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O2 Cush reviews

40 reviews
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40 reviews

The O2 Cush is the best and most favorite dildo I have ever purchased! I love it! I learned very quickly that I had to wash it and immediately store it in a bag or else lint would find its way all over it! It's seriously so versatile that you can use it with any strap-on or by yourself.

For any adventurous couple looking for a versatile toy, I recommend the O2 Cush. It offers G-spot stimulation and prostate stimulation so the possibilities for use aren't confined. As always I recommend using toy covers or condoms, and since this was my first strap on toy, I can definitely say it's great for first timers. If you're not into size, then this isn't for you. For those that enjoy larger toys, this is a good choice and it's not too big for those looking to push their limits on size.

Overall I don't regret purchasing this toy. I do really wish I could customize it a little bit more, but it is pleasurable. I will say if you are someone who can only get off by power then you shouldn't go for this product.

To sum it up, the O2 Cush was COMPLETELY worth my money. It serves its purpose dutifully, and it allows me to explore myself and others in ways that most dildos i've owned just couldn't live up to. If you dont care about discreetness, and you wanna try something big and fun, this is a great selection.

I would definitely buy this again! But, I would first make sure I really knew how big it was. It took a little working up to, but once I got there, it was quite the experience!

Its perfect size is definitely worth the money. It is a high quality product with a decent price. It's the perfect toy if you don't want a realistic looking dildo.

This dildo is an excellent choice for those seeking a thicker option than a standard sized dildo. It is made with a very high-quality material that is firm, yet still malleable. It is a great toy for strap-on play with your partner.

O2 Cush is a very large and fulfilling toy. The dual density silicone and ridge provide interesting sensations that feel wonderful. It's great for size queens, but not great for beginners.

This dildo is fantastic, for those seeking girth and texture. Its girth makes it primarily for intermediate to advanced players. Depending on your experience you can use this vaginally and anally. The ridge can either work for you or against you. It didn't work for me at first, but after some repositioning, it had me seeing stars.

The O2 Cush is a HUGE toy that is good for size queens, and people who want thick toys. I do think that this is a very good toy for the price, it just didn't work for me because it's too big for my body.

Buy it. It was so worth it. I've never been happier with a toy. I would recommend this toy to anyone who knows that they are looking for a sizable dildo for use with a harness.

Made of Tantus O2 Silicone, the solid core and softer outer layer of the Cush combine for a filling yet comfortable experience while the soft shaft ridge provides texture to its uniform girth.

If you like safe, smooth dildos that stretch you, fill you, and hit your G-spot, then the 02 Cush is designed for you. By far my favorite toy after just my first use, the Cush has given me the best orgasms I've ever achieved through masturbation. He's also a blast to use with a partner, either in a harness or by hand, and is great to add into foreplay and sexual acts.

The Tantus O2 Cush is a well made toy that is durable and pleasurable, but may be too much for the average girl to handle.

Are you looking for a dual density silicone toy without it looking too realistic? Well then you've come to the right place. The Tantus O2 Cush is the perfect dildo for any user looking for a realistic feel without too much realism. This toy is harness compatible, non-porous and best of all, it's dual density and can stimulate the g-spot/p-spot!

The O2 Cush is a thick, high quality, silicone dildo. It's perfect for those looking for the 'filled up' feeling inside.

I'm definitely a fan of the Cush and can't wait to try other O2 products in the future. I particularly love the two silicone layers and the way the movement realistically imitates life, as well as the sculpting on the toy, providing additional stimulation. My biggest complaint is really the size, so it isn't as versatile and definitely not for everyone. But if you can handle that, I would say take this baby for a test drive!

O2's Cush may be a larger size than average users are used to, but those who can handle its larger girth are in for a fantastic time! Those looking for a smaller version should try the Flurry or another O2 linked at the bottom of the review. The amazing workmanship of O2 is something everyone should experience, no matter what girth they enjoy!

The O2 Cush is a champion in the world of dildos, as long as you're use to larger sized toys. It's well thought out design destines it to bring pleasure to its user regardless of where the Cush is put. Tantus did an amazing job on every aspect of this toy!

For people willing to try something new, or move up in the world, as I call it, definitely give the 02 Cush a try. The 02 Silicone that Tantus uses is AMAZING. Nice and soft, with the perfect amount of give. However, he boasts nearly a 2" diameter, so beginners beware! This is definitely a toy geared more towards experience and Size Queens!

Although the size was a bit much for me in the beginning, the Cush O2 is definitely a dildo I’d recommend to anyone who’s not afraid of a potential challenge. Not only is it made of body safe and luxurious materials that are also supple, squishy and accommodating, the Tantus Cush O2 has all the bases covered.

Apparently this is best suited for size queens. The Cush is almost too over filling it can be hard to bare. The outer coating of silicone is not that soft and the girth is fairly substantial.

