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The Ami by Je Joue is everything one could ask for in a kegel exercise set. Instead of purchasing an exerciser as your muscles become accustomed to one, you get 3 varying shapes and weights to choose from. As you progress with training your PC muscles, you get to move on to the next Ami. This makes Ami excellent for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.
Body Safe Silicone
3 Varying Exercisers
Reusable Packaging
Ami 1 Might Be Too Large For Beginners
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Here I have to show you the Ami 1, 2, and 3 by Je Joue. This company is the maker of classy, high end silicone toys such as the MiMi and GiKi. These three lovelies are vaginal exercisers or, more specifically, kegel balls. According to, kegel balls were invented in 1948 by Dr. Arnold Kegel as an exercise plan to help women who, after having children, experience urinary incontinence. Of course, as many of you may know, improving your bladder control is not the only plus to owning a set such as this. One may own kegel balls for health purposes, but they are also helpful before and after childbirth by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles for delivery as well as tightening after birth. The Ami does have uses as a sex toy as well. First off, the tightening previously mentioned is slated to relate to intercourse with your partners as it allows you the strength to grip the penis during penetration. Secondly, the Ami is the sex toy that keeps on giving. While in use, the weight within the toy discreetly jingles about giving off an arousing sensation to the wearer. Once no longer in use, the exercise is rumored to lead to orgasms that are higher in intensity and easier to attain.

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Material / Texture

All three of these purple beauties are made up of 100% body safe, non-porous, hypo-allergenic, phthalates free silicone where inserted. It is also made with polycarbonate plastic where the cord is located along with the base of the cord which attaches it to the exerciser. This is more of a matte silicone. There are not any smells, this does not shine like some toys have when they are new, and there is no drag. It is smooth to run against the skin. Unlike other brands of silicone I have experienced, this does not attract an overwhelming amount of lint. This is a material that can be enjoyed but beginners and advanced users alike worry free. All in all, I am very happy with the material of this toy.
One should note, as this is a kegel exerciser and there are weights inside of these toys, that they are neither overtly soft nor lifelike in feeling. There is some extra silicone provided in the Ami 1 (see pictures below) that helps to make it easier to insert. Likewise, the Ami’s 2 and 3 both have slim middle ‘necks’ that are flexible allowing for some give. Another factor that the weights play in this toy is that the balls jingle about when in use. Don’t worry. They don’t make a sound, so no one will know they are inside of you. The jingling is not consistent, and I did not always feel them when in use with the Ami 1. However, with the heavier weights in the Ami 2, it was more noticeable for me.
For those of you who might be worried about the plastic cord of this toy being too stretchy or falling off, there is no need to fret. I have pulled to my heart’s content for you and can say that not only does the cord stay firmly in place, but it does not allow for too much give that it wouldn’t be effective in helping to remove the product. The base of the cord is firm as well. While I do recommend cleaning carefully, I would not worry about bacteria ending up too deeply inside. When trying to see if the base lifted any, I found that I was unable to wedge my fingernail between the plastic base and matte silicone. If you are a beginner worried about the Ami getting stuck inside or just not sure why a cord is needed, let me give some helpful advice. The cord is your friend, especially a sturdy cord such as this one. It will help you to remove the toy by pulling on it while you either push down with your PC muscles or use your finger to press it out. Should you still hold fears that the Ami is going to get stuck, you can always insert it into a condom then pull that out when you’re ready to remove. This is unnecessary in the case of the Ami, but I’m sure reassuring nonetheless.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Before I begin explaining the general design of the Ami, there are a few facts about these kegel exercisers that need to be addressed. Je Joue states in the lovely instructions provided that the Ami have varying lengths: Ami 1 (4.37 in), Ami 2 (6.14 in), Ami 3 (5.66 in). Keep in mind that of these ranging lengths, the cord is included and with all of the Ami’s the cords are 3 inches in length each. If you’re afraid this cord will stretch too much and have some backlash, fear not. There is almost no stretch to be found with this feature. Although the three do have varying amounts of stretch with the cord, so I have provided those ranges below in the individual sections.
Another specification of these exercisers that might be a bit misleading is on the product page. If you’re like me when doing a comparison on a toy with three separate items labeled 1,2,3 you read the semantics in that order. While the length and insertable length are explained following this thought process, the circumference did not. Currently the circumference reads on the product page in a 3,2,1 format. By this I mean the semantics show up as 3 3/4, 4 1/4, 5. Really it should read: Ami 1 (5 in), Ami 2 (4 1/4), Ami 3 (3 3/4). See, backwards.
Ami 1
The Ami 1 is round with one purple ball at the end of the cord. Ami 1 is the lightest in weight, smallest in length excluding the cord, and largest in terms of circumference. All of these features were designed with a beginner in mind. By making this short but ‘thicker’, this model has a better chance of staying in place without too much effort from the wearer. This, plus the lightweight component, makes the Ami easy to keep inside and wear without any difficulty.
The Ami 1 is also the most stretchy of all the Ami’s. While all of these cords are 3 inches unstretched, Ami 1 becomes 5 inches when I pull at the end of the cord using a good amount of strength. For those of you who worry that the cord will rip off the base and risk the Ami getting stuck inside of you, this stayed in place without even a hint of ruin.
Personally, the Ami 1 has not proven to be my favorite of the bunch. As a first time user of vaginal exercisers, I appreciated the lightweight feeling of the Ami. However, I for one am not a fan of toys with circumferences on the large side. I’m not a size queen. This means that it was uncomfortable for me to put the Ami 1 in and take out. This size was something I definitely felt afterwards in a not good way before my muscles became strong enough to push it out. For those of you who prefer smaller toys, this might not be the best starter for you. Keep in mind that it is of a lighter weight, and the smaller kegel balls might be too heavy to hold.

