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78 reviews

Fun colors + Fun design = Fun Time. I love this fantastic vibrator. It's sleek and fun and powerful to boot. The clitoral vibrator is easy to use and hits the spot every time. The contoured lines mold to my body making it very easy to use hands free.

This may be a great first toy for many women. It just didn't work for my wife. While it revved her up, it couldn't get her past the finish line.

The toy simply does not work. Whatever mechanic functions are within the toy, they are easily broken. Mine lasted a week and for the price, it is not worth it. I had a few replacements and every toy broke the same way, not to mention, even when the toy was functioning properly, the battery cap came off and stopped it from working. Waste of money.

Layaspot isn't perfect for everyone, but it's almost perfect for me. It's not the strongest toy available. However, the angular shape and rounded head make it for pressure during an intense solo session. If you like pressure around your clit as much as I do, I would recommend trying Layaspot. Hell, I got it twice!

Of the toys in my collection, this is my sweet spot, when I need a quick reliable orgasm. She's just right in vibration pattern, a nice middle ground between pin-point and broad coverage, and she is a quality vibe at a reasonable price point. LAYAspot is simply the sweet spot of clit vibes.

The LAYAspot wound up being a "back of the sex toy drawer" toy for me. The sharp curve of the vibrator's body was uncomfortable, and I got sick of having to replace the batteries every time I used it. If it had a couple more vrooms I think it could be fun to play with through blankets/jeans or some sort of padding, but it isn't quite powerful enough for that kind of indirect stimulation.

While I enjoyed the Layaspot, I don't think that it's worth the money as it doesn't last very long before breaking. It's a great discreet vibe for the time it lasts, but it isn't strong enough for most Hitachi users unless they like a warm up like I do.

Oh, Layaspot, you were so anticipated. Clitoral vibrators like you are so popular in this house for foreplay and sex. Your ratings were high, but your curves and mine just didn't fit together well.

A good, quiet vibrator that has several levels of stimulation. A very cute item, my wife loves to use it, but has trouble achieving orgasm through it alone. Women who need a more intense vibration level might become frustrated with this toy.

This toy is worth purchasing because it provides a different way of using a vibrator. Rather than just rubbing a point or part of a shaft along the vagina this toy allows you to mimic the human hand. The control of stimulation that this shape provides is like nothing my wife and I have used with other toys. This is the only toy we actually own two of because we never want to be without one!

A good toy for clitoral stimulation and massaging. I would recommend it for women who have difficulty orgasming without a toy. Strong vibrations, easy to use and reasonable size. It runs on 2 AAA batteries and if you will be using it a lot it may be wise to invest in rechargeable batteries.

I would recommend this toy to anyone who has never used a clitoral stimulator. It's definitely worth the price, especially when it's on sale. It has a very nice design, which fits the curves of the female body perfectly, and has varying levels of vibration that go up to quite strong. I would definitely buy it again, if given the chance.

The LAYAspot is a powerful, discreet vibrator that packs quite the punch in its tiny little frame. It comes in a variety of colors to match anyone's taste. The LAYAspot offers 8 levels of vibration along with 3 patterned settings, so you are sure to find one that hits the spot just right for you. The LAYAspot is ergonomically designed to fit along your body's curves, or perfectly in the palm of your hand.

I absolutely love my LAYAspot. The moderate price, curved design, wide range of vibration intensity, and easy to clean materials makes this my ultimate toy. The awesome color choices are really the icing on the cake!

The LAYAspot ciltoral stimulator is a great vibe for those looking for a quiet discreet external vibrator. It could be used in any setting, since its almost silent. Its fully submersible, so it can go with you in the tub or shower. Easy to clean, and safe in a variety of colors, this toy offers everything but strong vibrations.

Do you like buzzy toys and do not require too much power to obtain climax? If that is the case, then this could be the toy for you. However, if you require rumbly vibrations and more intense power you will be highly disappointed in this toy.

