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33 reviews

The Ami is a set of 3 Kegel exercisers of different shapes, sizes, and weights. They work your PC muscles and are good for improving sexual health and preparing your body for major changes. They do take some time commitment and time to get used to. If anyone wants to try Kegel exercisers, these are great because of their variety of weights and their body safe materials.

Worth it because my sexual health is extremely important to me. This will help me to strengthen the muscles that are helpful now and in the future.

If you want a one-stop kegel system, Ami is definitely an option. Between the 3 of them, one is sure to suit your fancy. Also, the ability to graduate and go up the Ami scale is both rewarding and fun. This is one to try, folks.

My doctor assigned me to do kegel excerises to improve my pelvic muscles. I been doing them myself, but I wanted something that would help me even more. I really like these because since I have problems inserting devices, I can insert all three Ami's. I really recommend anyone who is looking to improve their pelvic muscles get these. I really like them because there smaller than the others and has a smooth texture.

Je Joue does not disappoint. I love the velvety feel of all of their toys and these balls follow suit. In comparing these to my other types of vaginal exercisers, these win hands down!! They are smooth and have the retrieval cord so even those who worry about loosing the balls don't have to worry

The Ami is the best vaginal exerciser I have ever used. It's a complete kit. When you start out with the Ami 1 and work up to the Ami 3 you learn a lot about your body, and that you can actually become tighter and have more intense orgasms!

Unfortunately, I found stage 1 and 2 of this "exercise" routine to be way too distressing due to the size of the balls in proportion to my vaginal canal. A disclaimer that I might add is that I've had size issues with exercise balls and insertion devices(rabbits, dildos, etc) in the past. This review is mainly a word of caution to those with similar issues/concerns. All bodies are different so take this review with a grain of salt.

This works! I would recommend this to anyone interested in kegel balls. It is a well made, versatile set that will last. Whether you're a beginner or looking to add to your collection, don't miss this gem!

The Je Joue Ami smart balls have an appealing, velvety texture to them. I love that they are made of silicone and are hygienic. They serve their purpose well and I have noticed in small ways how my PC muscle is stronger after using kegelcisors.

The Ami by Je Joue is everything one could ask for in a kegel exercise set. Instead of purchasing an exerciser as your muscles become accustomed to one, you get 3 varying shapes and weights to choose from. As you progress with training your PC muscles, you get to move on to the next Ami. This makes Ami excellent for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.

These are larger than in my opinion than they should be, that being said, when you wear them, you do remember to work your kegels and that is a good thing!!!

If you're an exercise buff, these might be just your thing. Unfortunately, I didn't like them very much, and they've been collecting dust in my closet.

Fantastic results from a comfortable exerciser. This isn't exactly a toy, so if that's what you are looking for, you might be disappointed.

The Je Joue Ami system is definitely worth a try for any ladies interested in working out their pc muscles. It's great for beginners because of the size gradation. These definitely aid in building pc muscle strength and control, and with that strength and control comes more intense orgasms. Win-Win, right?

This is an excellent set of kegel exercisers. Very easy and comfortable to use and super easy to care for. I would consider these a must have for any woman. I only rated them a 4 simply because I wish they were a smidge smaller. Otherwise, I'm thrilled with my purchase.

I give Ami a full 5 stars for the awesome results this set gave me. Within a week I could feel increased vaginal tightness and a decreased urge to go every 5 minutes. Whether you need this set to help ease childbirth or to recover after childbirth, try it. It can even increase the strength of your vaginal orgasms which can be enjoyed by you and your partner. With such an affordable price point I got quality silky silicone and astounding results. You should put this in your cart now.

This set is a high quality set that is great if you need something to help you remember to exercise your kegel muscles. With the three balls, you have a variety of sizes to work with. However, you don't need this to exercise your kegels and if you're forgetful like me you may put them aside and realize days later that you haven't use them. In other words, they only help if you use them.

While this set of lovely, soft silicone exercisers are not going to send you in to paroxysms of orgasmic joy it will help you strengthen your PC muscles so that you CAN be sent into paroxysms of orgasmic joy! If you have just had a baby, have been out of shape for many years or are just looking to maintain good muscle tone this set is for you. It might be a bit pricey but it will last forever and can be cleaned thoroughly enough to pass on to a friend should you outgrow this set.

This is my third addition to my vaginal ball collection. I found a use for all three of the Ami beads, but the Ami 3 was my personal favorite as it provided a very intense work out for my PC muscles. I couldn't feel the balls roll around inside of me, but that's the only thing I can say I didn't like about these. The silicone is super soft and feels comfortable for all day wear. Within a week, I notice a significant difference in tightness and orgasm strength.

The really great thing about this set is that you can really see where your PC muscles are and train them to take the smaller/heavier exerciser. These exercisers aren't one size fits all, but the set is. You will be able to use one of these to exercise your PC muscles. Better Kegels for All!

These are by far the best I have purchased, as far as PC exercisers go. We have 4 different ones, and these out shine all the others combined.

For someone who has tried a few varieties of vaginal balls, the Ami set by Je Joue are a gift from heaven. The sizes are just right, not too daunting and super comfortable to wear. The set is a great money saver as you get three for the price of one (or almost). A great set to work the kegels.

The Je Joue Ami exerciser balls are a set of three balls, all of different sizes and weights. You can progress from one to the next and strengthen your PC muscles which can have many positive impacts on your body! The Amis are fantastic and since two of them are flexible, they can conform to your body. These are excellent exerciser balls for a wide range of women.

The Ami are lovely aesthetic objects and thoughtfully designed vaginal exercisers, but for me, they weren't enough of a challenge.

The Ami is set of three different kegel exercisers. You are bound to find at least one in this set that pleases you. To be honest, I love those odds. The Ami is luxurious and unique. For $39, this is one hell of a deal!

Oh Ami! How did vaginal exercisers exist without you? You are easily the best vaginal exerciser I've ever tried, and your different sizes, different weights, sexy silicone feel, and strong retrieval cord make you a pleasure to exercise with.

If you feel that your pelvic floor muscles need strengthening, the Ami is a lovely beginner to intermediate set of vaginal exercisers. In case anyone is looking for a lovely gift for their female partner, this would indeed be a beautiful gift to give someone. The entire presentation is opulent.

These are a great set of balls for the express purpose of strengthening vaginal muscles. They are a great material (silicone), easy to work with, and work exactly as advertised. Stronger kegels will improve your sex life, so why not give them a whirl?

This is something anyone who is female bodied can use. Even if they are anti-sex toys, Ami is classy enough and does not in any way say "sex toy." I would feel comfortable showing this to my mom or giving it to an aunt or older cousin or friend if I knew they wanted or needed something like this.

Ami is a fantastic addition to anyone's set of kegel exercisers. The three different sizes allow for the user to work at her own pace and are a great value. The beautiful packaging doubles as storage, and would make this set a cute gift for a friend.

Why buy one when you could get three? The Ami set by Je Joue is a vaginal exerciser set while also a sex toy. While you're clenching and unclenching your PC muscles around them you're also feeling the internal vibrations of the weighted balls under the silky silicone skin of these.

The Ami by Je Joue is a well made vaginal ball set that allows the user to progress at her own speed. The Ami set is beautiful and comes in wonderful packaging that can be used as storage. It is a great set for anyone, no matter what their experience is with vaginal balls.

The Je Joue Ami vaginal exerciser set has an exerciser to fit any body, at any level of strength or experience. Coupled with Je Joue's elegant packaging, the deep plum silicone of the exercisers, and the budget friendly price tag for a luxury brand item, and there is almost no reason not to add this to your collection.

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