Ami 2
The Ami 2 is almost 2 inches longer than the Ami 1 and 3/4 of an inch smaller in terms of circumference. Instead of one large ball as in the case of Ami 1, Ami 2 has two smaller bulbs with a thin, stretchy neck in the middle. This neck has a circumference of 2 1/4 inches and is much softer than the bulbs themselves. This is probably due to there being no weight in this region of the exerciser. The neck is 3/4 of an inch in length unstretched but can go as far as 2 inches if you stretch it. I’ve only seen the neck stretch out when I pull the Ami 2’s cord, which has considerably less give than the Ami 1. Pull as I might, I could only get the cord to increase by 3/4 of an inch. I have to admit though that of all the Ami’s, this cord bothered me the most. This is not to say it bothered me all of the time, but on occasion the cord of the Ami 2 does tend to chaff at my skin when I was inserting it. I don’t know exactly why this did not happen with Ami 1 and 3, but it’s something you should be aware of.
There are two weights inside the Ami 2 instead of one as in the case of the Ami 1. These are slightly heavier and do seem to have much more room to move around in than in its predecessor. Due to the smaller design than the Ami 1, I would take a guess that the Ami 2’s individual balls are not each heavier than the Ami 1’s but rather their combined weight is.
Ami 2 is for intermediate users. So far, even with the sometimes irritating cord, it is my favorite of the Ami’s. I have found the neck to be more flexible and less rigid than the Ami 3, and the weight to be comfortable enough that I feel fine going about everyday chores with this inside. If this were the three bears and I was Goldilocks, the Ami 2 with its weight and easy to handle circumference would be ‘Just Right’.

Ami 3
Similarly to the Ami 2, the Ami 3 does have two bulbs and a neck in the middle. In terms of length, the Ami 3 is in the middle of its two predecessors at 2 3/4 inches with a circumference of 3 3/4 at the two bulbs and 2 1/2 where the neck lays. The neck of the Ami 3 is only 1/2 an inch long unstretched and 1 inch when stretched. Also, like the Ami 2, the neck does not really stretch until one either pulls at it directly or pulls the cord. Out of all three Ami’s, the Ami 3 has the cord with the least give only stretching 1/2 inch more when I attempted to stretch it.
As the thinnest but heaviest of the Ami’s, you will find the most work out with this exerciser. The bulbs and neck are much denser than the other two, and there is hardly any room on the inside for the weights to shake about like they do inside of the Ami 1 and 2. This is definitely the advanced kegel exerciser as the weight combined with the circumference makes this the hardest to keep in place. Now I wouldn’t worry about the Ami 3 falling out at an embarrassing moment, because it still held just find when I used it. I just noticed that I had more difficulty going about with this Ami inside of me. I would only recommend this for the advanced users or intermediate who are interested in advancing. If you are a beginner, you do not want to start off with the Ami 3.
    • Beginner


