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Offical Wife Swap Parody

DVD by Zero Tolerance

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Offical Wife Swap Parody reviews

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40 reviews

Six couples swap partners in this parody of Wife Swap. The DVD features straight vaginal and oral sex only. It has very little diversity between scenes but makes up for it with a lot of humor. If you're looking for some humor in your porn, this is a good choice.

While the story line may not be the best, this DVD is filled with good sex from some beautiful people. If you enjoyed the reality tv show by the same name, you will get a kick out of this.

This is definitely a lot more fun than the typical mainstream porno. But still, it is a mainstream porno. Don't expect anything fancy from the sex, but the funny writing and the hot men (such a rarity in straight porn!) definitely sets this apart from the norm.

The Official Wife Swap Parody is a comical porn which features strictly heterosexual intercourse. If you are into swapping or just want to see what happens when others do, you may enjoy this movie whether you watch the TV show or not.

Have you ever wondered if the grass is truly greener on the other side of the fence? Ever wanted to see how the other half live? or perhaps how the other half fuck? The official wife swap parody is a very tongue in cheek X rated poke at the original wife swap reality tv series. An interesting situation turned sexual, this movie has quickly become on of my favourite Vanilla flavoured porn movies.

The Official Wife Swap Parody is a fun movie that serves a purpose. It's good ol' porn at its finest. If you're looking for some regular couple sex, with beautiful people, beautifully shot, here you go!

If you'd like to watch a nice light-hearted porno, hear you go. It will put a smile on your face before it puts the "o" on. Clever couples mix matched, but the sex is very similar in each scene. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who wants to see anything more than oral and vagina sex.

It has the same concept that the television show Wife Swap has, but their is sex involved in this DVD. The women are beautiful and know how to play their roles well. There are mixed racial scenes and it is funny at times. I did not care for the aggressive scenes that were in the DVD.

The Official Wife Swap Parody may not be as dramatic as the television show, but it's a lot more sexy! This parody is an amusing take on the reality series with an attractive cast that is sure to please a wide variety of tastes. The sex scenes, although vanilla in my book, are shot very professionally and the actors and actresses have good chemistry. While it may not be the best porno out there, it's certainly one of the better parodies I've seen.

The Official Wife Swap porn parody was first and foremost, a lot of fun to watch. The premise is simple; akin to the reality show of the same name, they take 2 couples, very different from one another by means of culture or class, and swap partners. Of course in this scenario, they all end up having sex. It may be a little vanilla or a little typical for some but I think for most, it will serve its purpose.

Official Wife Swap Parody is probably the most entertaining porn movie we've ever watched. Not the best porn we've ever watched, but the most entertaining. The actors have great chemistry together and do a great job staying in character. The jokes were so funny, we actually wanted to watch and listen to the verbal interaction between characters during the scenes. Oh yeah, and the sex was pretty good too!

This is a funny light-hearted porn film with actors that while not too adventurous, have tons of chemistry. The film may not take too many risks but it delivers on the basics.

The women actually looked like they enjoyed their poundings! The intimacy between the 'couples' was a turn-on (especially if you're a woman or into couple porn) and completely realistic. A definite recommendation.

All in all, this was a solid film; it had good cinematography and a variety of character styles. Although the sex was fairly usual, it was passionate and hot.

The acting was smooth and sexy, top-notch performances all around. Come prepared to giggle! You'll be impressed by the production value of this hilarious title even if the sex scenes leave you wanting more.

The Official Wife Swap Parody isn't a complete flop--it's got a few funny moments, and a generally good cast that gives something for just about everyone. Based very loosely on the show Wife Swap, six stereotypical couples switch wives (or husbands, in one case) and then *really* enjoy the company of their new spouse.

The premise is amusing and what everyone probably wished for when they heard there was a television show called Wife Swap. Unfortunately, I couldn't get past some of the stereotyping when it got offensive and would encourage writer/director Mike Quasar to think a little further outside the box in character development next time.

This video is extremely dynamic in its range of actors, but the one thing that brings it all together is the humor. A great porn for those looking for something high quality, lighthearted and "vanilla".

Don't waste your time, unless you LOVE the TV version of Wife Swap, enjoy lame stereotypes, and bad acting. Or maybe just fast forward thru the crappy acting scenes so you can watch the sex.

In one word... CLEVER... I really enjoyed this film. That about sums it up for this film, not going into too much detail, but keeping your interest piquedI hope... This was a very clever and entertaining spin on a great show... I loved this film, I really did... If you're looking for hot sexy porn with great realistic sex scenes and an entertaining plot, this one is definitely the one for you...