I would recommend this to anyone any given day of the week! It's that awesome. Once you touch it you will fall and love, and once you use it it will be your go-to dildo.

This is my absolute favorite dildo. I have thin ones, I have big ones, and this one is just so amazing! I can't believe how good it made me feel. It is safe, a great size, squishy, feels amazing, the price is perfect. There is literally nothing I can think of to change or fix on this dildo.

This beautiful O2 creation is girthy, plush, and feels very realistic. It's soft outer layer and firm core was enough to make me see stars. Might be a little bit to big for some.

Could it get any better than this? I certainly don't think so. If you're like me and appreciate a realistic feel but aren't too keen on the realistic design then you're in the right place. Tantus made magic here with the plushy exterior and firm core. The Cush is certainly fulfilling in its size and shape, and it's pretty to look at. It feels so sexy I can't take my hands off it.

The thickest of Tantus' nonrealistic O2 line, Cush offers two pronounced ridges in a super soft silicone so you can play at penetration while you're already full. The clear soft outer layer is supported with a colorful firm core, so you have all the tenderness of a soft ridge and all the strength of a firm thick shaft. With the two distant ridges, you can ride with one at your g-spot and t'other at your labia, or thrust one to your anterior fornix and the other to your kegels.

If you're looking for a dildo with some extra girth and a pleasurable texture, Cush will work well for you. The thick shaft may be too much for some users and does require some warm-up, but this dildo can work well for moving on to thicker toys. The base is great for riding, thrusting, or using in an O-ring harness. While a bit expensive, this toy is built to please and certainly won't leave you disappointed. A great option for those who want a realistic feel without an overly realistic look.

This is gorgeous toy that it meant to be in everyone's toy box. Easy on the eye with a unique shape, while being functional all at the same time, this toy is meant to be please those who thoroughly enjoy a larger than average toy made from a high quality company.

The ultimate toy for singles, doubles, triples and quadruples! This dildo feels like the real deal, and people think it's cool.

The Cush is made from great materials, and feels close to realistic. The size is great, gives you the nice full feeling without being too large. The soft outer-layer of silicone also takes away worries about thrusting too hard, and makes this toy very comfortable to use. The ridge of the head works for some g-spot stimulation, and also gives that nice pop when it enters you. I love my Cush and it quickly became my favorite toy. Not only does it feel amazing, but its soft and gorgeous!

This dildo is the perfect match for anyone looking for a thick but pliant dong. Cush mixes the squishy properties of jelly with the body — safeness of silicone — and the marriage of soft outer layer and firm core makes it safe for thrusting without fear. Long, girth-y, and realistic while still being a departure from other "realistic" dildos, Cush is hard to criticize.

Cush was one of the toys I purchased as a warm up toy to get to larger sized ones. The size worked well for me and I love the O2 material, but not quite as much as VixSkin material. I really appreciate that Tantus came out with this colorful line of realistic dildos as they appeal to my aesthetic tastes more than a flesh toned toy does. The only thing that stops this from being perfect for me was the amount of texture. After a short period of time, it started to get a bit painful for me.

Ultra premium silicone, dual density, great size, great realistic feel and a great price for those who may want to sample O2. Because, after all we all need O2.

Cush is both visually and palpably satisfying, having a unique design and excellent surface features. While not a beginner dildo, this toy is a great choice for someone ready for something on the bigger side. Its plush surface makes for comfortable use and it cleans up with ease and effectiveness. If you're ready for its size, I recommend giving it a try.

It simply doesn't get much better than this! If you like your dildos on the larger side with a somewhat realistic feel, you must have a Cush in your arsenal. Although I normally prefer my toys with a slight curve, I'm truly in love with my girthy blue beauty!

The O2 Cush is a high quality dildo with a firm interior material and a soft exterior which helps prevent discomfort/bruising during rough thrusting. It is a relatively girthy dildo and therefore not one that I would recommend for beginners (but it really is a matter of what you are looking for). It's a fantastic design and I really can't say anything bad about it (I tried, there wasn't anything to say!)

The Tantus O2 Cush has some much going for it, dual layers of density for a realistic feel, two Glans like ridges, a firm base for easy gripping or harness use and the size/girth to satisfy size kings and queens. When you add in the beautiful pastel coloring you get a wonderful mix of form and function that you have to see and feel to believe.

If you're looking for something that feels like a real dick, has all the "good" qualities of a Jelly toy, but is also 100% safe for the body - then this is your guy! Long, thick, and WHAT A DICK he is? I'm in love with Silicone again!

The Tantus Cush is a brand new dildo that has all the fantastic features of a high end, pure silicone toy but also feels amazingly realistic. With a girth that's enough to push an adventurous beginner to their limits and please even the biggest size queens, this baby is a must have for almost everyone.

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