Ami 1
Ami 1’s weight has to be the most discreet. Don’t get me wrong, I cannot hear any of these exercisers even when I’m holding them in my hand. What I mean is that the weight is the least noticeable when walking around. As a newbie to vaginal exercisers, I expected to be very aware of the Ami inside of me. However, there were times when I forgot there was anything there at all. I hardly ever felt the weights jingle about.
This isn’t to say the Ami didn’t do its job strengthening my PC muscles and getting me ready to move on to the Ami 2. After using this a week, I definitely noticed a difference in the strength of my vaginal muscles. The first time I removed Ami 1, it was uncomfortable. I felt the discomfort even after it was gone. This was because I couldn’t really push the ball out on my own with my muscles. Instead I had to pull the cord and use my fingers to coax it out. By the end of the week, I was able to push this out with a light tug of the string and mainly using my inner muscles. This helped me to understand the benefits of using these exercisers in preparation for childbirth.
Ami 2
Like I’ve stated above, the Ami 2 is my favorite of the bunch. It is also the most arousing of the three in my opinion. I think the fact that there are two weights jingling about that are not too heavy and at my size comfort level has something to do with this. This one is not so bulbous that removal was at all uncomfortable. This was much easier to remove than the Ami 1 though not as easy to remove as the Ami 3. Nevertheless, it was my favorite Ami to remove because I still felt that my PC muscles were getting a workout while pushing the Ami 2 out while not feeling the discomfort I felt after removing the Ami 1. I also liked that this seemed to be the easiest to insert of the three Ami’s. Due to the large circumference of the Ami 1, I experienced some discomfort when inserting the exerciser inside of me. Meanwhile, the rigidity of the Ami 3 due to the heavier weight made it also uncomfortable to insert. The Ami 2 had enough space within its bulbs and a thin, flexible neck to help ease this exerciser inside of me with no problem.
Walking around with the Ami 2 inserted, I decided to skip regular exercises and try using these while doing daily activities, was not problem. I did not forget that it was inside of me, but I had no trouble keeping it in place while constantly in fear that the Ami 2 might be too heavy. Usually I wore it for an hour a day then removed the Ami 2, but I probably could have went longer comfortably without a problem.
Ami 3
While the Ami 3 might not be my favorite, I can grow to love it in time. This is by far the easiest of the Ami’s to remove and the one you will be most aware of once it’s inside. I think the two coincide. Due to the Ami 3 having the smallest circumference of the set, it feels like it would slip out the easiest when you’re trying to keep it in place. It should be of no surprise that, once you are ready to remove the Ami 3, it’s almost like it does just slip right out. I really did not have to work my PC muscles too much to remove the Ami 3 and had I started out with something this thin in the beginning I probably would have liked the Ami 1 more. Since I had gotten used to working my muscles and pushing them out left me dissatisfied. When I remove the Ami’s I want to feel the progress my muscles are making as they strengthen, and the Ami 3 does not provide this since it’s so easy to remove.
Since the weight of this Ami is heavier than the other two and there is no real give in the bulbs along with only a bit of stretch in the neck, I found this to be to most uncomfortable when inside of me. If I’m being honest, I almost removed them half way through trying them out for this review because I didn’t want to feel the discomfort. In all honesty, I think this is because I’m not up to the level of advanced user yet so this was probably something my body wasn’t ready for. For those of you who are ready, don’t let this deter you from the Ami.
    • Discreet sound

