JO H2O flavored lubricant 1oz

by System JO

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JO H2O flavored lubricant 1oz reviews

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In need of a small bottle of flavored lube then this is for you. It is small enough to travel with, easy to use, and adds a hint of flavor to your oral sex experience. Be aware though that it is sticky and will need to be washed off when done.

This is a great product for oral sex. It smells and tastes great which gives a pleasant twist to an amazing experience. The only unpleasant thing about this product is that it can be sticky, but that's a simple problem to solve.

This is a delicious lubricant. It might get a little sticky with lots of thrusting and action but if you have a little lubricant of your own, it keeps it pretty wet. This is too thin to use for anal play and would dry out too quickly. It shines as an addition your oral sex repertoire and with 12 flavors, you are sure to find one that you love.

This lubricant comes in a wide variety of flavors that taste just as good as they sound and there should be one that appeals to just about anyone. There's no odd chemical taste and no bad aftertaste, but it fails when it comes to performance. The lube doesn't take long to dry and gets tacky in the process. If you're looking to bang out a blowjob it's great, but you need to reapply often if you plan on taking your time.

I would not recommend this lube. It tastes like watermelon flavored chemicals. I'm very picky, so if you really want to try it, go ahead. It's cheap, so if you hate it, it's not a huge loss.

JO flavored lubricants are a nice choice to enhance oral pleasure for the one giving. With a variety of flavors, there's bound to be something for everyone.

The chocolate deluxe didn't taste good at all. If you're looking to purchase this brand of lube, please get a different flavor, unless you like sour chocolate. The performance makes up for the awful taste.

Light and flavorful, these lubes are perfect for the player who wants just a nice change up from the usual water based lube experience. These work great for oral sex, PIV sex and even anal sex. These are some of my favorite lube flavors and I will be continuing to buy them when my current stock runs out.

Overall, System JO H2O flavored lubricant is a decent product that can be used for just about anything in the bedroom. The fantastic smell and taste are enough for me to recommend this product for anyone looking for a flavored water-based lubricant to enhance foreplay or intercourse for couples.

This product is definitely worth purchasing! The 1-oz bottle is the perfect size for first-time users or even those with experience. The flavor is impeccable and will definitely make your next oral experience a tantalizing one!

The affordable price and mouth-watering watermelon flavor make this lube a must-have in your bag of tricks! If you're looking for a simple way to spice things up in the oral department, or a travel-friendly lube for those romantic getaways, consider this cute little guy.

If you are looking for a flavored lubricant that can be used during oral sex to change up the taste of things, this is a good place to start. If you have any issues with sensitivity to Parabens or Glycerine though you will want to look else where.

This by far is my favorite oral sex lube so far. Not only does it taste good, it smells good also. The flavor just burst in your mouth and the minute you open up the bottle the smell lingers throughout the room.

If you like giving oral with some extra taste or are looking for a water-based lube that has a good smell, then you have finally found the right one. After experimenting with many flavored lubes, I was running out of hopes on a good tasting and smelling lube, till I tried this one. This is now my all-time favorite and I do not mind giving oral.

Flavored lubricant, why must you disappoint me so?! With one smell, I feel gag-ish. With one taste, I cringe. The bottle for this lubricant may say great taste, no aftertaste, and never sticky, but it's all rubbish. With parabens and glycerin as two of the only (and therefore major) ingredients, giving this lube one star is almost generous.

If you like getting/giving oral sex with lube, this lube is a must-buy. I will reiterate that I only have experience with the Cherry flavor, so I can't speak for the other flavors, but it was still the best tasting lube I've ever experienced.

While this is marketed as a flavored lube, it falls short of the mark. It does come in a great travel container, and the fact that it is easy to open and close when things get messy is a plus.

This item was definitely worth the money! Feels great during use, and once i got past the taste, it left a wonderful lingering smell that made the whole experience enjoyable. I plan on trying this in several other flavors!

A Chocolate Lover's Dream Lubricant

This flavored lube is honestly my most favorite for foreplay and oral. It taste absolutely delicious and smells great, too! It doesn't leave you or your partner sticky or greasy, and absorbs into the skin nicely so there's no need for any sort of cleanup!

JO advertises that the lube has a great taste with no aftertaste and no artificial sweeteners. It is never sticky, and it feels silky smooth like silicone. I’m very skeptical and hesitant to believe a product’s claims, but sure enough, it’s all true. The flavors are intense and taste like syrup, so it’s perfect. It truly wasn’t sticky despite its extremely sweet taste.

