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Shunga massage candle Shunga massage candle

Massage candle by Shunga Erotic Art

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Shunga massage candle reviews

31 reviews
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31 reviews

Candles already add romance and relaxation to any atmosphere but when you can use your candle for more then just decor it becomes a must have for everyone. Burn this candle during a romantic bath, enjoy the scent and then use the wax as a moisturizer or grab your partner and take turns with an intimate massage section. The wax hits a comfortable temperature so it doesn't burn your skin when poured directly from the candle to your skin.

Who doesn't love a romantic candle lit interlude and a relaxing massage? With the Shunga massage candle you can have both. The candle provides a amorous atmosphere, all the while melting into a pool of lovely warm massage oil. The massage after is the best part. It's warm and relaxing and the vanilla fragrance is pleasing. I love this massage candle.

This massage oil/candle can take you to your own personal paradise with its lovely strong--but not over-powering--fruity scent! Leaving your skin in better condition after the massage is a bonus, and the not-too-hot oil makes for a great, relaxing massage!

I had a great first experience with this massage candle! This candle also smells delicious! It makes your skin feel very soft and moisturized even hours after using it. I'm very happy that I decided to try it out.

The Shunga massage candles are wonderful! I honestly have nothing bad to say about them. The scents are Heavenly and they burn well. They don't burn the skin and they last a long time. If you want a candle that moisturizes and gives a good massage, you have found it in the Shunga candles.

Imagine yourself laying on your bed with your partner over you. A candle's light is emitting a soft glow. Next you feel your partner's hands glide across your body, leaving a warm trail of silky oil. The scent of warm vanilla quicky fills you. Your daily worries and stress quickly fade as your partner pampers you in a romantic, sensual way that leaves you feeling relaxed and ready for more.

The vanilla candle smelt great and left the room with the lingering after-smell for a while. As it's my first massage candle, I can't judge it so harshly yet, but overall, it was a good buy and made for a nice relaxing time with my partner.

If you are looking to set a romantic mood for a sensual massage with your partner this is the candle for you.

If you're looking for a quality massage candle, look no further than one of Shunga's massage candles. The vanilla scent smells like sweet, spicy, vanilla. The wax lasts a long time while massaging and the scent is relaxing.

I really enjoyed this candle. Both for the benefits of a massage candle (the temperature, the romance of a candlelit massage, the smell) but also the niceness of this particular candle. It went on smooth and lasted a long time, giving us a really amazing time.

Massage candles are a fun and great smelling way to spice up the night for a couple. The biggest perk of this candle is it's strong smell and lingering smell. This particular Rose scented massage candle can fill a room in under 30 minutes when lit.

This massage candle is a good candle to start off with if you are new to massage candles. It fills the room with an amazing scent. Despite possible leakage and a small spoon to scoop the oil with, there is nothing wrong at all with this candle. It's a great candle to use in bed with your partner and a new twist to regular massage oil from a bottle.

I love my Shunga Massage Candle by Shunga Erotic Art! The oil massages onto the skin nicely. It's not too thick, nor is it too thin. The oil does not absorb into the skin quickly so we didn't have to worry about reapplication during our longer massage session. Once the oil is absorbed into the skin, the area where it has been applied feels soft, conditioned, and brand new. I am in love with this candle and plan on purchasing one just for myself.

If you have considered picking up a massage candle, this one is great. The oil doesn't get waxy as it cools, it is gentle and moisturizing to skin, and it performs wonderfully for a long massage. It smells very good and the scent of the candle and the flickering of candlelight sets a romantic mood before your massage.

Even though the Shunga massage candle could be improved, it is certainly worth purchasing. It isn't the most luxurious massage candle on the market, but it price reflects that. It is an affordable way to add ambiance to a massage, the warm oil feels light and smooth on your skin, and leaves your skin with a luscious glow without an overpowering smell.

If you're looking for a non-messy massage product that leaves your skin soft even after a shower, this candle would be a good pick. If the slickness of a massage oil is your thing, this may not be your perfect match, but I really couldn't imagine this massage candle being a disappointment to anybody. If you already know you love massage candles, I can see this being a favorite. With little mess and a thick consistency, this allows you to give a deep muscle massage to your loved one!

I definitely advertise this product to all my friends. It's a perfect basic for the house or bedroom area. Perfect with a partner or by yourself. You will definitely love all the compliments you'll receive with this product.

If you love candles and love a room that smells great this is a wonderful candle for you! Doubling not only as a mood setting item but a sensual massage oil, this is great for more than just additional light and added aroma! Enjoy rubbing your lover down with an oil that won't have you running to the bathroom to clean up right afterwards!

Even though I didn't like the end result, it was still fun to use this candle. I hope to try more in the future, but this candle didn't get me excited to go get another right away. I do recommend trying a product like this because it is unique and very sensual. And if you end up hating it, you will still have 45 hours of amazing smell time.

This is the best massage candle I've tried so far. It has a low melting point, so the wax doesn't get too hot, yet it stays liquid for a good while after it cools. The moisturizing oils leave skin soft, if a tad bit greasy, but there's no waxy residue. This candle has a long burn time, and the packaging is travel-friendly. I just don't like the "Exotic Fruits" scent. It's way too perfumy and smells like bubble gum.

Candles are a must when setting a romantic mood. This is one romantic, sweet-smelling candle that will surprise your lover when you start to drip the wax on their body. From start to finish, this candle will amaze and delight. Highly recommended for any bedroom!

A delicious-smelling candle with a long life. It's perfect for couples that want to set aside a nice amount of time to give massages to each other.

This is a gorgeous little massage candle. While I've had better lavender items, the scent is not too overwhelming. I personally liked how the scent stayed on my hands long after I used it. It's a great way to add some character to a room and moisturize yourself! The oil itself was not too sticky either.

The Shunga massage candle is a great candle for a great price. I'm excited to try out other massage candles!

This highly-recommended massage candle is perfect for setting the mood for a romantic evening. The candle works well and the scents are just right.

The Shunga massage candle is a good option if you're looking for something to take along on a trip. The scent is light and pleasant, though it may still cause headaches for those with sensitive noses. It's only downside is the greasy residue it leaves behind.

The Shunga massage candle, while a bit waxier than some, makes for a terrific, warm, sweetly scented massage. The wax melts to a nice, thick, oil that glides on the skin and lasts as long as you want to rub, massage and caress. The scent is reminiscent of Juicy Fruit gum, which some may not like; it is fruity and sweet. Any remaining wax/oil that doesn't absorb into the skin is easily washed off and is non staining.

This is my new favorite candle! It smells great and melts into a nice sensual massage oil. Who doesn't love massage or candles? I found this candle to be a perfect addition to a quiet evening alone to just bond with each other and explore. The massage oil was nice and slick, lightly scented and wasn't too waxy. I highly recommend it as a sensual aide!

The idea of this product is really great; a scented candle that melts into massage oil. For that alone, it's pretty cool, but in that respect it doesn't quite live up to anything extraordinary. It is definitely fun and new.

Great candle for use as massage oil. I like to bring it along with me when we go to hotels! It makes an excellent gift for couples.

The Shunga Massage Candle is wonderful for creating ambience during a massage, as well as providing a lovely scented, warm, quality massage oil.

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