lost and make Jack angry. There's some hot sex to be found here, but it's buried under a mess of drunken arguments, crude remarks, and all-around bad behavior.

Scene 1: Victoria Sweet & Jack Venice

This scene takes place outdoors, where they decide to have sex in the rain. Several impressive positions allow them to have sex while standing up, but later they move to a boulder under a tree. Victoria doesn't look very comfortable on that rock, but she enjoys the sex.

Scene 2: Casey Parker & Will Powers

Another outdoor scene, this time on some rocks near a creek. Sex on the rocks again looks uncomfortable, but they make the best of it.

Scene 3: Jack Venice, Allison Pierce, & Victoria Sweet

I'm not sure whether to count this as a scene. Jack's really too drunk to perform well, and the lack of lighting and cramped space don't make for very good visuals. At about this point in the movie he was starting to be a real asshole (and continued throughout the rest of it) which really turned me off of this film.

Scene 4: Casey Parker & Jack Venice

Jack has sobered up and manages to have some pretty hot sex with Casey Parker. It's fun to watch them on the beach, especially when they're caught having sex in public, but the scene really drags on too long and I lost interest. Casey's really hot in this, though!

Scene 5: Allison Pierce & Will Powers

The blowjob was great and the sex overall was pretty hot, but by this point the movie was starting to bore me.

Scene 6: Reena Sky & Justin Magnum

Huh? Wait, this isn't Puerto Rico, and who are these guys? This scene feels tacked on, but overall the scene's not bad, as these two have more chemistry between them than the rest of the scenes put together.

Technical aspects
Most of the movie is in 4:3 format, but the final scene is in non-anamorphic (letterboxed) 16:9. The video is often blurry, but it appears that this is due to poor quality cameras rather than the fault of the camera operators. Audio is similarly bad; it sounds like the built-in microphone on a consumer-grade camera, which may very well be what they were using. The wind and water noises proved to be very distracting in several scenes.

Extras include the hour-long Lost Footage (a behind-the-scenes feature), a photo gallery, and trailers for other movies.
While I did find all the performers attractive and enjoyed seeing them fuck, none of the scenes were good enough to make me want to sit through all the boring stuff in between. Watching people get drunk and argue about pointless topics isn't entertaining—at least not for me.

The sex is all pretty straightforward fare, aside from a few interesting positions in the first scene. It's mostly just blow jobs and vaginal intercourse—barely any cunnilingus to be found here. Most of the scenes run long, and could use some more aggressive editing. They're not very creative; for the most part you just get the same acts over and over again, repeated within each scene and again in other scenes.
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