System Jo H20 Banana Lick is best left on the shelf. You can get much better lubes for the same price or slightly more. Frankly, I would spend the extra money on getting a different lube. This one is way too sticky, doesn't last long enough, tastes horrible, smells way too strong, and has a very bitter aftertaste. I would never buy it and am glad I got it as a free gift before wasting my money on it! I will not buy it ever again and I would suggest you do the same.

This is a great travel or beginner size of flavored lube. I love that it comes in such a wide variety of flavors. I will be trying more flavors soon. I'm so excited to find a lube that comes in so many flavors and lasts during sex. This is almost an all around winner in my book. The only thing that would make it better would be if it was thick enough for anal. But even without that it's still a great lube.

I received this lubricant because it was during the sale Eden was having when you buy two bottles of lube you get one free. I'm really happy I choose the banana lubricant. It tastes like banana flavored candy and the smell is not overwhelming at all. I really like this brand and I want to continue to try the other flavors that they have.

An almost all-purpose for lube, I only found this was bad for anal, as it needed to be reapplied too often. It was long-lasting and felt in between a water-based and silicone substance, with an almost velvety texture. After usage the smell lingered, until a good wash. Not recommended if you're going to be seeing anyone afterwards because the smell is very distinct. Great for oral and massage, makes the entire experience more exciting for the giver.

The Flavor of Love

These lubes aren't too thick but aren't too thin. Perfect if you want to spice things up in the bedroom with a flavored lube. Be careful which flavor you pick though! Some have a nasty medicine after taste; not very sexy.

Looking to add a little variety to your oral sex life or get out of the cherry and strawberry flavored lube rut? JO H2O has 12 exciting flavors to experiment with! They can get a little sticky and messy, but are fun and everyone can find a flavor they'd like.

This lip-smacking lube by JO is a new favorite for oral sex. It tastes great, and has a lingering smell. Plus, it's long-lasting. However, you might want to buy a bigger bottle, because you won't get much bang for your buck.

It was interesting and seemed like a fun new thing to add to our collection; however it left us wanting more. Like a hot bath, and something to cut the aftertaste.

This lube is yummy, fun, and useful. It's smooth, silky, and and easy to pour. It's a little sticky, but easy to wash and great for oral sex.

All in all, the flavor and smell are horrible so I wouldn't recommend it for oral sex, but it works very well as a regular lube.

Overall, a very horrible lube. Not to be insulting to anyone who likes this lube or any of the other system JO lubes, but this was awful. I dunno if there other lubes taste this bad, but I'm not going to find out unless it comes free with something I order.

This is truly the best travel sized lube! I think it provides a great long lasting lubrication, as well as an excellent barrier. It has a nice mouth feel and a pleasant taste/aroma. It does need to be rehydrated from time to time. But it doesn't leave you sticky or feeling dirty afterward.

This lube works for everything, not just oral. I LOVE this stuff! The taste is great and the smell is even better. It lasts for over an hour. There is only one thing I can say bad about this and it's that it contains glycerine which some can't have. If that doesn't bother you, this is the best product out there in my opinion!

I love giving head -- there's not much better than the control of knowing that whether or not my husband is going to have an orgasm is completely up to me. I also love Jolly Ranchers, with lime, peach, and watermelon being my favorite three. Lucky for me, I can get my Jolly Ranchers and my oral sex at the same time, with the watermelon flavored System JO.

Glycerin is not a good choice for vaginal sex, but it does offer added sweetness to oral sex. Also makes oral sex more enjoyable, but afterwards you need to wash any extra off. And I didn't like the lingering smell.

This item is definitely worth it. It is slippery, long lasting, and blends great with natural lubricant. Overall, it is a great product. i am looking forward to trying new ones.

Tastes as good as it smells. I love this lube, and haven't found a thing wrong with it yet. Water-based, and not sticky. It's fantastic.

I loved this lubricant the first time around. I didn't happen to choose a great tastes one for my second try, but it's not going to discourage me from trying a third in the future. This multipurpose lubricant has a strong taste and smell that lasts a long time, allowing you to enhance oral and remove reserves.

I am just not feeling them lemon flavored love with this lubricant. It leaves me feeling sticky, suffocated with an awful fake lemon scent, and with a very bitter aftertaste in my mouth!

This flavored lube has to be my favorite thing ever for foreplay and oral. The flavors are amazing and plentiful. These bottles are in a great travel-size, but manage to last quite a while. There isn't any stickiness, residue, or aftertaste like other flavored lubes are known for. Overall, this is the best few dollars I've ever spent.

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