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Lady lager reviews

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21 reviews

The second best of the Sex in a Can trilogy, the Lady Lager is the best for emulating vaginal intercourse, but is a bit more inconsistent than other fleshlights I have tried.

It is so super soft, which makes it realistic for men who have an average to less than average girth. If you or your partner have a thicker penis, this may be a tad bit too tight on you/them to fully enjoy it.

I think this toy was absolutely worth it. Whether a man is looking for something different while the wife is pregnant, single and trying to be safe, or just looking for another way to blow a fantastic load... the Lady Lager is definitely worth the money.

The fleshlight sex in a can series is not all that great. It is meant to be a smaller version of the actual fleshlight, but it really doesn't come close to it.

The Fleshlight sex in a can sounds great, but it's not! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless you like it really, tight, and small.

This is not the best toy, but still pretty good. It's about as discreet as you're going to get. This comes with free lube.

This toy is supposed to be a smaller, more discreet cousin of the original fleshlight line, but it pretty much fails at everything it is supposed to do. It is far from realistic and it would be insulting to even try to compare it to the real thing. The beer can design doesn't have much value as the stickers give away exactly what it is and it also takes away a lot from the performance of the device as well. All around a terrible product, you should save your money.

The Lady Lager is an overall great toy for someone looking for something with a tighter fit than the original lady, and is easier to hide. I'de reccomend it

This toy is fun solo or for couples. It is safe, fun, and worth the money. A simple choice for anyone.

After enjoying Fleshlights for a few years, I have to say while I was always reluctant to try the Sex-In-A-Can line because I thought it would be too small.. Never could I have been more wrong. So far I do not have anything really negative to say about this product. ILF has nailed it once again. I would not hesitate one second before buying the rest of the Sex-In-A-Can series. If you are on the low end of average / below average endowment then this will completely blow your mind!

The Lady Lager Fleshlight is part of the fleshlight sex in a can branch of toys - somewhat miniature versions of the original fleshlight. Each can in the series contain a different external (visual effect) and internal texture, this one containing the lotus texture with the vagina visuals. The sleeve lies in the center of the stimulation range as fleshlights seem to go. It's not perfectly smooth, but the texture isn't aggressive, meaning that it's a good bet for the first buy.

Ladies if you're always getting tired or sore hands and wrists from giving hand jobs to your partner, Lady Lager is a great toy to get for your man. It makes giving a hand job a lot more fun and it's so much better and easier to grip this can than his penis alone. Avoid messy lubed up hands by using this masturbator! Your partner will love the supersoft real feel of the superskin material and the added ribs means extra pleasure and stimulation for him! You will both love using this can of love!

Lady Lager is a great pocket pussy from the Fleshlight company. The sleeve comes in a container which looks like a beer can and is fairly discreet. The supersoft, ribbed material makes for a softer, more realistic yet bumpy experience. Beginners and advanced users will appreciate Lady Lager. It beats just using your hand!

Like most of Fleshlight toys I've tried, the Lady Lager is a surprisingly durable and well-made product. It provides very intense stimulation, but sometimes a bit too much. A bit of finesse is necessary, but it can provide a fantastic orgasm.

The Fleshlight Lady Lager is definitely a wonderful addition to any man's toy chest and is a must have for any man that likes the gentler sensations. It isn't a toe curling experience, but it will pamper and please the hell out of your member. It is one of the most realistic sexual experience I've had and is second only to my wife.

The Fleshlight Lady Lager is a easy-to-handle version of the regular Fleshlight. It is very tight, and it provides a lot of great stimulation and sensation during use. It has a lot of tight entrances to pass through, and the smaller size means that even smaller guys will still be able to experience the entire length of this Sex in a Can Fleshlight.

Obviously there is nothing in this world that feels quite as good as the real thing, but the Fleshlight Lady Lager comes darn close, and it does so for a very reasonable price. If you are looking for a top of the line male masturbator, then odds are that this is the toy for you.

After years of pleasuring yourself, you'll likely come to the same conclusion I did: my hand is quite a bit better at turning me on than the Fleshlight is!

Need to kick back with a good can of brew? The Lady Lager is a non-alcoholic masturbator-in-a-can that offers men a whimsical way to get off. No matter how many times you cum with this toy, you won’t need a designated driver as long it is used as directed.

The Fleshlight Lady Lager offers a tight, real-feel sleeve in a sturdy, semi-discreet (discreet from a distance) case. The Lady Lager sleeve is made with a ridged texture that is in the middle of the stimulation range for Fleshlights. A screw-on base offers adjustable suction during use, and the sleeve works on most men (up to 1.75" wide and 7.5" long).

It is so super soft makes it so realistic. Although it doesn't replace my wife, but it surely comes close to it.

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