I wouldn't recommend this toy, because it didn't do either of the two things that I purchased it for: providing strong vibrations and staying put during sex.

The Layaspot is an exceptional beginner vibe if you're not sure what you think about vibrators and want to try them, or if you are particularly sensitive want something gentler than normal. It's definitely worth purchasing if that's what you're looking for, and I highly recommend it!

Almost worth having because it's so adorable, but worth a second thought if you need strong vibes to get you off.

The LAYAspot will give you the pleasure you are seeking in a matter of seconds. This is a fabulous toy and it should be on every woman's wishlist.

This is the best clitoral vibrator I have tried. I really can not sing it's praises enough. Get it, you will not be disappointed!

This is a very cute little clitoral vibrator. It's got a nice matte finish, fun colors, and provides gentle vibration great for teasing. People used to stronger sensations will be find them lacking here, but this one is a great first vibe or gift.

LAYAspot is worth it simply for the experience. With so many functions, even if they only tease, it can add spice to any situation, especially with a partner.

I love this fantastic little gem specifically for its incredible fit. It is very easy to use with one hand, leaving your other free for an insertable toy or a partner. You can literally rock all over it in any position where your hand meets your clitoris.

The LAYASpot is a great clitoral/external vibrator for those who do not like the traditional "stick" vibes or want something more "body friendly." If you have the money to spend, the LAYASpot might be the right vibe for you!

In short, the LAYAspot is very much worth your money. It's exciting and has a variety of modes to keep you entertained, and is excellent value for such a quality product.

This is a perfect toy for people new to vibrators who want something that isn't intimidating. Anyone expecting deep, rumbling vibrations will probably not get much satisfaction from this toy. I have not received earth shattering orgasms from it but it is a nice warm up toy for more serious play. The LAYAspot is a tease.

Great clitoral vibe that is both versatile and fairly silent. This toy would make a good addition to either solo or couple play and offers enough versatility in vibration strength to please almost anyone.

This toy is almost perfect for a clitoral vibrator. Besides the fact that you have to cycle through all the functions to turn it off instead of an on/off button, I really have no complaints. It has strong vibrations on almost all speeds, it is multifunctional, and is discreet. You can use it for couple play or solo and match it up with other toys for some added fun.

If you're like me and love your clitoral vibrators, then you may want to add this one to your collection. This one is great unless you have been spoiled with higher priced toys. Unfortunately for me, others have ruined this one from being top of my collection list but at the same time, (like every toy) it adds a little variety.

I've loved every Fun Factory toy I've tried, and when I read all the glowing reviews of the Layaspot, I thought it would be my new love. Sadly, we weren't meant to be.

All in all this was a good massager of my vagina, but definitely nothing some that gave me a screaming "o".

Layaspot is good, but not great. It works well to stimulate my clitoris during partner sex, but I was disappointed that it doesn't do what it is designed to do- hug the curve of my pubic bone.

I love this toy but got annoyed that the buttons no longer work. If I decide I don't want to mess with this, or happens to fall out of my cycle of toys I use, I will probably replace the LAYAspot I have now, with another LAYAspot. I will keep the same color though!

The LAYAspot has a lovely curvy and feminine shape. It works externally as a clitoral and labial stimulator. Discreet in size and fairly quiet in sound, the LAYAspot is a perfect match for most women. Non-porous, it is easy to clean, and is advertised to be waterproof.

If you are going to choose one vibrator and aren't looking for insertion, this is hands down the one to choose.

Laya is perfect for those who enjoy soft vibrations for a gentle stimulation experience. If you're new to sex toys and vibrators, she is a great investment and is likely to provide you the stimulation you need. If you prefer hard vibrations to "get the job done", Laya may not be the vibrator for you.

The Laya Spot is a fun vibrator. Seriously! It's fun! It comes in interesting color combos, has easy to press and see buttons that are backlit, a nicely rounded tip for broad clitoral stimulation, a fairly strong and reliable motor and an amazing, ergonomic shape that fits the palm of your hand and hugs the vulva very, very nicely.

