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The Ami are lovely aesthetic objects and thoughtfully designed vaginal exercisers, but for me, they weren't enough of a challenge.
Color, texture, ease of use
Too easy to use, pricey
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The Je Joue Ami come in a sexy black box, tied with a black ribbon. They are velvety purple silicone, and three of them nest in their moulded indentations. One is a single round ball, about the size of a small apricot. The second has an hourglass shape, and the widest parts are the size of cherries. The third also has that hourglass shape, and is a little bit smaller. The first is the lightest, and the third is the heaviest. They all have silicon loops that, when the exercisers are inserted, lay partially outside the vaginal opening, allowing for easy removal. The Ami are truly aesthetic objects, and highly functional. But for all their glamour, I have mixed feelings about the Je Joue Ami.

First, a caveat: I have never used any other vaginal exercisers, so I have no point of reference. Secondly, I am young and have never given birth, so that affects the state of my pelvic floor muscles.

My complaint is that, like a Gender and Sexuality 101 class, I find them just too easy. Even the heaviest ones stay in with no effort, and take little effort to move around. Also, they have little weights inside them that jiggle, and while I can feel this (it feels like something knocking about very deep inside me) it’s not exactly pleasurable. To be frank, it’s kind of weird. And it can be downright uncomfortable if it happens near my cervix, which really doesn’t like being knocked against.

My concern is with the functionality of these exercisers. Sure, when they’re in, I pay more attention and remember to do my Kegels, the price of the Ami is a little steep for just that. Sure, it seems like a great value in that you get three exercisers for what one costs elsewhere, it seems like a lot for just a reminder. Maybe you should tie a string around your finger instead.

I acknowledge that this might be different for those who have given birth, or even those with different bodies than mine. But I, personally, have not had the ideal experience with these and hesitate to recommend them.

In terms of cleaning, these are made of silicon but I wouldn’t boil them, since I’m not sure what’s inside them and whether or not it’s heat-resistant. I would wash them with soap and water, and not share them with anyone else.
Quick note: for those of you who don't know how to use these kind of things, I'll lay it out for you real quick: lube up the exerciser, insert it into your vagina, loop pointing down. Not too deep, but past your pubic mound. Now, play with flexing your muscles. Clench as if you're going to suck it up towards your cervix. Push it out, pull it back up, try to move it side to side (bonus!). Many people recommend keeping it in while you exercise or do whatever.

To take it out, just pull on the loop.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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