Care and Maintenance

Since Ami does have a plastic cord and cord base attached to it, there are some restrictions to cleaning this toy. While the Ami’s insertable portion is 100% silicone with the exception of the base that attaches the cord should make it easy to clean, but there are some things you do not want to do. Now the directions say the Ami can be boiled but only for 30 seconds. Personally, I’m not going to risk the plastic melting in this process. To preserve your Ami and keep it clean, wash it in warm water with antibacterial soap. Speaking of preservation, since this toy is made of silicone, I cannot stress enough the importance of NOT using silicone lube when inserting this toy. Now ladies, chances are you will have to pour some lubricant on this toy before using, because it’s going to get a lot of use and our bodies might not always be prepared. Should you need lube, use something in the water based family. Silicone lubricant on a silicone toy will only lead to destruction of the toy. You don’t want that. If you’re investing in this lovely set, make sure to get the right lube to go with it.
Storage for this toy is provided, see Packaging, but please remember what I just said about silicone and silicone being incompatible. There are molds inside the provided storage that should keep the Ami’s separated, Should you decide to get rid of that, take care to separate the three so they are not touching.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Je Joue double packs the Ami. The package comes wrapped in cellophane with an outer white and purple box made of a light cardboard material with the Ami’s pictures on display. This portion of the packaging is not very discreet and leaving it out with this cover would surely let visitors know you have a sex toy. Luckily, if you open the box on the side, out slides the second packaging provided for the Ami.

This is much more discreet. It is made of a thick, black cardboard substance with just the Je Joue name and logo at the top. Should you choose to leave this around your house for visitors to see, they would be none the wiser of what's inside. Once you lift this box open from the top, you will find your Ami’s nestled inside of their own plastic molds with the names of each, to avoid confusion, above them. This makes for a nifty reusable storage space and includes a little white pamphlet with a plethora of information on the Ami and how to perform kegel exercises. If you would like more room for some condoms or a small bottle of lube, the plastic mold is removable. You should be able to fit a few small items inside.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal

Personal comments

How to Insert
For those of you who might be wondering how to insert a vaginal exerciser, the Ami does come with directions. If you’re still curious, I’ll let you know.
Leg Lift
To insert the Ami, you will need to lift your leg and rest it on something. I would recommend a bed or desk depending on how far up you want your leg to go. From there, place one of your fingers on the base that attaches the cord to the Ami and push it in. Do not stop pushing the Ami in until you reach your PC muscles. You can locate these muscles by clenching inside of your vagina. When you can feel the muscles clench around the exerciser, you know you’ve got it in. If you have not reached your PC muscles and leave the Ami in, it will start to slide out. If this happens, go back and make sure you’ve reached them.
Laying Down
The next way to insert the Ami is the one I’m most comfortable with. Lay on your back and bend your knees. Depending on how comfortable you are with the insertion, you may want to spread your knees before inserting the Ami. I have also found that elevating your hips helps with this method as well. From here, follow the same pattern as the instructions for the first insertion technique.
How to Use
For those of you who might be wondering how one uses a kegel exerciser, I have provided some methods curtsy of
While standing, keep the Ami inside of you while clenching your pelvic floor muscles. Hold like this for about ten seconds then let your body relax. This will increase in difficulty depending on what Ami you are using. The Ami 1 is the easiest to hold in because of its shape, whereas the slender and heavy Ami 3 might not be as easy to hold in. It is recommended that you do three sets of these a day everyday should you choose to go with this exercise method.
Insert your Ami of choice, stand with your legs hips width apart, and squat down with your butt out. Try to keep your back straight and your chest up while doing so. While doing this, remember to clench your PC muscles keeping the Ami in place. Personally, I have never tried this method. I would not recommend it for those using the Ami 3, since I imagine there would be discomfort. This should be fine with the Ami 1 and 2 though.
Day to Day Activities
Okay, so I will admit that I did try the standing method for about a day before I decided it wasn’t for me. I’m not really a workout and concentrate type of person. I feel like there’s a lot I could be doing when I am home, so why not do it? For this reason, after my first day trying the Ami, I skipped ahead and started using them during day to day activities. I’ve read and heard that this is the advanced stage of working out for a kegel exerciser. As someone who had never used a vaginal exerciser before, I have to say I had no problems skipping to this step. However, not everyone is the same. Anyway, this is the exercise where you wear the Ami while doing dishes, at work, in the shower, etc. while keeping the exerciser in for a fair amount of time. Whereas the other workouts only want you to keep the Ami in for a short enough time to do a couple of sets, this is for as long as you feel comfortable. That could be hours. Like I said, I had no problem here and kept them in for at least an hour a day each. All the while doing the activities listed above.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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