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Discreet Pleasure-in-A-Can

The Fleshlight Lady Lager is a easy-to-handle version of the regular Fleshlight. It is very tight, and it provides a lot of great stimulation and sensation during use. It has a lot of tight entrances to pass through, and the smaller size means that even smaller guys will still be able to experience the entire length of this Sex in a Can Fleshlight.
Light-weight, Easy to handle, Very tight, Provides lots of sensation
Not as amazing as some other textures
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The Fleshlight Lady Lager is one of the Fleshlight Sex in a Can series toys. It's about four inches shorter than the regular Fleshlight, and it is much "smaller". The Lady Lager has the lady/vaginal orifice, and it is about eight inches long. The Fleshlight comes with the outer, plastic casing as well as the SuperSkin sleeve. The sleeve is six and a half inches long, and it doesn't include any material at the end of the sleeve for larger guys.

The packaging for this Lady Lager is a plastic, plain tube. The masturbator is actually glued to the packaging, so you might want to get this sex toy out before you plan on actually using it. Along with that, there's a small sample of lubricant included, so make sure to open up the Fleshlight before use as they actually store the lubricant INSIDE the Fleshlight. (We found this out the hard way; most awkward thing to clean.) Along with that, the display page for the Fleshlight is also the instructional manual for the Fleshlight.

All Fleshlight come with the outer, plastic case. With a regular Fleshlight, it's not decorated. However, with this one, the outer texture is decorated to make it look like a jumbo-size beer can. The case includes a lid as well as a screw-on bottom. The lid screws off in order to use it, but it also screws on to protect the sleeve when not in use. The bottom actually can be screwed tighter or looser to control the pressure inside the chapter of the Sex in a Can. The can itself doesn't look realistic if you get a closer look at it, but it looks more discreet than the large, full-size Fleshlight. However, most people would still question why you're keeping a beer can in your room anyway.

The inside sleeve has the Lady Lager texture. It is a unique texture only to this Lady Lager Fleshlight. The texture looks a bit like a modified version of the Lotus texture. The Fleshlight starts off with some slightly tight texture bulbs, then it moves onto a Lotus mode, and towards the back of the Fleshlight, it slightly resembles the Wonder Wave texture. This mixture of textures means that the Fleshlight ends up being pretty tight throughout the body of the toy. There are periods where it gets slightly larger or you go through a tight "entrance". The boyfriend says the most intense texture is towards the back of the Fleshlight, but luckily for the shorter guys, this toy is only 6 and a half inches of insertable length, so most guys will be able to reach the back of this Fleshlight sleeve.

The boyfriend has an average-sized penis that has a bit more in girth, and this Fleshlight works fine for us. He enjoys this Fleshlight, and he says that it is pretty tight. He says it's one of the tighter Sex in a Can Fleshlights. He says there are tighter full-size Fleshlights, but this is one of the tighest Sex in a Can ones. He says that going through each one of the mini entrances is actually very pleasurable, and he has had no problem reaching orgasm with this Fleshlight. The orifice entrance isn't as tight as it could be, but he says that it's still pleasurable to enter, and he really enjoys the lighter size of the Sex in a Can Fleshlight versus the larger, heftier size of the regular Fleshlights.

A Fleshlight takes special considerations for cleaning. Fleshlight shouldn't be washed with regular soap as it can degrade the Superskin material. As such, we normally just rinse ours out with really hot or really warm water. With all of our toys, it hasnt' caused any sort of problem. Superskin is also only compatible with water-based lubricants. The Lady Lager can be stored back in the original plastic tube, but since it comes with its own plastic case, I recommend you just put the lid back on the case and store it that way.

We own quite a few different Fleshlights (almost all of the regular and Fleshlight Girls textures), and this is one of the boyfriend's favorite Sex in a Can Fleshlights. He says it doesn't quite compare with the larger Fleshlight textures, but at the same time, he also says it's much lighter and easier to handle than the larger, bulkier ones. If you enjoy the sensation of a tight entrance over and over (that isn't quite realistic), then the Lady Lager Fleshlight has you covered.
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  • Linga
    Great review Kayla! I think this toy is just hilarious. I would buy it just for a gag.
  • B8trDude
    The sleeve was glued to the case? I don't remember mine being that way. I agree though, this is a good one.
  • Screaming Violet
    So can you take the top and bottom caps off to rinse through it if the sleeve is glued into the sleeve?
    Interested in getting this for my flatmate as normal fleshlights are way too bulky and I think he'd enjoy the tighter feelings of this one but cleaning it is a big issue for him.
    thanks for the amazing review (as always )
  • ToyTimeTim
    I still need to try a can Fleshlight, you make this one sound pretty good.
  • PassionQT
    Great review. I've purchased my partner fleshlights and the tenga..He never uses them! We've given one unused one to a friend of ours. I hope he's getting some use out of it!
  • Kayla
    @Screaming Violet: It's glued, but it removes itself if you pull hard enough. It's annoying to deal with when you want to "use" it, but it doesn't "stay" glued. It now comes out. It's just that shipping had it stuck to the case.
  • Ms. Spice
    i think it would be awesome to leave this around just for shits and giggles ... i need to find a guy friend to give this too. awesome review
  • Lucky21
    This one is on my list. I'm actually a little worried now hearing about the glue coming undone. Have you run into a ton of problems with it since? (Maybe I should just wait for the follow up ) Thanks for the great review!
  • Diabolical Kitty
    Nice review.
  • Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
    My husband loves his Tera Patrick Twista, but I have to admit it is sometimes hard for me to hold if I am the one using it on him. The can would probably be easier.

    Warm water is all we use when cleaning his Fleshlight as well. It seems to work okay.
  • Love Perpetua
    Thanks for the review!
  • butterflygirlxo
    I wanna get a fleshlight for my man...he likes his beer so i thought this would be a great gag gift even though he would still use it.
  • Andrey2052
    Good job.
  • BlooJay
    Awesome review! Thx!
  • sXeVegan90
    Thank you for the review!
  • Cat E.
    Good review.
  • ChaosZero
    Great review, thank you very much. Lots of useful info
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