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Hot Vanilla Fun!

This is my new favorite candle! It smells great and melts into a nice sensual massage oil. Who doesn't love massage or candles? I found this candle to be a perfect addition to a quiet evening alone to just bond with each other and explore. The massage oil was nice and slick, lightly scented and wasn't too waxy. I highly recommend it as a sensual aide!
Smells great! Melts into a nice warm massage oil that's slick without being too waxy.
It seemed to take awhile to get enough wax melted into oil. Not a big issue though.
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Who doesn't love candles? When I happened across this "dual use" candle|Shunga massage candle from Shunga erotic art, I was extremely excited! This looked perfect for adding that extra "mood" to the bedroom for a quiet night at home with hubby! Not only was it "mood" setting but, it also melts into a luxurious, scented massage oil! Sweet!

When it arrived, I cut the shrink wrap away from the metal container and opened it up. I was immediately greeted by a lovely, warm vanilla scent. Laying on top of the candle was a mini, white plastic spoon for dipping out melted wax/oil. The candle itself had a nice even form (not lopsided or anything) and was also a nice off whitish color. It seemed so sensual, I couldn't wait to surprise hubby later with a nice warm massage!

This is a soy candle and to be exact, the ingredients are: Hydrogenated soybean oil, Coco nucifera oil, Fragrance, Prunus dulcis oil, Carthamus tinctorius oil, Persa americana oil, Sesamum indicum oil, Vitis vinifera oil and Tocopherol.

The directions say to light the candle, wait 20 minutes (I found it to be more like 30) and extinguish the flame (Ooops! I neglected to do that.). Pour the melted wax into the palm of your hand (the oil should be warm but, not burning hot.). Gently apply the oil to your partner's body and enjoy the subtle aroma and warm effect combined with a sensual massage|Erotic Massage: The Touch of Love - DVD that will help you both discover exciting intimate moments.

When hubby arrived home from work, I quickly sent him to the shower while I slipped into the bedroom and lit the Shunga massage candle. About 30 minutes later, I escorted him into the bedroom and had him lay face down on the bed supporting his head with a pillow. There was already a nice amount of wax melted into massage oil and I had my Hitachi magic wand on standby that I had previously covered with a condom. I found it a bit odd to try and get the massage oil from the candle on the dresser, to hubby on the bed so, I carefully placed the candle on the headboard shelf and positioned myself sitting on hubby's butt. I then took the mini, plastic spoon and dipped out a small amount of oil and dripped it onto my hand to "test" the temperature. The temperature was fantastic! It was nice and warm but, definitely not burning hot! I dipped out some more and oiled my hands up well before placing them on his back. A nice relaxing moan escaped his lips so, I knew he was anticipating a pleasurable time! Next, I decided to take a spoon full of oil and drip it into my hand to test the temperature again. Again it was nice and warm but, not hot so, I decided to drip some on his back. I dripped little spoon fulls from a nice distance to make sure it cooled a bit before it hit his back. He found this very pleasurable too! When I had his back oiled up enough, I grabbed my Hitachi and gave him a good, thorough, deep massage. He loved every minute of me exploring his body, slipping my fingers around on his back followed up by the Hitachi! He was nearly asleep when I was through with him!

If you're looking for something to add to a nice quiet evening at home, this is it! Not only to you get the benefits of the candle light but, the scent is great, the oil is nice and slick without being to waxy and it's supposed to be good for 45 hours of fun! We have not used it that long yet but, it does seem to burn pretty slow so, that wouldn't surprise me a bit!
We thought this candle was fantastic! If you love candles like we do, then you really need to add at least one of these to your collection! We loved the vanilla scent although I know there are people out there who are appalled by the scent so, vanilla isn't for everyone but, you could go with fruit, lavender or rose instead! I haven't personally tried the others but, I'm sure they are equally wonderful!

We found this to be a wonderful sensual aide to help explore and relax each others bodies! I highly recommend it for that quiet night at home alone to add something more than standard sex. It was more of a bonding session for us. It's definitely worth trying!
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  • Did he have any left-over waxy feeling, or anything, on his skin?
    Good call on covering the Hitachi first. I imagine that might be a weird sensation, condom rubbing skin, but the oil probably padded that well.
  • Bulma
    I bought one of these in vanilla as well, although I haven't gotten my hubby to hold still long enough to either use it on me or visa versa. I love opening the tin and smelling it though. Hopefully we'll get a chance to use it soon. Thanks for the great review :)
  • Oggins
    Hmm, not really an overly waxy feeling was left on his skin. Actually, a lot of it absorbed into his skin. What was left was almost like a lotion. I guess it stayed soft from his body heat. We simply wiped the remains off with a dry towel. I actually expected a waxy texture but, it surpased my expectations by far! It never hardned on the skin as wax or anything like that. I was really impressed. Sorry I neglected to mention that in my review! Thanks for asking Cock Wrangler!
  • Oggins
    Ha! Bulma make sure you get him to use it on you too! I've used this a few times on hubby so far and he's more than willing to hold still long enough for me to use it on him now but, I feel neglected! =P I really like the way this candle smells too and sometimes, I just leave the lid off as kind of an air freshner but, I'm afraid all the smell will go away if I keep doing that. You definitely should set some time aside to give it a try though! We really enjoyed it! Hope you do too and thanks for the comment! =)
  • Epiphora
    Man, this stuff looks gooooood.
  • Oggins
    Epiphora, we really had a great time with it! It is gooood! =)
  • Miss Jane
    The more reviews of this I read the more I want one!
  • Forever17
    Nice review!
  • MissCandyland
    I want one of these!! Thanks!!
  • Master DarkWolf
    Good review...
  • DreamWolf
    Great review!
  • abbylover
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