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Offical Wife Swap Parody

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Official Wife Swap Parody - Get Your Fro Yo Here

The premise is amusing and what everyone probably wished for when they heard there was a television show called Wife Swap. Unfortunately, I couldn't get past some of the stereotyping when it got offensive and would encourage writer/director Mike Quasar to think a little further outside the box in character development next time.
Well endowed penises, long sex scenes, some humorous content.
Stereotyping including racist overtones and verbal abuse. Two things I don't like to mix sex with.
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Content / Genre / Audience

Have you ever watched the television show Wife Swap? Two families switch wives for two weeks; the first week following the rules of the house the wife left behind and the second week the 'replacement' wife makes new rules which the family must adjust to. Usually, the families matched up are from fairly different backgrounds to create for more interesting experiences. In the television show Wife Swap, the wives DO NOT sleep with the other wives' husbands. Well, how boring is that? Enter Official Wife Swap Parody.

Written and directed by Mike Quasar, this Zero Tolerance Entertainment porn intends to show you what you have always wondered about - if indeed "the wives are hornier on the other side of the fence".

This film features six 'swapped' heterosexual couples from extremely different socio economic and cultural backgrounds rocking the stereotypes while they boink each others' wives.

It's not in 3D, but I would swear some of these larger than life penises were going to pop out of the screen at me. Folks who will enjoy this DVD are those that are into straight sex with big dicks, lots of oral on the men and penis in vagina sex. Don't forget the cum shots which are called popshots in the extras section. Yes, you can revisit each cumshot/facial all at once. Yummy.

Other extras include trailers for other porn movies (five in total), gallery/slideshow stills from the movie and Behind the Scenes chats with some of the stars such as Nyomi Banxxx (what a booty) and Kagney Linn Carter.
    • Hetero
    • Mild


Couple Swap One:

Jack and Diane Hughes aka Mark Wood and Bobbi Starr swap with James and Latasha Jones aka Prince Yahshua and Nyomi Banxxx.

Jack is an aspiring rapper (Frozen Yogurt or Fro Yo for short) and Latasha is a strong and proud woman who is not impressed with Fro Yo's rap but does appreciate his massive manhood. Nyomi Banxxx has an incredible booty but she's a yeller. This sex scene features oral for both and many varied positions of penis in vagina sex. I did need to turn the sound off for most of this scene as Nyomi repeatedly screams, "Oh shit".

James is an aspiring lawyer and Diane's first few long-winded, read straight off the prompter lines are trying to tell us she's an intellect, but I don't buy it. Her next several lines once she has met James have racial stereotyping overtones I don't like such as an offer of malt liquor or kool aid with her final admission that she "has jungle fever". Not cool or a turn on for me. Once the sex begins, Bobbi Starr looks like a deer stuck in the head lights for most of it. It was like Prince's huge cock was too much for her, she looked uncomfortable. This sex scene began with oral on him and gulping noises I didn't need to hear, and then again moves into penis in vagina sex in several positions. My favorite position was where Bobbi was perched sideways with her back to the camera on Prince's big wang. That was hot to watch. I also enjoyed the end of the scene where Bobbi mostly swallows and licks her fingers. The way she is looking up at Prince was quite genuine and I appreciated that.

Couple Swap Two:

Rob and Maria Spallone with grown son Joey aka Rob Spallone, Sara Sloane and James Deen with Richard and Barbara Frampton aka Anthony Rosano and Julia Ann.

Richard Frampton from the Hamptons (cute) meets Maria Spallone (I keep Long Island smilin') from New Jersey with accent mostly intact. Maria is made out to be white trashy cheap and Richard is well, rich. She is loud and mouthy, he is mild mannered and meek. Their sex scene features her giving him oral, and her appreciating his large cock because her man apparently only has a two-incher and ends with him cumming on her face. I turned off the sound here again, Sara Sloane is noisy in a not good way.

Rob Spallone's character should have been left out of the movie, no question. He is verbally abusive and useless and I suppose the only reason he was put in at all was to leave for the weekend so that his son, played by James Deen, is left alone to seduce 'fake mom', Julia Ann. It is somewhat believable that Julia Ann could be old enough to be his mom and this sex scene was probably my favorite. They go at it in several different positions and at one point she is sitting above him facing the camera and he pumps her like crazy. They also go at it doggy style and he licks her butt for a moment. Although brief, I very much appreciated breaking up the monotony of straight sex.

Couples Swap Three:

Steve and Edie Whitaker (country bumpkins from Nebraska) aka Dane Cross and Kagney Linn Karter and Enrique and Gloria Banderas aka Marco Banderas and Rebeca Linares.

Steve can't do anything right to impress Gloria, "I just wish she would stop spitting on me". Their sex scene is fairly hot. I was attracted to both stars, Dane Cross and Rebeca Linares and enjoyed how feisty Rebeca was. I think this was one scene that could have been taken a bit further and would have liked to have seen Gloria dominate Steve even further with a toy or whip or paddle. This scene was also a favorite.

Marco Banderas' character Enrique was again big on stereotypes but I was not nearly as irritated by his delivery. Wow, does he ever have white teeth. Kagney Linn Karter, I simply cannot watch in sex scenes with the volume on. She is attractive and I think the fervor she brings to her sex scenes (as she often self pleasures while being fucked) but the baby noises - NO NO NO NO. I could see this turning some men on I suppose but I cannot get over her baby talk. It was not sexy for me and again, volume turned off. The lead up to this sex scene was fun to watch as Enrique brings flowers and they dance and cook and enjoy each other's company. The sex was just like all the rest in the DVD, oral for both and various positions of penis in vagina. The difference here was instead of cumming in her mouth or on her face, he came on her ass.
    • Bad acting / chemistry
    • Hot scenes

DVD Features

The packaging is nice and not over the top. My movie arrived in an envelope and the DVD itself has a cardboard cover that mimics the paper insert in the plastic on the actual DVD case. The cover is attractive and features Zero Tolerance contract stars Kagney Linn Karter and Sara Sloane with a mansion and palm tree in the backdrop.

The back of the DVD shows a montage of stills from the movie and is pretty good eye candy overall.

The DVD features are Behind the Scenes footage casual conversation with Nyomi Banxxx, Kagney Linn Karter and Marco Banderes, popshots, gallery slideshow, a full motion chapter menu and auto-restart. There is over two hours of footage and the sex scenes are all substantially long. It's too bad they are all pretty much the same and quite vanilla, but for anyone looking to see lots of cock sucking and vaginal intercourse, this movie is for you.
    • Attractive design
    • Discreet packaging

Personal comments

I am rating this movie 3 out of 5 and that rating is specifically for the sex scenes and not for the dialogue or lack of character development. As a porn, the sex though vanilla, was substantial and I feel that is what most people are looking for in their porn purchases anyhow.

For myself and what I got out of it, I would rate it a one otherwise. I like to see dirtier sex and woman-to-woman and more focus on oral for the lady and closeups. I also enjoy anal sex scenes which this movie does not have.


I was aroused by a few of the scenes but not enough to stop the DVD and do anything about it.
Follow-up commentary
Fluffy and fun; I still keep the volume down low but enjoy this fornicating farce. Steve Whitaker and Gloria Banderas aka Dane Cross and Rebecca Linares are getting more of my attention these days. I like her dominance and his comedic reaction.

I was considering passing this along to someone else's Christmas stocking (they've been real good) but decided I'm going to keep it awhile longer. Perhaps next year ;)
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