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Spoon and rub baby, spoon and rub!

If you're looking for a non-messy massage product that leaves your skin soft even after a shower, this candle would be a good pick. If the slickness of a massage oil is your thing, this may not be your perfect match, but I really couldn't imagine this massage candle being a disappointment to anybody. If you already know you love massage candles, I can see this being a favorite. With little mess and a thick consistency, this allows you to give a deep muscle massage to your loved one!
Long lasting.
Absorbs well.
Leaves skin soft and moisturized.
Subtle smell.
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Shunga's massage candle is soy based and best used between a couple unless you plan to use this as a moisturizer or to massage your legs or a part of the body you can reach. It's great for a romantic night or a regular sensual massage. You can even dip your fingers in and use some as a quick heel/elbow moisturizer! It penetrates well and works great for super dry, scaley or cracked skin! Use it to massage your tootsies after a warm foot bath!

The soy bean wax melts in small temperatures so that the wax is warm and won't burn. This makes using the Massage Candle great for body massages as the wax will be warm, but not hot on skin. If you have ever used a regular candle for purpose like this, you'll appreciate Shunga's Massage Candle! Plus, you won't be left with a clump of not-so-arousing wax on your back. The soy bean massage candle is luxuriously smooth and moisturizing. The melted candle is oil based and unlike most massage oils it won't leave you greasy. It's extremely moisturizing and will leave the skin soft to the touch!

To use the Massage Candle, trim the wick, burn for around 20 minutes until the wax has liquified. One great thing about Shunga's Massage Candle, is it's a slow burn so it will last for a long time. Once your candle has liquified, you can begin using the little plastic spoon included with the candle, to dip some out. Spoon the wax into your hand first, before applying directly to your partner's body just to be sure it's not too warm. Spoon as much as you need out and start rubbing!

With at least 45 minutes of burn time and 6.75 fl oz of wax, you'll have more than plenty of time for a long, relaxing massage. The candle has lasted through a few massages already since we use minimal amounts. To cover my entire backside, we use 3-4 spoon fulls of wax. You can apply more or less depending on what you prefer.


Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Coco Nucifera Oil, Fragrance, Prunus Dulcis Oil, Carthamus Tinctorius Oil, Persa Americana Oil, Sesamum Indicum Oil, Vitis Vinifera Oil, Tocopherol.
    • Foreplay
    • Massage
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Since this is oil based, once it melts it will act like similar to a massage oil. It's designed to moisturize skin as you massage, but it isn't like a lotion or body cream. I would describe it as feeling a lot like an emollient, but with a bit of a waxy feeling to it. It's thicker than a lotion.

It's slow burn time means you'll have the candle for quite a while but it also means you might want to light it early to let enough of the product melt. I suppose you could pour this straight from the tin, but it could get messy. It comes with a little plastic spoon that fits inside the candle's tin so you can use the spoon to dip it out. It has a slightly greasy feel, but not as much as a massage oil. If I slide my finger in the candle, I'll pull it out with some stuck to my finger. It will melt against your body temperature so you really wouldn't even have to light it if you're using it to moisturize. I wouldn't suggest replacing a good body souffle or moisturizer with this, but it's a nice addition to a massage!

Once you pour some from the spoon, it won't run like a lubricant, but if it's melted well it will run if it's not rubbed in. I've had experience with only four different massage candles and this one is my favorite. Comparing it to the others I've used, this one is certainly less greasy.

Taste / Aroma

I can't speak for the other scents, but the vanilla is very subtle. I can't smell it at all when it's lit, but only when I'm using it. This is great for those like me with sensitivities to strong scents, but I wouldn't mind this being a little stronger. It won't scent the room, but the other scents might. The vanilla scent is a lovely one. It's not like the cheap ol' vanilla you find in most drug or department stores. It smells similar of higher quality than Bath and Body Works' vanilla scent to me. The vanilla scent isn't super feminine so it would be fine for men that don't want to smell overly floral. I would consider this particular scent something that men and women alike would be OK with. However, everyone is different, but I suppose it's less feminine than the rose scent.

As far as tasting this candle, I did not and wouldn't advise you to. It is not edible and I would not use this on the genitals whether you plan to have oral sex or not. I doubt it would be pleasant to taste. However, this isn't a product that's designed for using on the genitals anyways.
    • Light smell
    • Smells good


For a massage candle, this performs exceedingly well in my opinion. I happen to be a huge fan of Shunga products and I found this to be just as wonderful as most. As with any massage candle I've used, there is a bit of a residue behind, but nothing irritating and it is to be expected with any massage product. It absorbs well into my skin and creates enough glide for a deep massage. It won't give you the slick, slipperyness of an oil though. A few spoon fulls of the candle will last us for a good 20 minute massage. Most left behind residue will wash off with a wet wash cloth, but it still needs to be washed well during your next shower to ensure there aren't any clogged pores. If you're prone to that sort of thing, a shower might be something you want to do quickly after a massage. However, this doesn't leave my shirt sticking to my back when we're done.

The candle does make a regular massage unique. If you're used to using lotion, you'll be happy to upgrade to this probably. We enjoy using it when we don't want the mess of a massage oil and it works equally well only without the super slip and slide.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Performance


The candle comes in an artistic 6.75 fl oz tin with a lid! It looks lovely sitting amongst other toiletries or in a basket full of other Shunga products! It came with a piece of paper with small text explaining Shunga's products, the meaning of the word Shunga and reminds you to trim the wick. The packaging is discrete for those of us who aren't embarrassed by massage products. It has an image of a couple, but nothing distasteful which is something I appreciate! This is lovely enough for gift giving. If you really wanted to travel with it, you could since it comes in a tin with a lid and the spoon fits inside. I probably wouldn't choose to travel with it because the lid could come off with a lot of movement. I suppose you could tape the lid down to be sure. It stays on well, but in luggage it could fall off and the candle crack. However, it'll fit in an average sized purse.

Since the lid just pushes on and you pull if off, I have to use one hand to hold the can and the other to open the lid. It isn't difficult, but I suppose it's worth noting. If it's lit though, you won't be putting the lid back on until you're finished anyways.

DO make sure you blow out the candle as soon as you're done!
    • Very informative packaging
    • Would make a nice gift


My partner and I both enjoy the massage candle very much! It's a great sensual product and adds a bit of romance. The slick, but thick candle is nice for kneading muscles. I'm really happy that it doesn't leave much of a residue and it feels great after it's been absorbed. The smell is lovely and we've liked it so much that I'll probably buy the fruit scent when the vanilla has been completely used. One great thing about it is you get quite a bit of candle!
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