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O2 Cush Makes Me Gush!

If you're looking for something that feels like a real dick, has all the "good" qualities of a Jelly toy, but is also 100% safe for the body - then this is your guy! Long, thick, and WHAT A DICK he is? I'm in love with Silicone again!
Hypo-Allergenic, Phthalates-Free, Non-Porous, Life-Like, Girthy
Practically a lint-roller!
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The amazing O2 Cush 100% Silicone Dildo by Tantus is the perfect dildo for someone looking to find realistic fun in a not-so-realistic package! It has all the qualities of a high caliber Jelly toy, but instead, it's made of O2 premium, body-safe Silicone. So it not only feels amazing, but it's good for your body!

Since the O2 Cush is fully sterilizable (boilable, bleachable, etc.) just like any other Silicone toy, it could be used as both a vaginal and anal dildo. Not one after the other, of course, but after washing. It is girthy, so anal enthusiasts beware! This cute toy is ready to blow your hole! But if you're used to thick toys, this just may be the guy for you. Plus, it feels totally realistic... as close to real as you can get!

I would go slow upon first inserting the O2 Cush, especially if you haven't used a toy of this girth before. I have used larger toys, but I still had to take it easy and go slow. The head of the toy has a deep ridge underneath, followed by a very prominent rib that can rub you the wrong way if you are not relaxed. It does magic on the G-Spot thought! And you can thrust as hard as you want because of the ultra-soft head. No bruising the cervix tonight!

Material / Texture

The O2 Cush is made of 100% REAL, PURE Silicone. O2 is a hybrid Silicone that is made to feel more Jelly like, but is still completely non-porous and body-safe. It is also phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, bleachable, boilable, odorless, and non-toxic - 100% safe for the body!

Upon removing the O2 Cush from it's plastic shell in the box, it is VERY sticky. That has gone away now that I have washed it about three times... However, it is still sticky in the sense that it is a lint magnet! It attracts everything from dog/cat hair, lint, dust, dirt, thread to that random food crumb your husband forgot to wipe off the bed. (He's not supposed to be eating in the bed!) So you do have to rinse it quite often, but this isn't much of a con to me since I wash my toys before and after use as it is.

I will say that going on my second day with this toy, the stickiness (wet-candy-like stickiness) has disappeared. Sometimes manufacturers dust their toys down with certain materials that can be sticky. But since the toy has Jelly-like qualities (Skin-like, Soft, Squishy, etc.) it is always going to be a lint magnet and that isn't really something you will be able to avoid unless you keep it in a glass box and never open it!

The O2 Cush has an inside of your regular hard Silicone, covered in the soft, life-like O2 Silicone. The toy can bend completely back and forth with medium effort, making it as close to a real penis as you can get. The head of the O2 Cush is even completely soft and squishy like a real penis. This is great because you don't have to worry about bruising the cervix and you can thrust this baby all you want!

There is a deep ridge under the head and a very pronounced bulge about mid-way that can both give some real shocking but amazing feelings to the G-Spot. However, if you aren't used to using toys of this girth (it's pretty large, see the size section) then you might want to take it slow as it could be painful. It was a little painful for me at first, but after fully relaxing and taking my time it was AWESOME! The ridge and the bulge give some awesome G-Spot play!

Design / Shape / Size

I absolutely love the design. The inside is obviously a very dark pink, but the cloudy white O2 Silicone on the outer layer makes it a candy pink with tones of white near the top... gorgeous! I love the way the soft O2 is accompanied by the firm inside to give it a realistic feel, and the soft head is kind to the cervix while still maintaining the ability to get your G-Spot good!

There is also a very flared and solid base making this suitable for use with a harness, use for anal play, and use with a suction cup. You can find a suction cup (two-sided) here on EF for about $10. I do wish it already had a suction cup built on, because it's a great bath time toy. Luckily, I have a double sided suction cup so all I had to do was stick it to the wall and do it doggy-style in the tub! Feels amazing!

The size should be okay for most users, however if you are a virgin or haven't used any insertables before, you really want to take your time with this one. It's rather girthy, and the ridge and bulge can make that feel even more intense. Relax yourself and lube it up before using this one!

