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Much Better than the Actual Reality Show

The Official Wife Swap Parody is a hilarious and sexy movie that demonstrates what a good porn movie should be like. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves humor with their sex.
Hilarious, hot sex scenes.
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After reviewing the very disappointing Sanatorium (also by Zero Tolerance), I wasn't sure what to expect with the Official Wife Swap Parody. I'm happy to say it's a funny and great porn parody.

Arguably the best thing about this parody is how they delightfully skewer racial stereotypes. There is no sacred cow here and the scenarios and lines had me literally laughing out loud.

There are six couples total with two couple per episode.

First up you have your bickering black couple swapping with the clueless white guy and his black history and culture studying wife. She's a politically correct twit who turns out to be more offensive than her gangsta rapper wannabe husband. By the way, whoever came up with "Frozen Yogurt" (or FroYo for short) as his rapper name is a frigging genius. It's the perfect riff on the white rapper Vanilla Ice and the blandness associated with white folks.

Both halves of the white couple offend the hell out of the black couple, but that doesn't stop hot sex from happening in both cases. The best bit? When the black wife punches the white dude when he arrives to her house, puts on a front, and calls her a "fine-ass bitch." "Stupid-ass Opie white boy" indeed. The interplay between the swapped couples and their solo observations to the cameras are fun and hilarious.

I don't know if it was intentional or not, but I noticed that during the sex scenes, both of the black actors said "shit" a lot and "Oh my goodness" once. Coincidence? You be the judge.

The sex scenes are each a bit overlong and pretty straight-forward, but there's a passion coming from the actors that keeps the scenes from dragging too much. In short, this movie made me want to fuck.

The next swap is between a rich white couple, the "Framptons from the Hamptons" and a white trash Italian family from New York. Zero Tolerance contract star Sara Sloane is a hoot as the swapped step-mom in the Italian family. After committing a disastrous faux pas at a business luncheon that she attends with the Frampton husband, Sara Sloane more than makes up for it when she seduces her new husband. The prissy Frampton wife gets worked over by the swapped husband's son while the he is away on business.

The last swap is between a naive, boring Nebraskan couple and a passionate Latin couple. Mr. Banderas is a sensual romantic who can cook and Mrs. Banderas is a strong and generally insulting alpha bitch. She often spits on the Nebraskan husband in disgust and calls him "gringo." The poor guy is confused and hurt through most of the scenes. The Latin husband woos his new wife with a foot massage and cooking and dancing lessons. The Latin wife practically breaks the spirit of her new husband and dominates him in the bedroom.

All of the actors are funny in turn and they managed to stay in character during the sex scenes. I can't believe I'm about to write this, but there was good comedic acting in this movie. In the past when I've laughed during porn movies it was usually at the movies because they were so bad. This porn had me laughing on purpose. There's good chemistry between all of the actors and they were great choices for this movie.

My favorite swap is definitely the first. Loved it. This is a movie I look forward to watching again and again. Kudos to all involved in making this movie.

Zero Tolerance -- With the Official Wife Swap Parody I forgive you for making Sanatorium. ;)

Special features includes behind the scenes featurette, collection of cumshots from the movie, gallery of pictures of the stars, and trailers of upcoming movies from Zero Tolerance.
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