The LAYAspot is a great addition to any toy box or nightstand drawer. Quiet, multiple settings, easy to use, comfortable, ergonomic, and you can even use it to work out knots in the back and shoulders! Great for beginners and more seasoned toy users alike.

This is certainly a top drawer toy. It does exactly what it is designed to do and does it very well. Not only does it help you achieve amazing clitoral orgasms alone or with a partner, It even works well on sore aching neck muscles when they get knotted up. It is a purchase I will never regret

The Layaspot is a cute toy from FunFactory that would be a great toy for a beginner. The hype that surrounds it just isn't merited I've found though. The vibrations are medium at best.

The LayaSpot is a small, discrete clitoral vibrator that is available in a variety of fun colors. It is a silent toy that is waterproof, multispeed, vibrating, and pulsating. The overall design of the Layaspot is ergonomic; however, it is lacking power.

This is a great little vibe to have on hand. Its contoured shape fits nicely and comfortably in the palm of your hand, and it's small and discreet enough for travel and to use during sex. The LAYAspot is also a great vibe for beginners. The slowest speed setting is very gentle and subtle, and the wide variety of settings allow for ample experimentation. (Don't make any plans.)

Layaspot introduces a unique concept in the design of clitoral vibrators. The curved shape was truly an innovation. However, in my experience with this, while it was definitely a fun toy, with multiple setting and constructed of body-safe material, there were a few areas in which Layaspot could be improved upon.

If you had to buy one toy only for yourself, I wouldn't pick this one. However if you like to collect neat looking toys for various situations - I think this is a nice addition to any moderate collection. If you happen to leave it out, it a nice piece to look at.

With an atypical shape designed to perfectly fit both your hand and your pussy, a variety of vibration intensities and patterns and a luxurious feel, the LAYAspot is a trusty little vibrator for a great clitoral orgasm every single time.

I think the shape and design of this toy makes it my favorite clitoral vibe. I think the functions should be switched though instead of 8 levels of low to high have 8 different pulsating actions. I think that would make this toy the perfect clitoral in my book.

I've been using this little vibrator for about two years and it hasn't let me down yet. I like that you have a choice between constant and oscillating vibes and they both pack quite a punch. The way it's curve makes it's nice to use along with intercourse for clitoral stimulation. Could be a little less expensive and it's a little too loud for my liking but nonetheless still a fun toy.

The Layaspot is a fun and neat idea however it didn't do what I expected it to do. It felt the vibrations were too weak and not concentrated enough. If you like a softer vibration this is good for you!

This product really is hit or miss depending on your needs. Read all the reviews carefully to make up your mind.

I strongly recommend this toy for clitoral stimulation. It is easy to use and easy to clean, and is compact for easy hiding when not in use.

Nowhere else will you find a toy available in fantastically clashing pistachio and raspberry, like a daring flavor of ice cream. The LAYAspot fits as easily in your hand as it does against your body and its variable speed vibrations go from low and teasing to strong enough to do the job again and again. If you're looking for an easy go to vibe that makes you smile, come look at LAYAspot.

Laya is a discreet and easy to use toy, with vibrations powerful enough to satisfy most users without waking the neighbors. It's wonderful for masturbation, good in most couple's sex positions, and comes in enough colors that guys who want vibration can pick one they like too.

When I first received the Layaspot, made by the Fun Factory, I was expecting a whole lot of 'WOW' in a little package. I've read reviews upon reviews that made the Layaspot seem like a paramount addition to any girls toy collection. In truth all I got was a little package, and a lot of disappointment.

I LIKE this toy, I really do. But I own about 15 toys total ranging from rabbits to strap-ons, and I rarely find myself reaching for this. I think the only real reason I like it, is because it's very portable and very cute. Other than that, I prefer to cum harder than this allows.

