Casey Parker Lost in Puerto Rico by Shane's World Productions - review by Tuesday

Like a documentary, but with sex

This movie is filmed like a documentary of a vacation in Puerto Rico with casual unscripted conversations and casual sex. The reality TV quality of it plus the amateurish camera work made it much more engaging than typical, polished porn. There are no fake breasts in this movie. The sex, however, is all vanilla.
No script, real and believable, attractive actors
sex crazed nature of girls was a turn off, vanilla sex
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This movie, like all Shane's World movies, is not like typical porn flicks. There is no script. The entire movie is filmed as though it were a reality TV show or a documentary, but without a narrator. Actors are selected, given an exotic destination to travel to, then whatever happens is filmed.

Camera work seems like what you would see in a home video. Movie shifts from scene to scene with the camera not kept horizontal. You could hear the microphone crackling at times. It was often difficult to hear what the cast was saying.

The movie
The movie begins in an airport as the cast chats casually. One says that girlfriends are speed bumps because they slow you down from reaching your goals. The speedbump reference is mentioned several times later in the movie.

After arriving in Puerto Rico, we see the star, Casey Parker, swim naked, then hanglide naked. Quickly we move to the first sex scene.

Scene 1 - Jack Venice and Victoria Sweet
In this scene, Jack and Victoria are in a field and without any preliminary conversation, they remove their clothes and begin. They keep their hiking shoes on the whole time. Victoria is a bit noisier than I like but it doesn't feel like she is faking her pleasure. Her breasts are natural with large nipples - really beautiful. They move from the field to a rock. It can't have been comfortable for her to lie on a rock, but she doesn't seem to mind. They use a variety of positions. She gives Jack a blow job but doesn't receive oral in return.

The group drives some more, then after a brief food stop, takes a hike among absolutely beautiful scenery.

Scene 2 - Casey Parker and Will Powers
This scene begins with Casey giving Will a blow job. She moans all the while she does this. They use a variety of positions, many of which look like they must be difficult to maintain for Casey. All of this takes place on rocky surfaces. That can't have felt good for either of them.

This is followed by more driving. It seems that the van is a favorite spot to film. There is more discussion of girlfriends and marriage. They return to the airport to pick up a woman named Allison. When they meet her, it's clear they don't know her. The women seem happy to be with bisexual Allison. Much is made of this, but thankfully there is no girl on girl scene.

Scene 3 - Allison Pierce and Jack Venice
This scene takes place in the van with the rest of the cast also in the van and talking throughout the scene. Allison appears to be turned on by the fact that others are watching. She almost never stops talking. When she tells Jack to fuck her harder, he is put off and pulls out, refusing to continue. He tells her he insists on being in charge and will not be criticized. The camera suddenly cuts to a scene a few minutes later when they are beginning to engage again. He repeatedly sticks his finger in Allison's ass then makes her taste it. She seems to want to do this. I found that to be repulsive. Sleeping next to them with a breast hanging out is Victoria. Jack wakes Victoria up so that she and Allison can blow him at the same time. They laugh as someone in an adjacent car watches them. Have a desire for multiple close ups of Allison's ass? That desire is satisfied in this scene.

We then cut to the next day when they are once again in the van. This time Jack is sleeping on the laps of the women in the back seat. They take advantage of this to play a silly trick on him.

Scene 4 - Casey and Jack
This scene takes place on the beach. Casey begins by blowing him for a long time. She is louder than ever in this scene. Next we see them in a different spot on the beach confessing that people in a nearby house saw them and came outside to watch them, forcing them to move to a more secluded part of the beach. This scene lasts a long time, but is all typical, vanilla positions. He finishes in her mouth.

After this we are back in the van again. This time the discussion revolves around Will's crazy girlfriend who is apparently very upset that he is in this movie.
Scene 5 - Allison and Will
This scene takes place in a bedroom. As they begin, Casey and Jack enter and take a seat in the corner to watch. Allison deep throats him. Her skill at this is impressive and Casey and Jack express their approval. Will keeps asking her to spit on it, maybe because he wants to be deep throated again.

Annoyingly, Jack and Casey laugh hysterically in the corner numerous times for reasons the audience is not privy to. Once he enters Allison, Jack and Casey grow bored and leave. I agree that sex is more boring once it reaches this stage. If you didn't get enough closeups of Allison's ass before, you will in this scene.

Next we see Renna and Justin at the airport picking up Casey who is now back in the states. Casey sounded semi-retarded as she described the sex she had on her trip. Maybe she was just exhausted but she sounded singlemindedly sex-crazed. This seems to arouse Renna, who then climbs on top of the Justin as he's driving. Surprisingly he tolerates this for awhile and doesn't crash. After they drop Casey off, they return home.

Scene 6 - Renna Sky and Justin Magnum
Renna and Justin's scene takes place in their home. It begins with a blow job, then proceeds to oral for Renna. This is the only instance where a woman receives oral in the whole movie. I personally don't like seeing oral sex on women, but others may not like this detail. They have sex in a variety of positions either near the fireplace or on the couch. It's an OK scene but it didn't do much for me.

I would personally have liked to see Shane's World - gangbang edition or Shane's World - rough sex edition or something other than ordinary sex. This movie was better than typical porn in that it was real and unscripted but once the sex scenes began it wasn't that different from so many other movies.

Lost Footage - 58 minutes of mostly non-sexual extra footage of cast members conversing and enjoying Puerto Rico
Photo Gallery
Cumshot Recap
- trailers for Winter Break, Diary of Julia Bond, and several other unnamed movies
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  • namelesschaos
    Good review.

    I would personally have liked to see Shane's World - gangbang edition or Shane's World - rough sex edition or something other than ordinary sex.

    I agree.
  • married with children
    great review, thanks for sharing. Sounds like this might be worth a watch.
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