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Offical Wife Swap Parody

DVD by Zero Tolerance

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The Official Wife Swap Parody review

The Official Wife Swap Parody is a very humorous and sexy look at one of reality televisions most popular show. However the sex, good as it is, is fairly vanilla, and the behind the scenes is very short. However this is still a very good movie, from the comedic dialog to the steamy sex.
Great humor, hot action, and great overall production.
Sex was pretty vanilla.
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Front Cover:

The front cover is comprised of three of my favorite things, a mansion, palm trees, and last but not least two beautiful women. Kagney Linn Karter and Sara Sloane stand shoulder to shoulder on cobblestone with a beautiful mansion and palm trees in the background. The text on the front is mostly orange, with a little bit of burgundy, which gives it a citrus feel. This is a well designed and attractive cover.

Back cover:

The back is your typical porn style back cover. In total there are twenty small screen captures from the movie.


The main menu’s background is a large clip of a scene from the movie and beneath it is the menu where you can navigate to play the movie or watch the bonus material.

Swap 1 - Jack Hughes & Latasha Jones

White rapper Jack (Fro-yo – short for Frozen Yogurt) arrives at Latasha’s home where he immediately gets on Latasha’s bad side when he calls her a “fine ass bitch”, to which she slaps him, knocking him down. After failing multiple times at wooing Latasha with his “dope ass Rhymes” Jack goes to lay down.

After some time, Latasha goes to check up on Jack and she finds him resting and asks him what the matter with him is. He then tells her he was trying to impress her and apologizes. She then tells him that he has no talent what so ever. He then abruptly asks “does your husband eat your pussy?”. After a short exchange she pushes his head down and tells him to go at it. Jack performs oral sex on Latasha, and afterward she returns the favor. After multiple positions wherein vaginal sex is conducted the scene ends with a cumover.

Swap 1 - Diane Hughes & James Jones

Diana a woman who is fascinated by African studies, unintentionally accidentally offends James when she tells him “Well make yourself at home, and there is some malt liquor in the fridge”. Later, after James explains that he was offended and explains that he does not drink malt liquor, Diane again unintentionally offends James again when she says “Oh I am sorry, and do not worry I bought lots of Cool Aid”.

Hours later, dressed in a see-through and skimpy dress Diane, tries to initiate conversation, in doing so she manages to say something stereotypical and once again offends James. She then apologizes and says “I need to be dominated by a big black Gangster, oh please, I need it! I’ll suck your dick”. Diane then performs a blow job and afterward they go straight to vaginal sex. After multiple positions featuring vaginal sex the scene ends with a facial cumover.

Swap 2 - Maria Spalloane & Richard Frampton

Maria, who is not used to sprawling mansions, is very excited about the new home, and she tells Richard that she could really get used to being his new wife, to which he responds “You know this is just for the show”. Later he finds Maria washing her shirt in the pool, where he tells her “I got you a washing machine you know”. She then is so excited she tells him that she should give him a blow job, taken aback he tells her that that was inappropriate it.

After taking Maria along to a business meeting, and the outcome being unfavorable, Richard hits the bottle and has too much to drink. To cheer him up Maria gives him a blow job and then they have drunken vaginal sex. The scene ends with a cumover.

Swap 2 - Barbara Frampton & Joey Spalloane (Step-son of Maria)

Used to high society life Barbara immediately looks out of place when she arrives at the messy Spalloane home, where she receives to a less than warm welcome. From being mistreated by Maria’s husband Rob to being constantly hit on by Maria’s step son Joey, things do not start out very well for Mrs. Frampton. After receiving a call from her husband who tells her he slept with Maria, her week becomes even worse. Joey comes in to comfort her and suggest that she have sex with someone else to get back at her husband, conveniently for him he is the closest guy.

They start out kissing and then Joey performs oral sex on Barbara, afterward they go straight to vaginal sex and do so in multiple positions, the scene then ends with a cumover.

Swap 3 – Gloria Banderas & Steve Whitaker

Nebraskan Steve makes John-boy Walton look like Eminem, and immediately garners much dislike from Gloria, whom spits on him and calls him a “girl” multiple times by the end of the scene. I think Gloria might be the meanest woman in the world; she ends up spiting food all over Steve.

