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Offical Wife Swap Parody

DVD by Zero Tolerance

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Friction without the lessons learned

This movie bears a resemblance to Wife Swap, but adds more comedy and of course, sex. Unfortunately the sex is just ordinary and without much variety. If an amusing movie with vanilla sex is what you're looking for, this movie will be just the ticket.
Impressive blow job scene; some comic elements.
sex was ordinary.
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In the real show Wife Swap, wives from radically different families trade places for two weeks. In the first week, the wife must follow the rules of the new house. In the second week, she decides the rules the new family must follow. Never is the pairing of families compatible. The slob is paired with the germophobe. The no-rules family is paired with the every-minute-scheduled family. No childless families are included.

In the Wife Swap parody, there is some attempt at friction and widely differing backgrounds, but its not terribly believable. Maybe that's not the objective of the filmmakers.

The first couple we are introduced to is Jack and Diane Hughes. Diane is an intellectual studying African Anthropology. Jack is an aspiring rapper. They are paired with James and Latasha Jones, a black couple. Latasha thinks her unemployed husband, who is studying to be a lawyer, is lazy.

Latasha/Jack: Latasha doesn't think much of Jack’s rapping or his pretense to be hip. When he finally exhausts his attempts to impress her with his hipness and rapping ability, the sex begins. Latasha says "Oh shit!" incessantly during this scene. Once again I watch a sex scene with the volume off. Latasha has a very sexy body with big natural breasts and a great behind too.

Diane/James: Diane initially annoys James by making multiple stereotypical racial assumptions about him. She then almost attacks him, jumping on top of him and insisting that she has jungle fever and must have him. In their sex scenes, James is the one saying "Oh Shit" incessantly. They’re both attractive, but their sex scene is ordinary.


Rob, Marie Spallone and their adult son, Joey, are New Jersey caricatures living in Long Island in a cluttered house. In their introductory interview, Marie does most of the talking and there are frequent disagreements.

Richard and Barbara Frampton are a well to do couple. Richard has just completed a difficult merger. They have decided to be on Wife Swap because they have time on their hands.

Barbara at the Spallones with Rob and Joey - Rob, the demanding, uncaring husband, makes Barbara cook, but hates and insults her cooking. Barbara tries to take a nap, but Rob orders her to get up to work the ice cream truck while he goes out of town. Joey ogles and is suggestive to Barbara from the moment she arrives. Barbara talks to her husband (something that never happens on the real Wife Swap) and learns that he had sex with Marie. Joey convinces her to get back at him by having sex with him. Their sex scene might appeal to those turned on by a younger man paired with an older woman.

Marie/Richard and the Framptons - In the Frampton’s sumptuous house, Marie washes a tshirt in the pool. she is not being used to having a washer/dryer in her house and assumes there isn't one in the Frampton house. Richard treats her disrespectfully from the start. He decides to take Marie to an important business meeting. Marie chooses to dress incredibly sluttily for this occasion. Perhaps she has no other way to dress. The meeting doesn't go well. She doesn’t fit in in this environment and her presence causes conflict. After they return from the disastrous business lunch, they argue and the argument turns into sex. Marie is clearly an expert at deep throating. We see during the blowjob she gives Richard how she earned her touted reputation that she "keeps Long Island smiling."


Steve and Edie Whitaker own a comic book store in Nebraska. They cheerfully state that a corn shucking competition and a tractor parade were the most fun they've had.

Enrique and Gloria Banderas are a gorgeous and passionate latino couple. They say they “eat life like an enchilada.” During their intro, they continuously break into passionate embraces. Enrique works as a professional matador.

Steve/Gloria and the Banderas' - Gloria greets him rudely, ordering him to take his shoes off saying "What do you think this is, Nebraska?" She calls him "Gringo" rather than using his name. Steve cooks for her, but she hates his cooking. Gloria tries to teach him to salsa dance, but he is comically inept. She spits on him for all offenses. Finally she asks him if there’s anything he’s good at. I’ll give you one guess what that skill is. Their sex scenes are as conventional as the other couples, but Gloria does offer fake but truly spectacular breasts. In my opinion, Steve has the most attractive cock in this movie - short and thick.

Enrique/Edie at the Whitakers - Enrique begins by giving Edie a foot massage. Then he teaches her to cook in the sexiest cooking scene I've ever seen. He's very sweet to her. Enrique teaches her to dance but is much kinder about it than Gloria. Enrique is the most likable man in this movie by far. He’s outstandingly charming, fun loving and kind. During their sex scene we can see that Edie had several bruises on her leg. I can’t imagine why they didn't use makeup to cover those. I found them to be very distracting.

There was no closeup or ending or anything else to tie the scenes in this two and a half hour movie together. There was no ecstatic re-embrace with spouses. But then, what are they going to say, since they all got along with the swap spouses once their clothes were off. None of the participants learned something new from their fake spouses, unlike in the real show.

I would have liked to see at least one couple where the sex was not ordinary. If one couple liked it a little rough or had a fetish or cross dressed or wanted sex in public the movie would have had so much more to offer. As it was, the movie was fun and at times amusing, but not as arousing as it could have been.
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  • Kayla
    Good review. I agree with a lot of your points - I really liked the blowjob scene too. Wish it had more creativity like that.
  • Selective Sensualist
    Great review! I also agreed with most of your thoughts about this, too.
  • Tuesday
    Thanks SS and MK!
  • Serendipity
    Great review, yes too much vanilla sex! I at least enjoyed seeing James Deen lick Julia Ann's butt briefly.
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    This is one of the best DVD reviews I've ever read. Great job!
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    Thanks for the review.
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