The Official Wife Swap Parody is a hilarious and sexy movie that demonstrates what a good porn movie should be like. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves humor with their sex.

I rather enjoyed the actors being natural instead of playing for the camera. The couples prove that sometimes, the grass is greener on the other side. If you're looking for a basic decent porn DVD with nice looking actors – then this could work out for you. It's now part of my collection even though I prefer my porn to be more on the spicy side.

I had a really good time with this DVD. Laughter is sexy and so is good hot fucking. I could see myself having a good time with this DVD over and over again.

The Official Wife Swap Parody is very vanilla sex, but I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to my porn, so I enjoyed it. If you don't like vanilla sex, I would pass on this, but I found it entertaining and it is something I would watch again.

This is a porn movie that I would not buy if I was looking for an erotic porn. I totally did not like it, for me, porn should draw you in and make you not want to turn it off. But this did neither for me. After the first couple, it's just a basic repeat. If I watch it again I will pick one wife swap and watch it, then turn it off.

The Official WifeSwap Parody satirizes the popular Wife Swap television show by combining some over-the-top personalities and adding in a lot of sex. While it certainly has funny lines and hot moments, overall the plot feels repetitive as the attractive stars transition out of their character stereotypes and into porn star stereotypes.

Ever wanted to swap your wife (or your husband)? In this parody of the TV show, six very different couples give it a shot. Each couple is quite different from the couple they swap with, and the setups for each are mostly funny. The sex is good between the pairings and each couple has good chemistry, although the actual sex scenes are short. This is a vaginal-only feature and no condoms are used for those interested. Worth a look if you enjoy parodies and are fans of any of the cast.

This movie had some good ideas, but they just weren't executed well. The cast had a few standouts, but was mostly uninspiring. A promising premise, but a disappointing result.

The Official Wife Swap Parody is entertaining to watch, with ridiculous characters and witty dialogue, but the sex is boring. It could be good for people who want a little more tame sex, but if you want anything a tad bit kinkier, look elsewhere.

The Official Wife Swap Parody from Zero Tolerance is a humorous take on the television show "Wife Swap". This makes for an amusing film with many laughs. It's not often that I am laughing at a porn because it's intentionally funny..usually it's just from it being so cheesy! The sex scenes are actually pretty sexy and I liked that each scene had a good mix of oral and penetrative sex. As long as you don't need a lot of kink in your porn this is a great choice.

The Official Wife Swap Parody is a humorous movie with pretty basic sex scenes. If you enjoy most mainstream porn, you're going to like this parody.

While the sex in this video won't set your pants on fire or make your heart beat faster it is still easy to watch and very hetero. This video is straight hetero sex with no deviation and while there is an attempt at dominance and humiliation it is very mild. The dialogue is actually very amusing and interesting to watch as is the set up to each scene. All in all for a straight sex video parody of a television show this DVD hits on all marks.

I was entertained by the spoof parts of this porn, but I was bored otherwise. When I wasn't laughing, the sex scenes were unoriginal and repetitive. They did the same angels, positions, ways to finish etc. It just became too predictable.

This movie bears a resemblance to Wife Swap, but adds more comedy and of course, sex. Unfortunately the sex is just ordinary and without much variety. If an amusing movie with vanilla sex is what you're looking for, this movie will be just the ticket.

This show takes "Wife Swap" to a whole new level! Literally! I mean, if you are really going to switch partners, you may as well take them for a test run, especially when there's an obvious attraction. That's exactly what the characters in this hilarious and sexy parody do!

Oh, the porn parody. You torture me so. Why remind me of a show that already reinforced stereotypes in a bad way? I didn't watch the real Wife Swap and I'll be damned if I'll watch the Official Wife Swap Parody more than once. Parodies? Just please go away.

There are lots of sexual positions, not the same old boring position over and over. Some of the girls really know how to take a dick rather it being oral or vaginal.

If you want more than a porn, something that will entertain you, make you laugh, and poke fun of the modern obsession with wife swapping shows, then you've found your gem. Come on, enter a world of unbridled passion where sexy couples try out new things with their new spouses. Pop in a few jokes and extreme sensuality and you have a winning film.

The Official Wife Swap Parody is a very humorous and sexy look at one of reality televisions most popular show. However the sex, good as it is, is fairly vanilla, and the behind the scenes is very short. However this is still a very good movie, from the comedic dialog to the steamy sex.

The Official Wife Swap Parody is an entertaining film that has characters that run the gamut. If you want an innocent girl needing to be taught, a saucy woman in charge, or a mouthy Long Island girl, you'll find it here. OWSP has great scenes that give you sex in multiple positions as well as plenty of blow jobs and pussy licking.

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