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Contour M reviews

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35 reviews

Contour M is a great product to have on hand to help soothe sore muscles and create an intimate experience with your partner. Its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to use and the design makes it an all-in-one type of tool. Add in its great ability to hold temperature, the fact that it's compatible with any massage oil/lotion, and how discreet it is; and you really couldn't ask for a better product!

The Contour M by Jimmyjane is a versatile massage stone that's sure to have couples enjoying their time spent together much more. It really adds an intimate and relaxing touch to every massage making it easier for everyone to reap the benefits of a good massage. Just add your favorite massage oil or lubricant, warm it up or cool it down and enjoy!

I love this massager and I would fully recommend to anyone that likes giving/getting massages. It's an easy way to show your loved one how much you appreciate them. The Contour M is so smooth and comforting. There really is no wrong way to use it, anyway you turn this, it feels amazing.

Whether you're looking to give a sensual massage to get that certain someone in the mood, or giving a massage to help relief kinks in muscles and just stress of the day, this is a great little tool for that! It's made of a firm, smooth, glossy coated ceramic to provide muti-point or single point pressure to the body.

The Contour M looks like it wandered out of a high dollar spa. It is sensual, the perfect size and can deliver a hot stone massage like a pro. This should be in every couple's toy box since it promotes actually touching your partner in a loving manner.

This is a great massager and a great gift. Appropriate for all. It has a simple but elegant design and it works wonderfully, gliding across your skin and my bumm. I would say that everyone needs one of these. You can use it with your massage candles, oils, or lotions.

The Jimmyjane Contour M ceramic massage stone has been a wonderful addition to my growing collection of massage products. It's easily warmed and holds onto the heat well, resulting in deep, relaxing massages. The nodes are great for working out the kinks, while the smooth, large surface of the other side is more suitable for soothing, broad strokes. This stone glides easily with just a little bit of massage oil, but can get a little difficult to hold onto, if you're not careful.

If you like giving or receiving massages, but you or your partner's hands tend to get sore or tired, give the Contour M a try!

The Contour M made by JimmyJane is a ceramic massage stone that combines the indulgence of hot stone massage with the benefits of a sensual massage. Made of durable porcelain, it’s ergonomic, body-safe, and easy to clean. The stone is also good to get all your kinks out after a busy day. Warm it up to soothe or cool it down to refresh. Its smooth polished surface glides over the skin, relieving tension as you go.

This is the best non-vibrating massager that we own. It is great for relieving tension from our bodies and allows my husband and I the opportunity to be within close contact of each other.

This massager is a great alternative to a hot stone massage! It can be used in various ways and really start off a great night! I love mine and would highly recommend this to others that are interested in massage. This also makes a great gift. Packaging is very elegant.

This is a magical little body massager from JimmyJane. It's great for sore muscles or a sensual massage. Maybe we are getting old, but full body massages are quickly becoming our #1 foreplay activity. This hand massager never lets us down.

The "M" massage stone is totally worth buying for someone who either knows they like massage stones for more pressure, or for someone who wants a "cleaner" massage and doesn't like getting oil all over their hands. Massage stones aren't for everyone, though, and I wouldn't recommend buying this one if you didn't like other stones you've bought for this purpose. One big suggestion for "M" stone users: Put the effort into warming it up. It definitely makes the experience better!

We could not be happier with our JimmyJane massage products. The Contour M is easy to use, extremely enjoyable, and well-made. It definitely will help you rediscover the power, and eroticism, of touch.

The JimmyJane Contour M massage stone is an odd looking glazed ceramic piece used for giving massages, either by itself or with massage oils or JimmyJane Massage Oil Candle Wax. It is amazing for providing firm pressure from its different points to help work out knots and kinks in many parts of the body during a massage. The sensual shape and convenient size will make it suitable for virtually any user.

Everyone loves the Controur M, right? Well, I guess I'm that one person who has to disagree with the magic of it. Sure, it works as a great little massage tool, but it didn't work for me like it did for everyone else. I really enjoy hands for massage because of the variations you can do. This one was too much of the same thing over and over to really do anything for me. I'm a little spoiled when it comes to massages, though.