Length: 7"
Insertable length: 6 3/4"
Circumference: 5 1/2"
Diameter: 1 3/4"
Weight: 10.5 oz

I absolutely love the weight of this toy as well. It's very realistic, at 10.5 oz. It makes you feel very full, which in turn makes you feel extremely satisfied. Tantus deserves an award for this one!

It is totally suitable for travel, but you do want to buy a case or pouch to keep this in. You could keep the plastic shell insert, which would be perfectly fine actually. I went out and got an old dildo box from the garage in which I've decided to keep this one in while I go on my trip to Aspen this weekend!
    • Futuristic
    • Realistic
    • Whimsical / artistic


This toy definitely performed well when used manually (by hand). You do want to make sure to properly lubricate yourself so that insertion is not painful, as you would with any toy, but other than that there was nothing that isn't great about this toy.

With the double sided suction cup it also worked very well. I found that the slightly sticky silicone on the base made it stick even easier to the suction cup, and it felt awesome to fuck it doggystyle in the tub... If that makes sense lol.

It cleans up well, but it does attract lint, which is a con... However, it's not enough for me to take away stars from this toy. It's an AMAZING dildo.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for this toy is very easy. You can pick any method you'd like to clean it or store it! It's boilable, bleachable, dishwasher-safe, or you can go with the old warm water and antibacterial soap method. Toy cleaner is always an option, of course... But I recommend rinsing it with water since it picks up so much lint, hair, etc.

Storage, like I said, is really up to you. You can keep it in the plastic box it came in, or just keep the plastic shell, or you can use other methods of storage such as a dresser drawer or a toy box/pouch.

You do want to use ONLY water-based lubricants with the O2 Cush as it is Silicone. Silicone lubricants can react with Silicone material and actually make it melt away, which you wouldn't want it to do! Oil-based lubricants also should not be used because similar things can happen, and not all oil-based lubricants are compatible with Silicone. Water is your best bet, and products like Maximus, Sliquid H2O, or Pink Water are all great and totally compatible with this dildo.

In a sense, this toy is a little high maintenance, only because of all the rinsing that has to take place before use. However, if you asked me about the product as a whole being high maintenance, it is quite the opposite. This is the best Silicone dildo I have owned in years!
    • Easy to store
    • High maintenance


This dildo comes with a basic thin plastic box. It opens from the top in which you will see another plastic case (the shell). You pull that out, and it pops open so you can remove your toy.

The box is NOT discreet in any way, unfortunately. It isn't much of an issue for me, because I live alone with my husband. However, if you live at home with your parents, children, etc. you may want to open this privately. The box is completely see-through and talks about the sex toy all over the outside. It is full of very helpful information about it being body-safe and the cleaning methods.

There was no user's manual on the inside, but it's pretty basic. It's a silicone dildo... you put it in... take it out... clean it... and store it! If it was a vibrator, that would be another issue. But it's not, so I say Tantus did a great job at packaging this thing.

Personal comments

This just in! I actually discovered that although this does not technically have a suction cup on the bottom, it actually sticks very easily to tile walls and bathtubs. I discovered this by accident after playing with it in the tub, and it actually works! I'm super glad about this! And it does stick extremely well and will not fall off, which is always good to know. I may just be lucky, and it may just be my dildo and not all the others, but yay me!


I've had so much fun with this toy and I just got it! It feels amazing on the G-Spot, and it's the first non-glass dildo I have owned in over a year! It gives you the full feeling you're looking for in a good dildo, and even though it doesn't look exactly like a penis, it is very realistic. The O2 is soft like skin, and together with the firm inside, you wouldn't know the difference between your husband or the toy! It's cervix friendly with the soft head, and it has all the qualities of a Jelly toy (the good ones, at least!) while maintaining body-safe properties of Silicone. The highest on the safety scale! Perfect addition to anyone's toy collection!
Follow-up commentary
It's not that I don't like this anymore, I just don't like it as much. It's getting to be really high maintenance having to rinse it ALL the time. Before that wasn't a problem, as I wash my toys constantly. But for example, when I'm playing and I have to stop for a moment... Maybe to grab another toy or the phone rings... This thing picks up all sorts of lint, dust, dog hair, etc. The material is very overrated.
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