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Shunga's Rose Scented Massage Candle

Massage candles are a fun and great smelling way to spice up the night for a couple. The biggest perk of this candle is it's strong smell and lingering smell. This particular Rose scented massage candle can fill a room in under 30 minutes when lit.
Easy to use, Doesn't burn skin, Melts quickly, Smells great, Strong enough to fill a room
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The Shunga Massage Candle has two major purposes. The first of the two is as an awesome smelling candle. You can light it in any room and let the candle fill the room with it's lovely rose scent. The second use is as massage oil. This you can do in two ways. The first is letting the candle burn for 10-20 minutes and allow a pool of wax to develop. Then you can pour this melted wax into your hand, or directly onto your lovers skin. You can then feel free to massage into skin. The other option for using as a massage oil is to use the little spoon that come with the candle to scoop out some of the wax. You can then either rub it between your two hands to get it to melt a bit, or put the chunk of wax directly onto your partners skin and rub in.
    • Foreplay
    • Massage

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

When in it's solid form, you can run your fingers over the wax and you will pick up a bit of oil. When grazing your finger over the solid wax, without applying any pressure, it does feel slightly gritty. After being on skin, this totally disappears. You can push your finger into the wax and without much effort and make a dent. It is easy to scoop out and is also easy to turn into massage oil. Without much effort, you can rub your hands together and turn it into a thick oil. When on hands, it feels very slick, thin, and oily.

When using the melted wax, it is nearly the same. This candle pools quickly, about 10-20 minutes for a fair sized puddle. When pouring this puddle of wax, it pours very similarly to any other liquid. It is extremely thin and runny and very oily. This wax is an amazing for massages since it stays oily, doesn't evaporate, and will never be completely absorbed into skin. This wax drys fairly quickly in its tub, but does not become waxy and thick again after being massaged into skin. Instead, your skin(or hands, if you are the person massaging) will stay feeling greasy.
    • Greasy
    • Oily
    • Slick

Taste / Aroma

This candle has a distinctly floral smell. The smell in my mind immediately connected with the scent I bought my candle in- Rose. As soon as you remove the candles lid, you can smell this candle. You can even leave it opened in a room, and come back and the room will have the candle's rose scent. When burning this candle, the scent is even more intense. It takes the candle a day or so to fill a room with it's smell when it is not being burned, but as when burning the smell envelopes the room within 10 minutes. I was pretty impressed with the strength and length of this candles smell. I didn't personally feel anymore horny while it was burning or open around me. The act of being massaged was the appeal of this candle for.

While I generally don't taste things that aren't edible, and I even make fun of myself saying I'm not dumb enough to taste it. This time I was exactly that dumb. It does not taste good, it taste very bad. It tasted similar to the aftertaste condom lube leaves in your mouth, without the latex. Do not lick it off of your partner, it is a terrible idea.
    • Bad taste
    • Smells good
    • Strong smell


Use of this candle is but a dream for a few reasons, but a big one for me was that the wax does not burn you. You can pour this candle, right after blowing it out, onto your hands or your partners skin. When pouring into my hands, it did feel warm, but not where near scalding. When my partner poured it directly onto my back, it actually felt cool.

This massage oil lasts for a very long time on skin. I have grown tired of massaging before the wax was absorbed into my lovers skin every time. I never once needed to relight the candle or dig up more wax because of this wax's long life. Since the oil from this candle doesn't ever completely absorb into skin, you will require a shower after use. For both me and my partner, warm water and soap did the trick and get it all off easily. We both noticed that after use, our skin was a bit more oily.
    • Leaves oily residue behind
    • Long lasting
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


This candle comes to you in a simple, clear, plastic bag that is knotted shut. Inside the plastic bag is your candle with a lid atop it, and a little spoon inside. The lid has an image of a Japanese woman and man, it is just their faces and they are looking at each other. The lid also states that this is a massage candle, rose scented, and is by the brand "Shunga Erotic Art".

The candle itself has many things and details wrapping around the round pot. The front has a Japanese woman holding a cup while on top of a man. To the right of this image, is Caution labels in two languages and the ingredients list(for the rose scent they are accurate on the product page). This panel also states that the candle was "Made in Canada" and has a net weight of 7 ounces. Another fun fact listed here is that the candle inside should be able to be burnt for a total of 45 hours. That is pretty impressive, right? To the right of this panel, or to the left of the image, is a brief paragraph of instructions in two languages, one I do not recognize, and below that in English. The directions are very basic and easy to understand. "Light the candle, wait 20 minutes and extinguish the flame. Pour the melted wax into the palm of your hand."

Sadly, the tin this candle comes in is not recyclable. That doesn't mean it still isn't reusable around the house though.
    • Does not leak
    • Not discreet
    • Would make a nice gift


I personally am enjoying the heck out of this candle. I love it's smell more than any other candle I have purchased before. I also love the fact that it doesn't burn when poured onto skin or into hands. For some who "like it hot", this may even be a downside. But for me personally it was really enjoyable. I also really enjoyed that once I had it on his skin, I never needed to relight and reapply. It really lasts a long time and a little bit goes a long way.
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