This stone gives the best massages. Although a little bit pricey, they are well worth the price. I highly recommend the entire contour system with the euphoric massage oil.

Use it with oil, without, and even over a shirt ~ massages feel amazing! Romantic massages make for really good foreplay, feel great, and even feel loving. The luxurious massage stone from Jimmyjane can help save your hands & make your massages better.

Jimmyjane sure do know how to bring couples closer! The Contour M massager is a great addition to any toy box and it makes a great gift for any massage enthusiast. It is safe, easy to use and can be used in many ways.

Great for intimacy, saying I'm sorry, spicing up life, switching things up and sensual love! Read the reviews, be stunned, purchase The Contour M, and star giving and receiving an amazing massage!

The Contour M is a great addition to a massage. It offers deep muscle strokes and is super relaxing. The M is easy to use and has a bowl-like center that is great for adding oils and lotions to. It is made of high quality ceramic that is ideal for temperature play. The Contour M is a well-made, quality stone for a great price.

Contour M is perfectly sized for any type of massage. It fits easily into the palm of the hand no matter which way it is used. This can be used with both massage oil and temperature play for an exciting or relaxing experience.

The Contour M works wonderfully. I had my reservations, but with massage oil or without, the Contour M makes giving a massage much more comfortable and effortless.

The Contour M makes massages easy for both the beginner and advanced user alike! This stone fits perfectly in the palm and can be used for allover and pinpoint massage. The porcelain can be heated or cooled for temperature play, slides smoothly along skin when paired with oil or lotion, and makes this a durable and lasting addition to your collection. Everyone should own one.

The Contour M by JimmyJane is the well known sensual massager that resembles the crown of a molar. It's light, and sized perfectly for just about any hand. It's great for people who are new to massage, and people who've been making massage a part of their relationship forever. It's versatile, being usable as a sort of base for the Contour I and Q, if you can get past the noise. And it gives an excellent massage all by itself.

The design of this gorgeous massage stone from JimmyJane is one that allows even the most inexperienced massage giver to feel like they really know what they're doing. Add to that the ability to mess around with temperature play, how affordable it is, how much it cuts down on hand fatigue, and so many other things, there's no real downsides.

The Jimmyjane Contour M stone is a palm sized stone with four pressure points that makes giving a deep massage almost effortless. Paired with some warm oil it glides along the skin almost perfectly, the blunt, rounded tips perfect for deeper kneading. A must have.

I can't say anything negative about the Contour M. It has made massage time a lot more enjoyable for us. I have a feeling we'll both be getting massages a lot more often now that we have this stone. The only thing I'm wishing is that I had two so that I could have one for each hand!

This brilliantly-conceived massage stone gives you three types of massage style, including broad and shallow stimulation and deeper, multiple-point stimulation. It enables you to give a quality massage without over-straining your hands.

This beautiful little stone can work your muscles and sooth a stressed body. The Contour M is lovely chilled or warmed for a spa experience at home.

The Contour M is a great tool to have on hand for massages. Whether you want to work out the kinks in your partners neck or give a more sensual rub-down during foreplay, it's going to suit your needs.

You don't have to be a professional to give a great massage! This product is worth every cent. I can't wait to buy another so that I have one for each hand!

The Jimmyjane Contour M Massager is a wonderful tool for giving someone, as close as possible, a professional massage at home. It is made out of double-fired porcelain and can be heated or cooled for an added temperature effect. This is a wonderful massager. I highly recommend it!

The JimmyJane Contour M massager is the perfect way to add some intimacy and touch into your relationship. The quality and cost of the product make it a purchase all couples should make.

Whether this be a compliment to a hand massage or the sole source of massage goodness, the Contour M provides a great and effective way to relax your partner, set the mood, or simply connect on a more intimate level. It does take some time and practice to learn what kinds of strokes and pressures work, but after that learning curve has been conquered, this massager becomes a very effective tool.

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