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If you're looking for a quality massage candle, look no further than one of Shunga's massage candles. The vanilla scent smells like sweet, spicy, vanilla. The wax lasts a long time while massaging and the scent is relaxing.
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The Shunga massage candle is not like your normal everyday candle. As this candle melts, it creates a pool of warm, scented oil to pour over your partner's body for a sweet, sensual, massage. The candle is made of soy wax which never really hardens to the likeness of a normal candle or gets as hot as the wax on a normal candle. You need to light the candle for about 20 minuets to create enough wax for your massage. You then pour it onto your partner's body by tipping the can or using the small plastic spoon they provide, then work the oil into their body.
This is good for back, chest, stomach, legs, arms and feet. I don't recommend using it on genitals.
You can massage with your hands, a massage wand, or another massage device.
The sweet aroma from the candle fills the room and relaxes the mood.
The ingredients are pretty safe, but just to be cautious, here is the list:
Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Coco Nucifera Oil, Fragrance, Prunus Dulcis Oil, Carthamus Tinctorius Oil, Persa Americana Oil, Sesamum Indicum Oil, Vitis Vinifera Oil, Tocopherol.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

When you first open the candle and touch it, it feels like a waxy lip balm when rubbing your finger into it. Once lit, the wax melts to an oil. The oil is runny, so you will want to be careful when pouring from the can if you opt out of using the spoon. The wax, once poured, feels warm, and with your partner's hands and body heat, it helps to remain warm (though not like it's fresh from the candle, that only lasts a few minuets). It feels really slick, allowing your hands to glide effortlessly over the contours of their body. The oil feels greasy and well, oily. Depending on how much you use, you could get a white, cream like look while massaging around their skin.
Once the candle cools, the candle doesn't really harden the same where it has been burned, it can feel a little gummy and smooshy when pressing your finger into it.

Taste / Aroma

Having tried a massage candle before in an "ocean" scent that caused me a headache, I opted for the Shunga massage candle in vanilla.
Immediately upon being lit, I could smell the sweet, vanilla scent. It seemed to get stronger when the wax began to pool and when the candle was blown out. Upon massaging it into my partner's back, I was starting to catch hints of spice mixed in with the vanilla. It smells so sweet, like a bakery pastry or cake. It also sort of reminds me of scents you smell around Christmas time; sweet, warm, and cheery.
The scent is very strong but didn't cause me to get a headache like the ocean scent did. I'm sensitive to some scents (out-doorsy) but going with a fruit or baked good scent never lets me down.
The scent lingers in the room and on skin long after the candle has been blown out.


When lighting the candle the first time for 20 minuets, it pooled a decent amount of wax. However, the second time around, we weren't getting much after 10 minuets and noticed we needed to trim the wick. Keep the wick at no longer than 1/4". There was also a circular dip from the last lighting which was causing it to take longer to pool. We took a file and scarped around the edges and pushed the surrounding wax in closer to the flame and that started to work better. Getting too impatient, my guy just took the lighter and held it directly onto the wax and that seemed to be the fastest route if you're wanting to get down to it right away.
A little goes a long way with this wax; we didn't use all the wax that ended up melting to oil. There was quiet a bit poured onto his back. After massaging for several minuets, I noticed it started to make white, creamy, streaks in his skin, looking like lotion.
The oil allowed my hands to glide smoothly over his skin without dragging or getting hung up on dry skin. I gave him a 15 minuet massage and the oil was still good to go for more on his skin.
While it feels greasy, if it doesn't bother you, you don't have to wash it off. I dipped some out and rubbed it into my knees, feet and elbows and it felt moisturizing. It isn't really something I like having on my hands, though, so I immediately went to wash my hands. I did take a little dab out of the can and rub it between my hands, I just can't stand to have SO much of it on my hands.
It cleans up nicely with soap and water. If no time or energy for a shower, a few wipes will do the trick.


The can isn't really discreet and has a Japense drawing of a female climbing seductively over a male. It says Shunga Erotic Art on the lid. It also states that it is a massage oil. Directions and ingredients are printed on the can.
Follow-up commentary
I love this massage candle! It smells amazing and the scent lingers after it's been blown out. I would recommend it and will order again! Too bad the spoon broke easily, but no big deal considering it's plastic.
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