Later while Steve is sitting on his bed, Gloria walks in and tells him that he “better fuck her good” and he does just that. Gloria starts off by giving Steve a blow job, and afterward they have vaginal sex in multiple positions before the scene ends with a cumover.

Swap 3 - Edie Whitaker & Enrique Banderas

Enrique arrives with flowers for Edie, and then follows up by serenading Edie and massages her feet. While cooking food, Enrique requests a Blowjob from Edie, which she nervously abides. After teaching Edie to salsa dance, Enrique asks her if she is ready to make love, to which Edie says “well I do not want to offend”. Enrique sweeps her off her feet and carries her to the bedroom.

In the bed room, Enrique performs oral sex on Edie and not long after she returns the favor. Afterward they have vaginal sex in multiple positions before ending the scene with a cumover.

Credits roll.

Camera work:

The camera angles and image quality of this film is superb. The action is always clear and crisp; the editing was great and seamless.

Sound work:

The sound quality is very good, the dialogue as well as the sex noises were very clear and easy to understand.

Bonus Features:
Behind the scenes
Photo Gallery
Cum Shot Recap

Personal Comments:

This was a very good comedy, and the emphasis was really put on the stereotypes different people from different cultures had on other cultures. Now you’re not going to make everyone happy and when you dabble in stereotypical humor you stand a risk of upsetting someone. So if you do not like this kind of humor then you would probably be better off looking else where. Let me be clear though, there were no malicious jokes, it was more along the lines of making fun of the stereotypes some people from different cultures have about other cultures.

The acting was surprisingly good; actually it was very good in my opinion. I thought Mark Wood did a great job, his acting was great and I loved the way he portrayed his character. Julia Ann also did a phenomenal job, I felt her performance (both sex and acting) to be probably the best in this feature. Some may say the acting was “over the top” but this is a parody and to some extent that is purposely done.

I enjoyed this film, and I am giving it a four star rating.
Follow-up commentary
I still watch The Official Wife Swap Parody every now and then, it is not a film in which I find my self watching frequently, and it does still garner a laugh or two. This film is not the most hardcore movie in adult film, but it does still include some hot sex. Even though Rebecca Linares plays a mean woman, she is still incredibly sexy, however my favorite scene is still Sarah Sloane’s. Without a doubt I would have loved to seen a more hardcore edge to this film, but it just wasn’t in the cards.

I would recommend this to anyone who is not into the more hardcore titles.
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  • Selective Sensualist
    My husband thought that Julie Ann (who played Mrs. Frampton) was the best actress, too. But for the sex scene, our favorite, by far, was the one with Mrs. Banderas.
    Great review! Wish I could vote, but will try to remember to come back once they get the glitch worked out.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    I thought there was a glitch, because I wanted to vote on another and it wouldn't let me. Thanks for letting me know.

    Mrs Banderas had a great sex scene, but that woman scared me! I wouldn't wanna get on her bad side, but wow was she smoking hot!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!
  • Shellz31
    Lol - I kinda felt the same. She was hot but I dont think I'd want to put a step wrong. Im not big on dominant females but LOVE it from a guy! Great review!
  • P'Gell
    Wow, so many people saw this movie. I feel left out.

    A lot of people also thought it was too vanilla.

    Great review, Viktor!
  • Sera
    For your con, what do you mean by "Sex was pretty vanilla?"
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    I was worried about that Sarah Marlatt. I was not sure everyone would know the term, anyway it means that the sex was fairly basic, with nothing special, such as there were no Anal or other sex acts. Basically it means it was mostly vaginal and oral sex. Thanks for commenting, and I hope this helps answer your question
  • ToyGeek
    This sounds more entertaining than the television show. Thanks for the review.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Thanks ToyGeek for reading and commenting
  • Serendipity
    Great review - I liked that you commented on the camera angles and sound.
  • Selective Sensualist
    Came back to vote!

    LOL, that is exactly what I liked about Mrs. Banderas -- her take charge, this-is-what-I-want-and-I-want-it-right-NOW-and-done-exactly-right attitude with no apologies for what she wants!

  • Not here
    Nice thorough review! I love this line- "Nebraskan Steve makes John-boy Walton look like Eminem" LOL

    I thought it was pretty vanilla as well, but the acted parts were pretty funny nonetheless!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Hahaha, maybe I watch to much of "The Waltons",

    Thanks Jesibel420!
  • salaciousrex
    Really great review, you described it well. Thanks!!
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