This is a phenomenal toy for anyone who is new to clitoral vibrators. It's well-made, durable, hypoallergenic and extremely user-friendly.

Beginners should find the LAYAspot easy to use, and not intimidating, but even long-time users of vibrators will find its unique shape a welcome addition to their toy box.

This is the best clitoral vibrator I own. The design is easy to use, and perfect for hand held clit stimulation. It is great for beginners, and the more experienced users. It's also better than bullet vibrators, because it offers a little more coverage for other areas, and the LAYAspot fits comfortably in your hand, or resting on the clit. This is pretty much the toy I use most, and can count on it to give me a great orgasm every time.

The LAYAspot is a definite MUST OWN for every woman. You'll love its small size, and its intense, quiet vibration.

While the LAYAspot may not have enough vroom for all women, it's still a great toy with a very innovative design. I don't use her everyday, but the LAYAspot will definitely stay within reach for those times when I want some nice (but not jackhammer-like) stimulation.

The Layaspot would make an excellent addition to any collection. If something like the Hitachi wand is too much, then this will be perfect. Plenty of vibe modes and color choices to keep a girl happy for a long, long time!

I think that this is a good basic clit vibe for a lot of women. It has a lot of speeds, a unique shape and is quiet but the vibes just didn't quite do it for me.

If your looking for a great Valentines gift for someone special (or any occasion for that matter) then gentlemen take heed. This product delivers the goods in spades. It melts hearts and wets sheets, while bringing a smile to all.

This toy is great and so much fun to use. It is small and not so embarrassing if it is left out.

I love the colors and design of this vibe. It's so cute! It almost looks like a mini flashlight you could leave on your desk. It's discreet and much smaller than I had imagined it to be. Laya is probably one of the better clitoral vibrators I have tried, however it didn't pack quite the punch I needed to make this a favorite.

While the LAYAspot would probably be great for couples or very sensitive women, it didn't have enough buzz to do more than tickle me.

This is a great little clit vibe, nice and powerful, not too noisy, but definitely NOT waterproof: might be okay for shower use, but ours broke within a few days of submersing it in the hot tub.

The LAYAspot toy may not be the most amazing toy out there but it gets the job done. Its sleek feature and soft feelings make this toy belong in your toy chest along with the other toys you have in there.

In summation, this is an excellent and versatile toy. Its drawbacks are by no means deal-breakers; and I'd highly suggest picking one of these babies up!

Cute, comfortable, Phthalates free, and very quiet, the LAYAspot is worth having. It is no miracle toy, and didn't quite live up to the hype, but it is still a worthy addition to any toy box.

Overall a great toy. My only complaint is the fact that my pulse mode doesn't work anymore, looks like it is time to move on to something new!

The LAYAspot is definitely a well-designed and solid addition to any sex-toy collection. It was not as earth-shattering as much of the hype surrounding it had lead me to believe, but it is still definitely a quality product and I would heartily recommend it.

The Laya Spot is a nice looking little stimulator that is good for solo use or play with a partner. Laya is very easy to use and offers a good variety in it's rhythm settings.

great clit stimulating tool, works for me every time. Its my new best friend. Everyone should own one. Fun to use alone, or with a partner. Don't hold out on buying this product.

The Laya is ergonomic, discreet, and meant to fit in the palm of your hand. If you need external pressure and moderate vibration, it's genius in a sleek pink package. Not everyone finds it intense enough, but those who love it evangelize it.

The LAYAspot is a well-designed vibrator but it does not provide much in the way of sensation. If you only need gentle vibrations and like high-frequency "buzzy" vibrators such as the Wahl, the many different settings and "pulse" mode can offer a lot of variety.

I don't need to buy a vibrator ever again! The Layaspot is well thought out and designed for those of us who want the clitoral stimulation only.

Finally. Finally, I have found it: the first truly quiet vibrator powerful enough to make me come. And the LAYAspot is small and cute, to boot!... LAYAspot is my new favorite plaything.

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